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  1. Fuel tanks being exposed is generally a bad thing, and we generally tuck them away from the hazards that would damage them. To allow access there are fuel lines leading into the tanks from the exterior of vehicles. I propose an element that achieves this same function in Dual Universe. It could be linked to a tank (possibly several) to allow for one way fueling to the connected tanks. it wouldn't make the tanks capacities shared in use with other elements, but would allow for them to be internalized in the vehicle protecting them better from outside complications. The logic goes as follows; you can fly a plane with one engine, but not without fuel. Propulsion systems would be completely compromised if fuel tanks are taken out. Internalizing elements is possible (as seen in the tutorial videos) since voxels can be temporarily moved, but having to move them after every few flights seems very inconvenient. Then there is always internalizing most of the tank but having a "window" that exposes part of the tank, but that still has the vulnerabilities associated with an exposed fuel tank.
  2. Hey All, Just wanted to throw in a suggesting to have the ability to throttle the download from the launcher. People who are charged for bandwidth or slow connections might have trouble without this option being available.
  3. It seems like the astronomical side of DU is still in its infancy, or at least from what I can see. So I would like to present a two-sided series of both suggestions and educational posts. Though I will not be going into too much detail. So if there are any other Physicists or Astronomers out there, I'm simplifying for a general audience and possibly have these parameters included into the game. Planet Orbits: Depending on the mass of a star the typical orbits of planets around it have been found to have certain properties. The is an inner and outer limit. Too close and the planet (or rather that section of the proto-planetary disk during formation) will be pulled into the star. Too far and the star will not have enough gravitational pull. Before we proceed, an Astronomical Unit, or AU, is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun, approximately 150 million kilometers or 93 million miles. The inner limit follows this equation: I = 0.1 * M Where I is measured in AU and M is the mass of the star. Similarly, the outer limit can be generalized as: O = 40 * M Though with some caveats on the mass and velocity of individual planets, as particularly fast or less massive planets would have a significantly smaller outer limit. Frost Line: The simplified frost line can be found based on the star's luminosity. F = 4.85 * L^-2 Where L is luminosity and F is measured in AU. Keeping in mind that a planet barren of atmosphere will retain nearly no heat from their star and certain atmosphere compositions will have a greenhouse effect. Stable Orbits: Planets have an almost infinite combination of orbits, but there are some rules of stable orbits when multiple planets are involved. Each further planetary orbit will always be between 1.4 and 2 times the distance of the previous or be unstable and something will somewhere destabilize. This, however, is in relation to the star. IF we are looking at orbits close to the parent star, planets themselves can be no closer than 0.15 AU of each other (generalization, gets a bit more complex). Otherwise, the planets will affect each other and one or more planets will destabilize and go into the sun or settle into a further orbit which may cause a chain reaction of other orbital interactions. Orbital Resonance: Dwarf Planets: Criteria: Orbits a star Roundish in shape Has not cleared its orbital path of debris Not a satellite Terrestrial Planets: Ice Giants: Hot Giants: Moons: Major/Minor: Moons are currently classified by two types, Major and Minor Moons. Major moons are those who have enough mass to collapse into a spherical shape. As mass is not always the same density at certain sizes a minor moon may, in fact, have more volume than a major moon. However, this is a limited range and is extremely rare. This range of overlap resides almost solely in the 200-300 km range. Though theoretically, some really odd and really rare highly dense or the oppositely composed moons could exist. Rocky/Icy: Moons also come in two varieties, predominantly rocky and icy. Why this is has a few theories based on we believe system formation occurs. Moons located within the systems frost line will be predominantly rocky and those outside the frost line will be predominantly rocky. Abundance: Terrestrial planets tend to have very few moons and often none at all. It is not uncommon to capture a few asteroids which reclassify as minor moons, but it is particularly rare to have major moons. Additionally, terrestrial planets closer to a star tend to have fewer moons than those further away. Hill Sphere: The Hill Sphere is the range in which a smaller mass within it will gravitationally bound to the larger mass. This can be calculated by the equation: H (outer): a * (m/M)^(1/3) * 235 Au , m is the smaller mass, and M is the larger mass. The inner limit is the Roche limit, more details on that later, but for now, the equation is: d = R * ( 2 * pM / pm )^ (1/3) Where R is the radius of the major body, pM is the density of the major body, and pm is the radius of the minor body. It must be kept in mind that these are simplified equations for static, or solid moons with an ideal orbit. Moons with fluids or elliptical orbits will have modified equations. Simplified Orbital Period: P = 0.0588 * ( R^3 / (M + m ) )^(1/ 2 ), Where P is in days. Moon Systems -- If you found this interesting comment below and if at least a couple people are interested I will continue with a lot more info. Specifically types of planets and realistic ranges of their properties.
