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  1. I have played some rust and empyrion but when i saw the size of this game it opened up so many possibilities. If you get tired of runing around on a planets surface build your own space ship and your gone. Plus the creativity it will open up for people can hardly wait to see what can be achieved when this game have been running fore a couple of months
  2. You are totally right on that you cant build the perfect ship. Its probably better to build after your gamestyle and hope fore the best. The ship dont need to be the best if you know how to use tactics right. Can't wait to se the first big ship battles. The Enterprise idea was something i thought of hard to hit as long as they are not right above you as you pointed out but more difficult to build and fit with all stuff that you need. But a borg cube simple design lots of space fore your system perhaps a little to easy to hit. Maybe you could move to your enemy facing them with one of the corners.
  3. I thank you for your input CaptianTwerkmotor
  4. If understand this correctly. It will be the combat system that will determines if sloop armor will work. There will be no problem building it. When i have been reading the dev blogg the write that you should be able to blow up a big hole in a ship and if thats going to work the parts of the ship have to have its own hp system and not a total hp for all the ship. They want big tactical combat in my world that means if you and you crew place your ship better than the enemy you will do more harm and if thats is going to work the angel of you shoot have to be in the calculations and that would also mean that the angel of what you hit must be consider
  5. I thank you all fore your welcome. CharlesAugustus i will check the groups out.
  6. We can always hope. If you have 100 mm armour and it is angled 50 degrees you have to penetrate 155mm to shoot through it plus there is a chance that you deflect the shot but thats in real life.
  7. Hello i have looked around the forum and could not find if building whith sloping armour will help a ships survivability for an example. I hope it does i believe that designing will get much more interesting with this implemented.
  8. Hello everyone . Found this game on youtube fore a couple of days ago and it feels like its one of those games i have been hoping that someone would develop . I have played some rust and space engineers but i have a feeling that this game can offer more in the future. P.s I haven't written a single word in English fore the past 15 years so if you are having a hard time reading my post that's probably why
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