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  1. PurplePanda’s Space/Construction Game list This list is being created for anyone who or wants some DU-ish games to play between tests or until DU releases. All of these have been chosen by me through “extensive” research that I did an hour ago, as well as some personal favorite of mine. Hope you enjoy some of these games, I think some of them are definitely worth a look! (Note all reviews will be from there Steam pages) Out Now Avorion - Early Access A procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships
  2. INFINITY CORPORATION ABOUT Infinity Corporation is a combat strategy and research organization specializing in offensive and defensive design, tactics, and AI. We are funded and supported by a real-world technology corporation in the U.S. RECRUITMENT We are currently looking for LUA coders, engineers, and pilots of all skill level, play style, and availability. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/infinity-corporation DISCORD https://discord.gg/4qgpaJc WEBSITE http://www.infinitycorporation.org/
  3. Super weapons. This is a debate I have been having back and forth in my head for quite some time. On one hand some one having a death star like super laser that blows up planets is probably too much power to allow a single group of players to control and far to taxing on the technical side of things. However on the other hand doesn't someone or some organization that spends that much time, effort, skills, money, and resources into a single construct that could potentially be destroyed deserve to have that kind of power? I mean just think about it really. How much of the things I listed a
  4. Rather than cutting weapons up into several different ranges, classes, speeds, etc, I think it would be smarter (and allow for much more customization) if guns were put into a couple simple groups (Size of the base: anywhere from .25 meters to 100+ meters) as well as classifying the type of weapon they are (Spinal, Turret) plus maybe some damage types like kinetic, energy, or whatever. Everything else like range, speed, accuracy, tracking, and all the other stats that a gun should have can be controlled by modules, similar to the weapon system in From the Depths. Want a more accurate gun? Add
  5. I don't think super weapons should be in the launch version of DU, but in a later expansion, for many reasons. First of all, I think it should be very difficult to create these weapons if they existed, (possibly a research of some kind?) but for sure the materials to create it should be very rare. For example if uranium was available in the game and was already decently rare, but used for energy production, there could be a special "isotope" of the uranium that could be used as explosives, but is even more rare than the usual uranium. This way not everyone is running around with weapons of
  6. A thought.... All characters have a very basic stun/minimal-damage gun built into their arm just like the mining tool is. This weapon is almost useless against anyone in a suit but handy at very close quarters and against wild life. Now here is the actual suggestion. The first gun level above the basic stun gun is large, power hungry and more powerful. As the gun performances increase the gun gets physically smaller, more efficient and more powerful until.... It reaches the point of looking identical to the beginners basic stun gun. T
  7. well i was in the kickstarter page and saw an image of a factory unit making a ship weapon. i am curious if you can modify weapons? if you can would you be able to 3d model them or they would consist in predifined parts? if someone answers me i would be very thankfull.
  8. What is the combat going to be like ( if any) when one is not in a ship? Will we have rifles/pistols to use? or even swords/spears? I can imagine a huge war of to factions fights on the ground and in the sky to space. Thanks
  9. Agier


    Antimatter As some in the past have dabbled in antimatter, I thought I would go over its possible uses in the game. Though to function in the game we would need a particle collider, vacuum and a magnetic storage chamber. I do not know the math to calculate the energy output or its capabilities. (Because I’m not in university). Introducing antimatter into Dual Universe will supply the game with new fuels, energy sources, diversified economy, and advanced weaponry. New fuels and energy would benefit DU as only large organizations, or medium-small specialized organizations would
  10. There's something that I feel alot of space-survival/construction games miss out on, weapon customization. Being able to design/tweak weapons and ammunition adds a layer of depth to combat. Instead of everyone using the same turrets people could design their weapons to work well in certain situations. Plus it creates an occupation for more engineering-minded players. Look at From The Depths as an example of weapon customization done right. A similar (But simpler) system would definitely add variety to combat between ships. Having in-depth weapon customization would create more opportunities fo
  11. I'm unsure if this has been posted before so bear with me. I was wondering how the player will be able to work with onboard weapons of ships like small fighters. Will the player be able to link the weapons so they may fire multiple simultaneously or will fighters on have one main that they may operate(I've seen elsewhere that one gun means one player)? If we can somehow link the weapons, would we be able to control sequence of fire in any way? Or be able to link different groups of weapons to different keys? Any help is appreciated, this post should be treat
  12. This idea came to me while I was eating a waffle downtown, so I figured I would post it as one of my debate threads and see how it goes, and what develops from it. Debate 10: Weapons Modules This mainly stems from one of my previous debates as well as a few other current topics, specifically one about multi block weapons. While having multi block build-able weapons would be nice they are rather intensive to design and set up for the developers. "Correct me if I am wrong" Hand Based Tools & Weapons This started me thinking along the li
  13. I know this seems a bit too complicated for this game, but I would really enjoy some customizability in the weapons department in general. I would be most excited for Missiles tho, a system from a game like From the Depths could easily be utilized here. I'm wondering your thoughts on being able to customize the payload, size, speed, and maneuverability of missiles in DU. I guarantee you this, a system like this would get a lot of use if implemented.