  4. So here I am, technically "necroposting" on a thread discussing necroposting. This is the most recent thread (maybe the only thread) on the topic, it is still relevant, and it was left without any kind of conclusion. So should I have created a new thread instead? I don't think so. There are several situations where the rule needs to be relaxed, or at least left to moderator discretion. Situations where continuing an existing (and still relevant) discussion makes more sense than starting a new one (such as here). This reduces topic spamming (which is also against the rules, and often directly conflicts with the necroposting rule). Situations where people have asked an unresolved question that now has a resolution. Example: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/12349- technical-amd-gpu-rendering-issues/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-103748 I trust our moderators to be able to make judgement calls like this. So why not let them?
  5. voxel tool: Add differents color's icon in function of type of tool Exemples: Blue = Engineer tools, Green = explorer tools, Yellow = Builder tools,
  6. I'm not sure if this is already implemented, but will DU support custom music? I want to mix DU's official OST with some other soundtracks I own. So I'm basically asking for one of two things: An uncompressed/unencypted OST in the game files. That way I can just turn the in-game music slider down, and use those files with an external music player. In-game support for custom music. So basically, I would drop new (properly encoded) music into a folder, and the game would recognize and play it like the official OST. A custom player like this would be even better: But let's not get ahead of ourselves! I'd be happy with any custom music support during the Alpha or Beta, even if it's barebones and finicky,
  7. Hello Noveans and the ones hoo gonna be, in my opinion a game with a living breathing universe where the content is made by players we will need more than just mining ores. Trading is for fulfilling needs. But to have a reason to trade we need essential needs. We all want to make the Dual Universe a second home and we need to have some essential things. here are my suggestions and what probably make it different from any other game. Farming: We need to have Elements that have to be placed on a specific biome. A waterfarming mashine needs to be placed at a water source on any planet and produces drinkable water. to fill it up we need to have a mashine that produces bottles. Producing food will work a similar way. A mashine will produce meat out of stem cells on a planet with breathable air. The packaging will work with another mashine. Crop Farms will need a lot of space and can only be placed in biomes where plants are growing already. With mashines crops can be produced into Food-Packs Eating and Drinking: Every bottle of water or produced food will expire after one reallife week. but a player need to drink and eat once every day or once every login and after using a ressurection node. If a player dont eat after logging in his stomache will make noises and he cannot use his jetpack. if the player dont eat for some days he will die and get portet to a resurrection node. If a player dont drink for one day his char wil make another noise and the player walks slower than usual. Alcohol and Drugs: Every Drug has a positive and a negative. So it should be here. Alcohol could let you move faster the more you drink but with a blurred vision and maybe lets you move waveringly. There could also be drugs. For Example... "Scraprip Pill" this pill will let you carry more things. You feel like you have superpowers. But after duration of action using Drugs you need to drink and eat much more. drugs can make you addicted. if this happens you need a medicine and cannot fly ships for one week. Breathing: The Nanosuit has a stock for oxygen. oxygen can be produced on planets with atmosphere. The oxygen will get nanorized in a mashine into O²-Packs. every Nanosuit has slots for O²-Packs. Every Pack will less for one hour. Water-Bottles, Meat-Packs, Food-Packs and O²-Packs are in my opinion a minimum must have in the game. There could be a lot of other things like mixed drinks, different meals, alcohol and drugs. But all of this stuff will make the universe rich on wares to trade and stuff everyone needs. Without this, its just a mining and shipbuilder MMO Greez BiGEdge
