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  1. Super weapons. This is a debate I have been having back and forth in my head for quite some time. On one hand some one having a death star like super laser that blows up planets is probably too much power to allow a single group of players to control and far to taxing on the technical side of things. However on the other hand doesn't someone or some organization that spends that much time, effort, skills, money, and resources into a single construct that could potentially be destroyed deserve to have that kind of power? I mean just think about it really. How much of the things I listed above would they need to give in order to create something like that in the first place? It would be an absolute unreasonably astronomical amount. Not to mention all the threats out there that would try to stop you from constructing something like that in the first place and even if you managed to finish something like that how many enemy's do you think you would make. Id reckon a lot of them. Now wouldn't all these factors be massive balancing factors? Not to mention by the same token if the devs did allow super weapons they could easily create counters to them like for example a planetary shield generator. With super weapons could potentially come super defenses. Now in the end it all comes down to a technical stand point and by that note it probably wouldn't be possible but the fact that there is that slight hope that maybe just one of these day it could happen is a very exciting thought. So with all that being said do you think super weapons should be a thing or not and if not how far should the power of weapons go? Please let me know down below I would love to hear your guys opinions on this one as this one probably has a mixed bag of feelings.
  2. The reason I see mining ships being integral to DU is a simple one Scale. Now imagine this you have a large organization and you want to start getting into bigger projects like large factory's, ships, buildings, space stations, etc... But you need the resources to do so and so you need to mine and mine and mine some more. Now just think of doing all that mining by hand, doesn't sound like so much fun does it? That's because it is not its just very very tedious and boring. However adding a way for mining ships to be in the game would easily fix that problem from down to the solo player that wanted to get into mining but just got sick and tired of going in a deep mine and digging his way all the back up to the surface every single time to the big organizations that just want to keep up with the demand of there projects. Mining ships would fix it all! Now in a game that focuses so much on the grand scale of everything it has to offer mining just doesn't seem so grand. Now I already can see several concerns here is a few that I think can be solved. Q1. Wouldn't the calculation of voxels collisions and destruction be to much? A1. I do not think so not if they take the current scanning/mining system that is already in place and simply apply it to mining ships. Q2. Doesn't it have a high chance of inflating the economy out of control and put those who have bigger mining ships richer and those who do not poorer? A2. Possibly but as I stated earlier by taking the mining system that is already in place and applying it to mining ships they could very easily change the stats, values, and gather rates for these things to balance it out. Also doesn't someone who spent all that time, effort, skills, and resources on focusing and making a big mining ship deserve to have there mining operations be a bit more lucrative for them? Q3. On release date wouldn't everyone just go for mining? A3. Maybe in the beginning to get some money under your belt but ask yourself this. Would you go for and stick with mining? On release I am sure there would be many many more exciting things you can and would rather do within the grand scale of this universe than just mining. Not convinced because you have several concerns? List them down below! I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!
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