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First of all let me start out in saying I would have come around to this sooner rather than later in part due towards a few "unplanned" health issues that have placed me out of action and MIA for about a month. Anyway enough of focusing on the past. . . lets get to why we are all here. . .





I am Wilks Checkov; and yes that is my real name, and before you or anyone else asks - I am not related to a Pavel Chekov, the character on Star Trek. 


I am a 43 year old USAF veteran that happens to love grand o space operas. If it has to do with space / science fiction I usually love it.


Most of my time currently is divided between my daughter and my six month old grandson, and my other life long passion: Eve Online, of which I have played almost religiously since the 2003 Castor patch release. Other than that my time is divided between games like Space Engineers and the up and coming release of Star Citizen.


In watching E3 this year I happened to come across the last few minutes of the demo video for a little known title called Dual Universe, and as usual it caught my eye, being in a genre that I love greatly. So after some research I found the website, did some heavy reading on the forums, and decided to come over here and support the community as this title holds quite a lot of promise if they can actually pull it off. 


While we wait on on the devs to get us a game going I will be taking time to get our corporate establishment up and running as well as devising a system of government from scratch. If you or your corporation are interested in joining up feel free to let  me or one of our corporate recruiters know.



For now, during the coming weeks and months I hope to get to know you all, and I am looking forward to seeing you on the flip side.




Sincerely. . .


Wilks Checkov

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We have some similar goals good Checkov, also I appreciate your service to our country even If I dont appreciate our government some times.


I'm not trying to come in here and sound intimidating or anything, rather if you would like to discuss about DU business maybe we could do a private message or even a brief discord text or voice chat.


Well even if we don't find some mutual ground, welcome here to the forums. The game is a better place with good people.

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Welcome Wilks. Don't pay no attention to the guy above me. If you need an alliance and protection from pirates...we are your answer cause if you don't join us...prepare to get raided...muugghhaaaa....haaaaa......haaaaaaaaaaa





JK. Welcome to the forums. Dual looks like it could be a ton of fun. I tried eve once, but it was confusing and a bit intimidating so I gave up before I really began. I have been building spaceships in Landmark (a small voxel building game like Dual is going for) for the past 2 years, but they can't fly or do anything there. I cant wait to dig my heels in here and start making some cool pirate ships.


See ya around!

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"Never mind Kiklix. From what I've seen, he's a pirate with a cotton candy heart...I hear he likes kittens too, all COPS do. That aside, you'll be very interesting to watch, I hope your USAF skills aren't rusty: I hope to see some amazing stunt videos in Dual Universe."

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