  8. A little foreword Hello there, The following is likely rather nitpicky. Since people can (mis?)judge purely written communication in different ways I'd also like to add this isn't a huge concern for me. It's simply something I noticed and that could be potentially be improved sooner than later. I also thought about mentioning it via PM to NQ first but on the other hand I think there can be sufficient public interest and input to this, while NQ is of course free to set the rules as they deem necessary. But if public input can perhaps improve or clarify, then why not? Last but not least, since rules are mentioned it is not only something we have to keep in mind and follow as community members; it would also be some kind of "procedure book" for moderators that have to enforce the rules after all. So while there might be bigger problems and more interesting (game related) suggestions to consider, it's something perhaps not completely trivial either. But I let you decide now. »Short summary of suggestion and solution 1) Recap Change / reword a current forum rule to allow what is now technically considered "necroposting" in some situations that would be deemed widely acceptable however. Further info and reasoning below. 2) Suggested solution/s Reword or add a clause that allows this in specific situations or exclude situations where it would not be necroposting. Here's suggestions, highlighted in blue: (III) Following actionsa re prohibited: [...] Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months) with the exception of player organization and on-going idea threads. Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months). Moderation can see to exceptions or enforcement on a case-by-case basis depending on the topic. Necroposting on old threads (unpinned threads in which the last reply is older than 2 months). An old thread can be considered as an exhausted or completed topic. Posting in old exhausted threads that have not seen activity in 2 months; exceptions can apply to certain threads including player organizations or projects and game suggestions [...] Other suggestions from the community for an "improved wording" (None at this time) Further explanation or reasoning aka: "Okay, what the heck are you talking about now?" Rule snippet as of 11th August 2018 - mostly referring to bulletin point 2 and 3 The recent posting in the "DU real life" thread referred to a not so old rule addition regarding necro posts. Granted, it makes sense. But in some situations it could ironically conflict with the rule following afterwards, specifically sentence nr. 2. Long story short, it's this: Sometimes necro'ing old threads doesn't make sense and should not be done or forbidden or rewarded with a lock. But sometimes it should be formally and practically okay. Ironically following that particular rule could in a wider sense sometimes conflict with "creating multiple discussions on the same topic [...]" - if you cannot strictly necropost because 2 months have passed, then you have to kinda recreate threads, which clutter the forums however and is generally frowned upon anyway, when the alternative could just be posting even after 2 months since the last reply have passed. So we either have gaps exceeding 2 months between some posts or we have multiple threads on a subject if 2 months have passed between replies at one point. Or we let a topic die indeed, but some topics are on-going, and especially in an early game stage may not see regular posts all the time not exceeding 2 month gaps. Again, it is likely trivial or obvious when it is okay and not to some but let's put it this way: With a mild edit in rewording it could, for the far future, set things formally or technically right and perhaps not confuse some people who read the forum rules and take them at face value, as you kinda or often have to anyway. A mild change or elaboration would also prevent rather nitpicky players possibly reporting others for technical rule violations that are completely tolerated or accepted things however. In short, with a very mild amount of work now in rephrasing or elaborating, you can probably save yourself a bit of more work in the long run while making it apparent when moderators (or players) have to act or not. The community and mods might be at ease (or have clarity). Win/win. To keep it short and to get to a closing note, here's an example of what might be technically a necro posting but should be widely accepted - or is likely widely accepted, but technically breaking rules: Posting in your organization or player project thread (after 2 months) Posting in an idea thread or similar that revolves around a specific aspect (after 2 months; instead of creating a new thread then) Off-topic threads regarding other specific games, tv shows, technology and other topics (health, preferences, etc, comedy such as DU centered 'memes', etc.) Likely other scenarios On a last note I also understand there is a certain disclaimer that says: "IMPORTANT: Forum content is moderated at Novaquark's sole discretion, and content may be modified, removed, or otherwise restricted by Novaquark employees and/or moderators." meaning it allows exceptions or actions at the discretion already, but in this case I think it's good to mention it in the specific rule to have that rule be more clear. I also understand you could now start various discussion or suggestion threads about all kinds of other rules and ask for elaboration. But for me that is kind of stretching the goal here. So for now this is all about necro posting. I guess that sums it up. If I oversaw any flaws or aspects or if you want to rant about it being (insert whatever here), I guess you can do so here Thanks for consideration
