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Agriculture Gameplay  

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  1. 1. Would you like DU to have forestry, farming, ranching activites?

    • Yes, I would welcome the extra immersion and gameplay opportunities
    • No, I don't want to see farms in DU.
    • Maybe, but it would be low on my feature wishlist.

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I really like the idea, not only would it make the game more realistic and the experience more immersive but a whole part of the market could be based on agriculture, and entire planets could be used just for agriculture, which in my opinion would look cool and they would be interesting places to visit. Also, it would be awesome if we could genetically modify plants in DU, in order to make them yield better, bigger harvests, make them resist harsher climates (I hope weather and climate are also a feature included in DU) and other stuff.

Maybe get procedural generated wild plants as well or through radioactive exposure (They actually do that in modern day agriculture to generate new strains of plant)


Different biomes have a list of attributes that plants can have access to and they are generated upon being explored. Radioactivity could be use to generate random variants of those same attributes (not always positive) with even rarer changes where the entire attribute is changed to a new one.


Genetic engineering would allow you to take attributes from one plant and transfer it to another. High level farming skills potential even could alter what atmosphere it can grow in.

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Now with the new interview we know that there will be a food system in one of the first expansions. So yes, we have agriculture

I didn't see that one, did they say food would be a necessity or just some kind of extra boost?

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Low on food and water? I'll just respawn.


Farm is about to harvest after 4 real months of hard work by the farm owners. Gets raided by potato pirates.

Gl with that tactic when you're out exploring and got lots of mined resources on you, which you will lose when respawning

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