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Upgrade of the docking with balancing.


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Dock a ship with an on/off (via an element?)
This one will transfer all its weight as well as a deactivation of its core like a tokenise (to avoid some PvP abuses, or simply arming).

There can be several variants to balance depending on the ability to manage core dynamics.

Do you have other ideas to improve this system, without this concern of the Role play dimension but so that the game is a better handling of the docking?


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I've always thought that landing gear could be the element that formally handles the declaration of docking to another construct/station/planet/whatever, when some criteria are matched (size, relative speed, mass, etc.)

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Totally agree. Docking should be a user action in the right click menu, with a confirmation message saying <x docked to y> when successfully completed. This would also prevent accidental docking when flying close to other constructs.

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