  9. SUGGESTION - if all UNIVERS can have access to the market whenever you put a market stand it's gonna limit all players in not being interested in going to other player made Cities ... if you ever need something you just put one Market Stand and you got it... like this you eliminate all the interactive fun imagine if you will need to go to the "City of Macarena" where you can find the cheapest gold and the rarest materials -----or"City of Coco-Jambo" where you can find the fastest ships on planet X, Y , or in Galaxy. ------or "The Lost City of Ciupa-Chups" where you can find Great Misteries . this will change the whole game. it will make it more engaging. more interesting, everything will have porpuse. at the moment what porpuse has a City? only good looks? only something to visit one time and leave it behind forever? i was imagining going to Cities and finding all kinds of MARKETS! HOWEVER, you should be able to limit your market to whatever you want, AND if you have some kind of resources, to create a UNIVERSAL MARKET, which allows you to go "LOCO" on what is from all parts of Univers. As it is now.
  10. Hello, I would like to suggest two proposals to make it clearer in the list of organizations. Currently, the total number of members per organization displayed on the site takes into account those who have already purchased a version of the game as well as those who have not yet acquired the game but are registered on the site of the community DU. 1st Proposition: It would be advisable to be able to classify the organizations through an additional filter counting only the members who have already acquired the game. 2nd Proposal: Add, in parentheses, the number of members who have already acquired the game next to the total number of members of each organization. In fact, a new player is looking primarily for an organization with active and non-fictional members. However, it is impossible for the moment to know which organizations have the most real members I hope that you will take my suggestions into account because, in my opinion, this will bring clarity to organizations. Best regards, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bonjour, Je souhaiterai suggérer deux propositions afin d'y voir plus clair dans la liste des organisations. Actuellement, le nombre de membres total par organisation affiché sur le site prend en compte ceux qui ont déjà acheté une version du jeu ainsi que ceux qui n'ont pas encore acquis le jeu mais qui sont inscrit sur le site de la communauté DU. 1ère Proposition: Il serait avisé de pouvoir classer les organisations au travers d'un filtre supplémentaire comptabilisant uniquement les membres qui ont d'ors et déjà acquis le jeu. 2ème Proposition: Ajouter, entre parenthèses, le nombre de membres qui on d'ors et déjà acquis le jeu a côté du nombre total de membres de chaque organisation. En effet, un nouveau joueur cherche avant tout une organisation avec des membres actifs et non fictifs. Cependant, il lui est impossible, pour le moment, de savoir quels sont les organisations qui comptent le plus de membres réels. J'espère que vous prendrez en compte mes suggestions car, à mon sens, cela apporteras plus de clarté aux organisations Cordialement,
  11. I was thinking, it would be really cool to have a tier of building that only provides the illusion of voxels free of cost. Some of us are very talented in designing the blueprints for impressive designs but aren't inclined to the grind for materials to actually build said ships. So i was thinking, what if we had a hologram tier of voxels that we could use to design a ship without worrying about the cost of construction? Perhaps when it is done you could chose to upgrade those voxels after the BP is complete? Maybe even sell someone the BP for the cost of building you one. The obvious con to this, would be voxel spamming all over the place (since its free), so double props if you could make it only visible to those with building permissions, or maybe only while in build mode? Thoughts anyone?
