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  1. Saved my ass, excellent services, quick response and great rescue pilot in Ardes, 10/10 would crash again just for the quality treatment!
  2. I am in no way a builder, but I would love to fly those ships for my org and I know for a fact the builders we do have would love those shape options!
  3. Original post edited. We have gotten several new members: sgtpwnd - Crafting and Science Pizzaaboi - Crafting and Science Zeeger - Logistics Ooran Gootan - Crafting and Science Lacunaas - Crafting and Science AngelofDeath82 - Military (Pilot) Factual Orc - Crafting and Science This as amazing ^^ these people are great and having spent time with them for a while now we are super happy to have accepted them into our fold. If you want a good crew to hang out with, dont hesitate to apply!
  4. I disagree though, there should be no 3rd person, and for good reason, it removes a lot of roles for crew in larger ship, and it is less immersive. Why would you need to think about landing procedures if you can just go 3rd person and fix your positioning? landing platmors and hangar designs would need little to no thought, as would fighters, the only reason for 3rd person in my opinion is to remove the need of other players and to make the games learning curve an instant gratification type mechanic, which the game inherently is not. It reduces the hard earned piloting skills that should be earned over hundreds or thousands of hours to maybe 20-30 and thats not how it should be imo. lock everyoe to 1st person permanently, if you want a scenic shot, have someone fly outside and take a fly by picture.
  5. OP has been overhauled ^^ I will continously update it to match what positions we have open in each division. Right now we are filling out core squads, everyone starts at our lowest rank, regardless, no use arguing over it. If you are aiming for our highest ranks, you will be subjected to the expectations of those ranks, so beware. We have a strong precense in the Alpha tests, and any testers who wants to join will not be dissapointed. Any questions, feel free to ask here or in our discord See you in DU!
  6. Jack_Blade


    Really awesome idea, I would love to have a 3d printed replica of bladesins flagship
  7. I mean I dont say PvP isnt what me personally will focus on, but there is a lot more to the game, I mean even the PvP becomes kinda limited withouta good infrastructure surrounding it^^ However, We are super happy to have gotten the opportunity to play the game with Myrradah, and I am looking forward to some good fights alongside him and the rest of my division
  8. Say hello to our new member @Myrradah ! He will be joining our Military DIvision as a Hunter, meaning he will be a scout, exploerer and in the navy part of Bladesins forces!
  9. @Michael_Arclight I play some Arma 3, mostly Zeusing myself but I also do a bit of Antistasi and Grand Theft Arma ^^ Good game when its not flipping out XD
  10. (This post will get updated with personell needs from time to time) Want to be a part of a close knit team that shares your interests and focus in Dual Universe? Bladesin Mercenary Corporation is building more squads! We need a total of [46] new people in Bladesin! | Quality people over Quality players, you want a social group to play with? Hardcore gamers that are online all day every day? Then come over to our discord server. | We are a politically neutral Para Military group. We do mercenary and freelance work for the ones in need of an extra hand. Does it interest you to be a part of a small, tight-knit group? We provide it. Do you want a space free of toxicity? We provide it. Do you want to be challenged as a gamer and a person? We will do that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What will you get? -Adapted training for your in-game role -A team/squad of people to play with within your division -Full support in your endeavours, in game and in life -A space free of discrimination, sexism, elitism, where you can be yourself -As we are still very much a growing organisation and Community, a lot of seats are open, down the line you have a high chance of filling one out. If you are fit for it. -Community Game sessions (some of which are streamed on Twitch) Tons of awesome fun and laughter with amazing people with brilliant minds, a great sense of humor and the biggest hearts ever seen. | What Divisions and regions need you as reinforcements right now? -Crafting and Science (Building and coding) NA: 4 players -Mining and Gathering (Prospecting and mining) EU:3 Players NA:6 players -Logistics (transport and storage management) EU: 1 Players NA: 1 Player -Military ( Ground troops and Pilots) EU: 4 Players NA: 9 Players -Trade (Profit driving Trade and rare resource procurement) EU: 2 Players NA: 2 players -Communications (recruitment, contracting and content creation) EU: 6 Players NA: 12 Players What is expected of you? - You will automatically join the Gaming Community Bladesin Gaming - Follow our Codex - As you join you read the Codex Summary, and after you've been accepted you are expected to learn the whole thing over time and do everything you can to live up to what it means to be a Bladesinner. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COME TO OUR DISCORD TO JOIN] | Bladesin Trivia What kind of people are we? | A mix and match of gamers that are also entrepeneurs, soldiers, teachers, streamers, dreamers, students and so on. We share a common desire for a hospitable online community that takes care of each other instead of hurting each other. Mutual respect and a clear chain of command drives us forwards. We have extremely high standards of behaviour and if they are not met, there is a chance you will be asked to leave becuase of it, the reason for this is simple: - We provide a certain type of enviroment online for our members, toxicity of any kind is met with a 0 tolerance policy. - We welcome all decent human beings, we dont care what gender identity you have, sexuality, disabilities, alt life styles, none of that matters to us in any other way than we accept you for wh oyou are, as long as it does not hurt others by its nature. Trauma is met with respect here. | Honor - Duty - Dedication | These three words are our mantra, however you live life outside of Bladesin, with us, this is what we do. Honor Not to be confused with pride. Honour is a standard of behaviour that means you don’t humiliate others, you don’t demean them. At the same time, you stay true to your values and your integrity. You don't let others trample you or what you stand for. Duty If you say you will do something, you do it. You follow the chain of command and you do your best to be a useful member of Bladesin. In exchange, Bladesin does its best to be useful to you. That is Duty in Bladesin. Dedication Commit to Bladesins agenda as a member, be active, inside and outside of games. Always do your best, be loyal and in exchange, you will have the same from Bladesin. That is what Dedication is in Bladesin. This means you aspire to inspire. That is Honor in Bladesin | For more in depth explanations, please refer to our Codex which is found in our Discord Yu can also go to our Website to learn more about us.
  11. discordauth:cgeKOks-eot7RPSpC0sOIt-jyCA4piQAyB2CPLNz89c=

  12. Join the Bladesin Mercenary Corporation! Are you looking for an Organization that allows any play style? Then look no further! We are here! We want more members in our community, and if you are looking for a place that has zero tolerance for toxicity of any kind, BMC is the one! Currently we have open positions in these Divisions: - Crafting and Science - Mining and Gathering - Trading - Communications - Logistics - Military We are aiming to make a huge gaming community, with Dual Universe in the forefront! If you are interested go to our Community Page Or our Discord and send us a message!
  13. I would assume the one who discovers a planet gets to name it XD Might be a bit naive though, there might be wars about what name it should have, Spaceballs Central or Planet Vegeta...
  14. A boarding partys dream come true, there are so amny aspects to why flying large ships solo is not gonna end well Xd escpecially with BOO around
  15. Hello Everyone! As an update, for everyone who like to stay updated on happenings and such. We have not been inactive, just busy with getting new members and getting to know each other! We have a Youtube channel where we will try to fairly often upload videos of BMC members projects, and we plan on releasing gameplay vids of DU when that becomes available as well. If you like that kinda stuff, head over and subscribe, like our vids if you like them, and toss a comment. If you want to join BMC to play DU in a great organisation, you should send us a message and apply! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCro_HGm_dnk5QTZOK8Vnp3A for our Youtube Channel https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/bladesin-mercenary-corporation for our DU Org page https://discord.gg/vUAscwU for our Discord With Honor Jack Blade Founder of Bladesin Mercenary Corporation
  16. Hello Orion_Star, firstly, welcome to the community! No, alpha is not out yet, preliminary release is in september unless somethings changed I dont know about. What made you want to join DU?
  17. I would be happier with something like this, isolated but proud, to go with BMCs neutrality
  18. I remember reading somwehre, or hearing in an interview that the normal blueprints will be rent controlled by a set number of uses, whereas the master blueprint will have limitless uses, I might be wrong though so dont take this as gospel.
  19. Hello everyone! OP is updated, check it out! Some new cooperations, organisationsal updates, projects, and hyping!
  20. Nice! Really looking forward to seeing this succeed! If you need extra security for your trade routes feel free to hire the Bladesin Mercenary Corporation! Do you guys have a Discord?
  21. I think its gonna be one of the biggest challenges both for NQ to make simple enough that everyone can learn, and for players to get the teamwork downt, and I love the prospect of it^^
  22. I dont know if its an "odd" feauture, but what I really look forward to is having several players working together to maneuver a single ship I mean, I am not that caught up with all the games today, but as far as I know there is no other game where you do that?
  23. I definitely agree, and just want to add that they are still pre alpha. Those of us who are here are very very early. To do full on marketing for this game already is way too early... they will probaly not put too much effort into that until after the Beta is closed, since thats when they will know what will definitely be in final release. I think we just have to wait and see, when NQ are ready to do marketing towards the general public, we will notice
  24. I definitely agree, I feel this game will do better to just add new features and let the players create the depth of that feature. That way they cater to all of us, wethere we just started or if we have played for a year.
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