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Raptor Squad


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Let's start a Nuclear Org!




Raptor Squad



Raptor Squad is for those of us who don't want all the bureaucratic drama involved with being part of an organization, and who just want to fly around and shoot stuff while posting memes and having fun.





Rules? Who needs rules, we shoot stuff, we post memes, we work as a hive mind. 


If someone steps out of line, let the raptors cannibalize them. But why would that happen, we're Raptor Squad(*)!




  • Having fun
  • Memes
  • Global Thermonuclear Warfare





  • Do you like dinosaurs and explosions? Who doesn't! 
  • Do you like having Friday night drinking fleets? Who doesn't!
  • Do you like having fun instead of being super serious all the time? 
  • Do you like memes?


If you answered yes to any of the above, come on in!








Apparently Raptors are now speaking out about their love for their new found freedom!





* Roleplaying as a carnivorous dinosaur is not required (although encouraged)

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