  12. I feel that some people that don't plan to play often will be turned away by the monthly payment system. It obviously wouldn't seem worth it if you could only play for three hours a month but still had to pay €10-15 a month. That's €3-5 per hour, and that might not work out for some. A solution to this could be the option to buy hours rather than months, because it would allow the player to spend their time more spread out. It would have to be a lower value than the monthly payment for most, but for people that don't get to spend a lot of time in DU, it would probably be a better option.
  13. An in game Construct Creator would give designers the capacity to efficiently build, test, and iterate designs. This could be done in a way that utilizes current technology slated for development in the game. One method would be to use reformat-able zones. Players would spawn into these zones with a tool set similar to what is being implemented in pre-alpha. After the play session the zone is formatted.
  14. There doesn't seem to be any practical way to create a secret in-game society. These look like my only options: I can create an org on the community website, but any org members would have there name displayed for everyone to see... not very secret. I could use a different platform to host and organize the org, but then advertising would be an inefficient pain. I'd love it if the devs would make the "members" tab (that displays everyone's names) optional. Until then, any ideas for hosting an org with anonymous members? Any support or criticism of having an optional "members" tab?
  15. I suggest organization creation window (meaning this one) to also include basic information about: Copyright infringement (and maybe how to avoid it) Disapproved types of org names (Apple, Microsoft, etc.) Currently, creating an organization does not require one to even visit the forums. Since NQ's statements about aforementioned things are hidden inside certain topics (as far as I know), I feel they go unnoticed by many organization founders. Also, the org creation page only offers a link to the early devblog post about orgs that mentions nothing about copyright. I do not know how the copyright-wise problematic orgs are officially dealt with, but have seen some other forum users politely notifying newfound orgs about clear issues. It is admirable, but in my opinion should not be relied upon. I realise we have not even hit alpha test yet, but still believe that adding the suggested information into mandatory text every organization founder should read would reduce unnecessary frustration. Thanks for your time, and hopefully the text was readable enough.
  16. So like the title says i had the idea of a better payment method currently all signs point to a subscription fee every month(to simplify) but if the devs were to make a b2p version of the game that does not include multiplayer but still includes all building elements etc. This way people who dislike subscription fees such as myself have an option to enjoy this amazing game and they don't cause any load on the devs once the game is out. This payment option is superior to the current envisioned payment option because it enables players to not have to be held down by subscriptions but the game could be played offline but not cause any load on the devs. The devs still get the stable financial benefits that come with a p2p system with the players that enjoy multiplayer and the players who don't have to worry about paying every month get the amazing experience that dual universe looks like it will be. I frankly see this as a win win situation but if you see any details that need attention please address them in the comments. Ps. I dislike p2p systems because of the financial fiasco that i live in and the fact i have to pay a million other subscriptions but it does make sense with what the devs want to do to end this note devs keep being awesome and making a magnificent game
  17. the wheel. probably one of the most important inventions ever created. it's used in more things than i would care to count. but i know that one of those things that the wheel is used in. is Cars. vehicles. ground based transport. and so far all the footage I've seen only has images of air based. and I'm not even taking into account the under water tier. I'm hyped for Dual Universe to become what it aims to as much as the next guy. but i would be really disappointed if wheels were left out of the scene. this is a universe. why not make it diverse? i think its a basic element that should be implemented early in development rather than late game.
