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  1. Well it also has TPS mode, and you mainly fight AIs, in all reality it's quite an interesting difference compared to modern shooters.
  2. Hello, I know I haven't been active as often in this community as I should be, the newsletters keep coming showing ever more promise, but today I wanted to bring another topic instead. I have been playing Arma 3 quite frequently for the past few months within my own Starsim (Star Wars modded Arma 3) community, the 101st Doom Company. I was wondering if anyone else plays Arma 3 or if they have it and are interested in doing some operations.
  3. As any of you Destiny players know, the Age of Triumph event was released recently, and I was wondering if any of you wonderful people owned a copy, and wanted to participate in a DU group raid, starting with the Vault of Glass. The only requirement is that you have over 390 Light Level. We will likely just use the PS group chat to play together. I would like to do a run tonight, and hopefully continue through all of the raids once again. Ah, it's apparently Crota this week, a weekly rotation. Well drat, the offer still remains.
  4. ARK is a very fun game, I enjoyed it very much in my time. Also, I am glad to see your organization becoming bountiful once more. I would like to talk to you about opportunities with the Terran Union, and the possibility of citizenship. Please contact me over the discord, my name is Michael; and I am active on the DU discord. A PM over the forums will also suffice.
  5. In my opinion, this is a bad ide. Due to how much wars already affect the capabilities of a nation or organization. It can be extremely hard to recover as is, with this, impossible.
  6. Michael_Arclight


    What pets do you want to see! List them here! And guys, a few funny posts is fine - let's not overdo it. Personal favorites: Husky Eagle/Hawk Shiba Inu Phoenix Hedgehog Wolverine A variety of things, one mythical I know, but I couldn't resist!
  7. This agreement will be nullified when Avalon merges with the Terran Union. The agreement will be returned in the case that Avalon or it's leader creates a new faction, as long as the Outfit agrees to transport goods.
  8. I would like to merge the few members of the Kingdom of Avalon with the Terran Union for the time being, as we do not have enough members to sustain or protect our own land, nor do I think people will have interest in it.
  9. This organization will likely be disbanded due to public lack of interest, it will likely merge with TU. Thanks for your time and support!
  10. Well, here's hoping more people join! And until we have more ideas on technology, an exo suit will have to suffice.
  11. Most of them will be unless there are many people who wish to participate, in that case, I will arrange for specific players to roleplay certain things.
  12. The issue with VOIP is that it will take time away from the development of the game, plus the implementation of it will be extremely difficult to do if it spans over an entire universe - it would actually cause much more problems with how they have the game setup to save memory and space.
  13. I really find this concept disturbing, just saying.
  14. A mouse and keyboard is far finer than a controller, therefore even if it did include the use of controllers you'd be at a disadvantage.
  15. In real life does a bar pop above your head with a gold title that shows you've killed ten people? No? Then why should a sandbox mmo that is meant to imitate the real universe do so?
  16. Long story short, I'm getting a tad bit bored and want to attempt a new roleplay for some of the community to participate in. So, to get down into the nitty gritty details of this ordeal. So, for the setting, the F.S.V Archaeon is a space faring freighter that is hauling a load of critical cargo for an Arkship; in essence, some of the few remaining materials needed before launch. This cargo is valued at an extremely high price, and is sought after by many factions. Your primary goal will be to bring the materials back to Earth, before any other faction can retrieve them (NPCs). I'm personally thinking it would look something like this; http://nfeyma.deviantart.com/art/Heavy-Courier-466339301 (F.S.V. Stands for Free Spacial Vessel.) Depending on what ship everyone decides to use, I will let whomever is the Captain choose the armaments. Positions Needed: Captain: First Mate: Navigations Officer: Gunner: Gunner: Engineer: MechMerchant Engineer: Halo381 Chef: Security: Crewmate: Feel free to throw stuff out there, but please be agreeable when it comes to selecting a role. I will be attempting to DM this whole thing, sooooooo, let's see where it can go!
  17. The Kingdom of Avalon hereby states that the Outfit will become it's current goods transportation service for the military portion of it's government. The primary purpose for this following treaty will be to outline the consequences of this being put into place, along with granting any member of the Outfit immediate Class II citizenship, along with benefits when it comes to sales of arms or other items. Article I: The Kingdom of Avalon acknowledges hereby the Outfit as being a trade worthy company, and hereby licenses it to transport military goods (and civilian goods in times of crisis) to the central government. It recognizes that the Outfit itself retains the right to remain neutral in times of war, and maintain contracts with all partakers of armed conflict. Article II: The Outfit is prohibited from distributing transported goods to the civilian populace unless a recipient of the materials approves the distribution for such a matter. The Outfit must make a delivery straight to the warehouse or depository at which it is addressed, failure to do so may result in a penalty if the goods are not received within the time-frame. The time-frame may be adjusted accordingly if the convoy has technical issues or is assailed by an opposing force. Article III: The Outfit is to have a 10% flat tax on sold goods or as a business within the nation. This may increase due to inflation or other causes, but will likely stay at this percentage for the duration of the contract. Article IV: The Outfit is permitted to have defensible, armed vessels within the nations borders. However, any signs of a hostile grouping and they will be cordoned off and asked to leave friendly space, if they do not comply they shall be treated as hostile targets. Article V: Any member of the Outfit, who wishes to also join the Kingdom, will be granted immediate Class II citizenship provided their record proves them to be contrite and honest of heart. Article VI: The sale of explosives to non-military personnel under the rank of staff sergeant is strictly prohibited due to the nature of the city. This rule may change if a true "safe-zone" is possible to establish. Article VII: There is to be clear records of all large transactions made with both the Kingdom and the Outfit, any base material that sells over 100 units is hereby considered bulk, any lower tier ammunition for ground based firearms that sells over 300 units is bulk. Any rare item (commodities or otherwise) is to be recorded as large transactions. Article VIII: Both organizations are fully aware that these Articles are subject to change, thought both parties must agree on the terms, and both parties may discard this contract at any moment. They will still owe whatever amount of debt they have towards the other if the contract is broken. Article IX: This contract and/or all future contracts or revisions between The Kingdom of Avalon and The Outfit will only be negotiated with the Outfit's Captain, First Mate, or Quartermaster and the King, the Magnus, or a motion to revise by all of the Paladins.
  18. Uhm, dude, I believe you're using copyrighted material for some of your graphics. Both seem to be from Star Wars Battlefront.
  19. I believe some if not all systems rely on the planet's electromagnetic field to transfer energy via wireless methods. Or maybe that's how the energy is created, I can't exactly remember. Also, powergrids are simply large volumes of space that are a pain in the ass to maintain. I doubt anyone wants to be a line repairman in a time when you can just fly to the stars. My personal opinion at least, I don't want it to be too grindy when it comes to that sort of thing.
  20. I updated the post yet again! I don't mean to bump or necro, but I do want to show people I am still active and wanting to recruit!
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