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[Absolution] New comer, new organisation !

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Hi here.

I just took my iron pledge few days ago, and I quickly upgraded it to Gold when I discovered the September coming things !

Since then I am spending hours going through forum and devblog to gather all information I can. It just remind me 10 years back when I discovered EvE for the first time.


I am then opening a new organisation called Absolution based on what I guess would be possible and fun to me in this game :

  • Exploration of planet, moon, deepspace.. anything where rare ore may be found,
  • Prospection of rare ore, and trading them (location or ore itself),
  • Combat to protect our mine, or to take by force the ones we may want to have, 

Let's wait and see if this way of life will really be possible and fun in the game!

Application to Absolution is mainly open to french speaking poeple since that's my native language, but I don't mind speaking and team-up with english speaking lads.


see you soon in space Alioth.




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