  18. I want to donate, I really do. I've loved everything I've seen so far. However, as a community we've been burned before by countless other games that have done similar things, announced themselves early with great prospects and then taken our money and given us tripe. What you could do that would make me believe in you enough to donate and open my heart to you would be this: !---Get the community involved---! Seeing everything you've done so far, all of it has been dev showcases. 0% of it has been from a player who isn't part of your company, and that worries me. Other than one video where a dev played and an outside man talked, its all been dev work. I want to see what people can really do, build, find. So more specifically, what would really get me going is if you gave several big youtubers free reign over a certain aspect of your game, give them a planet or moon in which to gather resources, build a house, a base, a village, and a ship or two. Even more specifically, I suggest SkyLordLuke (a supremely talented StarMade ship creator, he is by far your best bet at showing off how powerful your ship creation mechanics can be) and Scott Manley (as he is a fairly intelligent Astrogamer who will be able to provide decent footage and input). If not for anything else, if they did make a video about Dual Universe the kickstarter popularity would increase dramatically. If your ship creation tools are as good as you say they are, SkylordLuke will make you the best ships possible and make it look easy - and if you can get Scott Manley interested, you can get me interested. Simple as that. I appreciate your current transparency a great deal, but what you're holding back is simply too much of a worry for me to get myself invested in this game. *EDIT*: The recent open house event has given the community the ability to confirm what has been shown to us, and as such everyone I've talked to that attended the event seemed to have only good things to say about the development team and what they experienced there. This is the sort of thing I was looking for, thank you NQ.
  19. So forgive me if this has been discussed but I have not seen anything on it yet. However I am new here and haven't had time to dig into everything, just skim. I wanted to talk about blueprints in the game and how they will work. I have seen some post that mentioned blueprints for devices, such as motors and drills, but I have seen nothing on blueprints for ships. First lets start with devices, I am sure there will be a number of basic device blueprints that are easily obtained, with some possibly being much harder to find. This is nice to have but not what I am talking about. Something I would like to see with these is research to upgrade the stats on a generic blueprint giving it RNG modifiers, but I will make a specific post about that. The blueprints I am talking about are the unique ones for your creations. Every ship that a player will make has to be made by hand, at least once anyway. I am unsure if they are going to go with a system where you place the blocks in the open world to build it, or design it then have some sort of assembler construct it, but either way I think there needs to be some way to create a blueprint of your ship. The first reason is obvious, to easily reproduce it again, especially for things like fighters that will be used a lot. Personally, in games like Starmade and Space engineers I would spend a lot of time designing and balancing ships to be just right. But if they were blown up I loose all that work and have to try to recreate it from memory. Starmade had a blueprint system which allowed me to make another that was exactly the same, as long as I had the parts. Space Engineers however, at least when I played, did not have any system to do this easily. Space Engineers, I believe has a blueprint projection system to show you where the parts are, but it is only a guide and you can still make errors. Now I would not want a system where I just add the parts into the blueprint and spawn it in. Starmade had this but was fading it out into a shipyard system, you load the blueprint into a construction yard and it slowly assembles it if it has the parts. For a game that plans to be massive scale, I think this would be the preferred method I would choose. The size of the shipyard would dictate the size of ships you could construct, and things like assemblers and CPU power could dictate the scale and speed of the shipyard. An added bonus of this is they could be used to repair damaged ships. When you are in a battle theres sometimes very large damage that is easily caught, but theres always something minor or hidden that you dont always catch. Having some sort of system to help repair this is needed with massive constructs. The second would be to sell them. If I create a really nice, well rounded battle cruiser, people may want to buy it from me, either because they like it or just dont want to be bothered them self. Now selling ships has been mentioned before, and I don't want to get side tracked into the trade system. But if I spend hours shaping and designing this amazing ship, why couldn't I just blueprint it and make another. Maybe I like my ship and want to keep it for myself as well. Or maybe I want to just copy my blueprints and sell them to others so they can make their own. I would like to see 2 types of blueprints, like eve a BP Original and a BP Copy. The copy would have a limited number of uses, 1 or more set by the copy process. It would be to allow you to build my creation in a limited number. Where as the original would be unlimited uses and could make more copies. If a RNG research aspect is introduced this could be a way to sell your research as well. Now with blueprints comes the possibility to steal other peoples designs. Which why not? But I would suggest a system thats not as easy as get in and make a blueprint of a ship. Maybe have a encoded lock so that only the creator can make a blueprint. Possibly be able to hack the system so you can copy a stolen ship for yourself. Maybe it has to deconstruction the ship to know the full details of the blueprint. I would hate to have no way of replicating a stolen ship, but I dont want it to be to easy. So what are yall thoughts on this? Has this been discussed already and where? Any other additions or suggestions you would make on the topic of blueprints? (I will make a separate post about RNG research ideas later.)
