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  1. Alot of great points made, I agree with about 98% of it
  2. I agree, but I wasn't thinking of a weapon that could destroy a whole city or fleet, just something with a high radius and power that would be used tactically, and I think it should be balanced in the sense of it's use is limited (and single-use imo) and its inefficient for its cost:destruction ratio compared to other weapons just my opinion
  3. didn't think about that, an EMP of sorts would be interesting
  4. for they server thing, if it was re-useable, some people could just make a fleet of them and kill the server and I can agree that that would be annoying, but orgs could sign documents that ban them in warfare, or if you don't like the risk, don't live in a major city and I think the DU could probably find a way to balance how effective they are and how hard they'd be to build
  5. just my opinion, but i think like 1 city block is too small, but about a radius of like 5 city blocks might be too big, idk how big the cities will be, so idk for sure
  6. I was assuming it'd be one-time use, for the sake of logistics of the server and gameplay, and it might be cheaper to make a small fleet, but it's supposed to be used tactically, for example if a city is heavily fortified/protected from air attacks and land attacks, the best tactical solution might be send a small vehicle that looks neutral to them, but is actually carrying a nuke
  7. I agree on this, I think you're referring to the death star talk? when I say super weapon, I don't mean something that could destroy moons
  8. Because you'd either have to 1.mine for hours on hours, research all the skills you need, and not get raided the whole time 2. steal one (which would also be hard) 3. own an Org that is making one to have one stockpiled, and then just use it because you can, or 4. (most unlikely) have the org build it just so you can "troll" one city Also that is true that all assets are military targets, in a sense, but if I spent that much time on acquiring this weapon, I wouldn't just fire it randomly into a city and hope the best
  9. I get that, but the logistics of just blowing up cities for fun wouldn't be in the favor of the person using it, 1st of all the people in the city should know if they're at war, and secondly, unless they live next to a military or industrial target, they shouldn't have to worry.
  10. ignore, idk how to delete posts
  11. I don't think super weapons should be in the launch version of DU, but in a later expansion, for many reasons. First of all, I think it should be very difficult to create these weapons if they existed, (possibly a research of some kind?) but for sure the materials to create it should be very rare. For example if uranium was available in the game and was already decently rare, but used for energy production, there could be a special "isotope" of the uranium that could be used as explosives, but is even more rare than the usual uranium. This way not everyone is running around with weapons of mass destruction just grieving. It would take a well-established organization to organize the project/resources to create it. It could be other weapons than bombs, just using that as an example. Second thing is, since it's hard to create and probably won't have too much of practical use in the "beginning days" of the official launch of DU, I see no reason that they should work on it before launch and push back the launch further, rather they should wait and add it to a expansion soon after. (in my opinion) Also, since they'd be very rare, if it did cause server issues, it would only happen during large or intense wars and when it did happen they could just slow down the time for a few moments and then go back to normal. (Also this is the first time I've really use a forum for anything, so don't bully me lol)
  12. Thinking about changing it, logistics looks like a nightmare.
  13. If you are looking for an org, take a minute to check out mine - https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-79th-stratocracy - :-)
  14. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-79th-stratocracy
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