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Hello, I know I haven't been active as often in this community as I should be, the newsletters keep coming showing ever more promise, but today I wanted to bring another topic instead. I have been playing Arma 3 quite frequently for the past few months within my own Starsim (Star Wars modded Arma 3) community, the 101st Doom Company. I was wondering if anyone else plays Arma 3  or if they have it and are interested in doing some operations. 

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I play BATTLEFIELD V (TM) that is an incredibly fun and enjoying shooter that focuses on combat and historical details while maintaining action-filled gameplay.

Using the power and efficient Frostbite 3 (TM) game engine, it allows cinematic moments while you make your way through historical sites inspected and curated by historical experts.

Remember, Battlefield (TM) will never be the same.

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