  20. Hello everyone, I want to introduce a reputation system dubbed "The Honor System". It's a record of a player's prestige, fame, status, and reputation. Every player will be recorded in THS (unofficial term), and will be listed according to their social interactions. This may be because of their sincerity or insincerity, depends on each individual and how they want to be perceived. Let's imagine a scenario of a player committing vandalism, theft, and hostility within a community. Most likely they would get a negative reputation in the honor system and this will affect all their social interactions, maybe being denied certain services, while having access to services exclusive to that reputation. There will be two extremes, good and evil, very much like paragon and renegade in Mass Effect. I'm not sure if there will be a neutral status like paragade, so that's open for discussion. Players will also be able to gain status and become famous, whether it be by a "wanted" poster or otherwise. Ultimately becoming good or evil, depending on choices, and there will be benefits and consequences to both sides that I haven't thought out yet. I think this is perfect for any role-player out there!
  21. Today, I bring the topic of communication, specifically voice communication in Dual Universe. While it is an already discussed idea among Novaquark, I would like to expand on it: Free Talk: This idea enables players to talk within the vicinity. The closer you are to the source of a voice, the louder it will be. Likewise, the farther away you are the less louder it becomes. If you are not facing the source, you won't hear them as well as when facing them. Now, we won't want to walk into a densely populated area and hear voices from all sides. To minimize white noise in Free Talk (unofficial term) you will have to move away from the vicinity of chatterboxes and not be facing them. Or simply, change channels. Channels: There will be multiple channels that the player can tune into like organization, ship crew, 'free talk' etc. and a custom channel that you can invite a select few to chat in. This creates options so players can choose what to use their telecommunication device for. Telecommunication Device: This is a device that will enable wireless communication. It will have to be with you at all times and indestructible. Whether or not the Nanoformer will be used for this is unknown. Unless you're telepathic we'll need this. Intership Communication: Let's say you're flying through space in your galactic Lamborghini and a stranger decides to fire lasers at you. With this feature you'll be able to target that ship and ask them why they're shooting at you or "Can we work something out?" before they annihilate you. Interbase Communication: Interbase communication is essentially a way to contact a nearby base (that is not in your organization) and establish a trade, treaty, form alliance, declare war, or gossip. All communication used this way is handled by Leaders, or under paid receptionists (basically anyone with authority). This is a better alternative to emails because it's more formal, but both will be available. Voice Command: If you've ever played Mass Effect 3 you would know the Kinect voice recognition feature that allows you to give orders to teammates. I have a similar idea to implement into artificial intelligence, you'll be able to command AI using your voice. Whether it is units, drones, or anything robotic in nature, most technological devices and AI can now be controlled with your voice. I think it'll be amazing for the Nanoformer, you'll be able to use its tools without pushing a button! But of course, there will be keyboard options. Ignore Option: This is essential for anyone that is being harassed verbally (and otherwise). This option helps maintain stability within the online community. Or if someone is simply talking too much, this is for you! These ideas are for simplicity's sake, using your voice instead of keys saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus your keyboarding skills on other tasks while maintaining communication. If you have similar ideas, I will add them to the list. Now let's discuss! *edit* Simulating real voice in an environment will add a great deal of depth to the game. Sound Reverberation: When you're talking in a large hallway, echoes will be present. In an open world, no resonance. Sound Barriers: Doors, walls, and objects will affect local speech if the listener is on the other side, reducing range a voice can be heard. Proximity Noise: This suggests that if you yell, the range it can be heard from increases (of course).
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