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Dual Universe Sleepers

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Still baffled by what the correlation of great ideas and unfathomable stupidity can produce, but I find so much comfort in scribbling. So i scribble.


Also keep an eye on that tortoise, it's still out wandering in the backyard.

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The soundtracks for the Pre-Alpha Teaser and the Outpost Contest videos were composed by Maxime Ferrieu, the creator of the original Dual Universe tracks you can hear on SoundCloud and other medias.


Those soundtracks, however, have a definitively more "epic" vibe to it, a break from the soothing, mellow, kind-of-generic "space music" we've had until now, and since Maxime became Audio Lead for Novaquark last month, we may be in for a general shift of musical ambiance.


... That'll be 2 Quantas, thank you.

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Hello Peregrin, some fresh news here:





The first agreement has been signed between Sovereign Integral of Tilo and Interkosmos Alliance.

Under a model I created specially for this kind of treaties, called Friendly Liaison Agreement (FLA), this agreement is signed to benefit and improve both organizations and members, becoming all parters in equal terms.

I like to thank the Pressident of Interkosmos Alliance, Commodore AcidFog, for such a productive and kind contact.

Alsan Teamaro,

Sovereign of Tilo





The FLA model is below these lines. Everybody is free to download (see link below) and use it or to create other derivated models.

The Friendly Liaison Agreement provides a basic, easy and reliable way for organizations to start peaceful and productive relations.



Friendly Liaison Agreement


Signing parties:

(x / x) 


1. This is a treaty by which both organizations establish friendly relations based on:

2. Mutual recognition.

Organizations recognize each other and officially as free and independent organizations (and, where appropriate, micronations).

3. Special shared membership.

The members of each organization also become members of the other as partners (they respond only to the regulation of their primary organization), with the right to:

4. Free transit of members and merchandise.

In the territories belonging to the members of the organization with which this Friendly Liaison Agreement has been signed.

5. All this, in accordance with the respect, integrity and goodwill between the parties.

6. Once in force, the agreement is binding for both parties, although it can be revised and updated at any time, with the agreement of both parties.







*PDF document here:  https://discordapp.com/channels/440696721459249155/441033294243692545

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It happens every single time: the ship leaves the atmosphere, the engines go from roar to purr, all become dark except for the lights of the controls and the stars over the windshield... And then I hear it.



Singing to me.


I have a fever and the only prescription is more Dual Universe.

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