  14. So I'm not sure if this is where to put this post but I'm going to put it here anyway. I also put this in building but I'm pretty sure it goes here. So this post is about building different weapons. In it I will talk about how to do this, why I think it's important, and what it could bring to the gameplay of the game. Please give your feedback in the comments. And if the devs have already talked about this or somebody made a post like this already, sorry, I didn't see it. So a weapon building system would work like this in my mind. So take a Star Wars DH-17 Blaster Pistol. How I think th
  15. I love when games have physical manifestations of upgrades, i find it increases immersion and variation from character to character. So moving onto my main point, i believe more than the colour of your armor should be varied, I believe you should be able to create different forms of armor that do different things, since this is a very broad statement let me elaborate. You are part of the main troops of a small army preparing top attack an enemy base, you dont need the long sustained flight of a jetpack so you opt to where a much quicker variant, a sleeker and faster jumpack for short burs
  16. I've made this suggestion in another thread, but decided to break this specific suggestion into its own topic as per the Idea Box rules. Computing Power - How to balance Auto-Turrets on constructs EDIT: Before I define what I mean by Computing Power here, let me define what I mean by an Auto-Turret. Auto-Turret is a gun that can be manned by a player, but instead has an Auto-Fire module installed. When the Auto-Fire module is active, the turret with target and fire at attackers using its own gunnery and accuracy stats (no buff from a player) and will function even if there is no pl
  17. So I was thinking. If we are gonna have like small fighter like ships. Are they going to have small canons to place on the frame aswell? Is there any concept art out there for DU that shows this?
  18. Here are all the things I'd like to see on the battlefields of Dual Universe, whether in space or at your base. -Weapons- Cannons Lasers Missiles Mines Flak Electromagnetic Pulses (including ion cannons) Railguns Plasma Rockets Corrosive Cryo Bombs Tesla -Defenses- Solid Armor Reactive Armor Magnetic Shielding Energized Armor Deflector Shields Absorbing Shields Stealth Self Mending Armor -Mechanics- Cannons require ammo and are versatile yet slightly less powerful than more specialized weapons, coming in all shapes and sizes from automatic rifle caliber guns to large mortars Lasers re
  19. Cirtex


    as this game is going to be based around these massive groups and is going to develop and grow through the players. i wonder about War. both on the ground and in the sky, and even beyond that! so I'm wondering the set of weapons we will get. but I'll tell you what i DON'T want, i dont want Space Engineers, where the weapons are just larger versions of the same thing and the only way to get varitey was through MODS. I'm wondering what the Assault rifles will look like. Pistols, SMGs, shotguns, snipers, RPGs, LMGs, Gatling guns. i understand why none of this has been shown in the current version
  20. Can't seem to find any topics on this but maybe I just haven't searched well enough or with the right key words. Was there any talk of being able to utilize the voxel system to create custom player weapons such as hand guns, rifles, rockets launchers, etc.? I love the potential that voxel systems yield in terms of creating custom in-game content and I feel like this could be yet another wonderful aspect of the game for players. It could also work the same way as constructs by combining voxels with predefined elements. I apologize if this has been talked about previously. If anyone has
  21. Will it be possible to create a weapon for orbital defence? creating a large single shot weapon and destroying battle cruisers.
  22. For the purpose of this thread we will assume that tracking works as advertised by NQ, as in far away targets are updated less frequently so they will have some sort of lock on; however, closer targets it is almost unnoticeable. Let's throw up a hypothetical situation, You and your crew of pirates have detected a freighter moving at high speed, luckily for you he hasn't noticed your approach. Since we don't have construct vs construct weapons quite yet we'll have to board them. Silently approaching the ship and matching their speed, your team of highly trained marines enters the freighter
  23. Forgive me if I don't really explain this concept properly, I'm usually a quiet lurker (especially this one where a lot of people seem to be very experienced with these types games and I'm more of a starry eyed dreamer, haha). Anyways, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but what are people thinking about for ship-to-ship space combat, specifically how damage to ships will be visualized when made out of voxels. So, I was wondering how different weapons would affect a ship's hull especially exteriors constructed of voxels. So, for example, would plasma weapons "melt" voxels away
  24. Greetings! This will likely be a long post with lots of interconnected lists, so bear with me.. Ship Weapon design/customization system Most sifi games simply give the player access to a selection of existing weapons, designed by the devs. Each weapon has base stats that can sometimes be customized with upgrades, but for the most part this simplistic approach leads to the emergence of a very confined meta of loadouts that work. The concept I will describe is aimed at making ship-mounted weapons modular, so that players can design and test weapons based on the need at hand and
  25. "Good day, fellow members of the Dual Universe Forum. Like an astounding fraction of people here, I have found a great interest in the creation process Dual Universe has created. Most wonderful of all, I believe, is the fact that while templates are going to be available, most or all of the code can and will be done by the players. While this may allow for stunning creations like "Pacific Rim meets Gears of War"; inventions to darker "George Orwell's "1984" meets Ex Machina", the real problem lies with the benefit itself: codes. Where the player inventions simply to be tried and test
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