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  1. This tag system can go further than management and duties. If players have full control of tagging, they can add custom features into the game. A little complicated.. which is why I hope there will be a system to validate and assist with tags. A lot of possibilities here, this is why I love Dual Universe.
  2. Well, my definition of a 'charge' is a security that you won't lose anything when you die. When a player has zero charges they get taxed for each death afterwards, increasing the toll for each resurrection without a charge. I completely forgot about the pre-installed node in the ark ship, that makes more room for concepts. I think your idea sounds better on paper, but what if a player's RN is light years away? It will mean that, in order to explore, nodes need to be placed close. If that node is unfortunately not charged, then you'll be resurrected farther, potentially having a huge loss if you're indeed light years from the next charged node. I have an idea. Let's say you're exploring in an unfamiliar territory located next to a community with a working node. It so happens that you die while exploring, it will then be possible to ressurect at that node (if the community has made it possible) for a fee. I think this is a great way to establish commerce in communities. This is of course only possible if RNs can be shared (excluding the preset ark ship node). It'll be better than having to retrace your steps from a far away node. Thoughts? Edit: This may be off the topic of bounty hunting, so I apologize in advance.
  3. Astrov

    The Honor System

    Thanks for your input, Saffi. Okay, maybe a tier system will suffice. Something like this: http://cs622220.vk.me/v622220445/63f9/Dbq5b_bQa7o.jpg(From Infamous: SS) There's different 'levels' to good and evil that's being represented. This means that players won't always be on one extreme (maintaining neutrality somewhat). In the image you can also see both birds (or feathers) in each box until there's only one in the last pair of boxes. This is what I would imagine the honor system to be like, having both good and evil qualities until one dominates the other. Which is better than the idea I initially had (being on one side or the other) and this will add neutrality into the mix. Each tier could include unique benefits, which makes it probable that players will stick with the 'in between' depending on their play style. If there were, let's say, three tiers of good/evil respectively, maybe it would be better to be 2/3 good and 1/3 evil to gain the benefit of that (specific) combination than being 3/3 good.
  4. Astrov

    The Honor System

    I was going to propose something like this. Unfortunately, there's not much information on the gameplay mechanics for me to make a list. But special skills, items, stats, etc. should definitely be a reward based on reputation. I may have oversimplified the good/evil concept a bit, what's your take on neutrality or 'in between' reps?
  5. Well, it's ludicrous if players will have the option to injure themselves to get a shiny new prosthetic hand. Perhaps in an emergency situation, players will have the chance to make a sacrifice to stay alive. This is especially true if their resurrection node is light years away. Then players can compare how much of themselves are synthetic, as a way of 'showing off' how many times they almost got killed. I wouldn't mind a few battle scars myself!
  6. If DU decides to add different playable species, they could all have distinct attributes and abilities (such as being tall or short and maybe gaining an advantage). Comrademoco, I really like your idea! I'll probably intentionally slice off a limb or two and get cyborg appendages haha. I'm expecting to have presets and 'scale-able' characters, so we won't have too many clones. A lot of plastic surgery will be happening.
  7. Resurrection Nodes should be equipped with 'charges' that are costly to forge, each time a death occurs one charge is used. If all of them are used, the next death that occurs has an item loss penalty. The loss penalty becomes more severe for a player each time they die after using up the charges. Charges are only use-able by the owner and cannot be traded or bought, but can be crafted. Or the charges could be free, but require a set amount of time to recharge and be used again in the Resurrection Node. I think bounty hunting is an interesting idea, but is only really useful when players can't easily resurrect or have a huge death penalty. Whoever the bounty is placed on shouldn't know about it initially, this makes it so the bounty hunter can back-stab the target with no early suspicion. It'll be fun to play an assassin role, infiltrating bases and what-not. A great idea for role players!
  8. I completely agree about the economy bit. For it to be constantly rotating, there should be a set durability on all items/tools/ship parts etc. and make them perishable. Regarding skills, I think DU should make it possible to learn skills of any role. This makes it possible for players to be an engineer and a medic, or whatever combination they see fit. Offline skill learning is a bonus! I think combat would be amazing with thousands of players clashing, like EVE. In general PvPvE is more appealing (to me) if it's done right. A one-man npc-army shouldn't be possible, as is an non-playable community or vice-versa because a mix of both will be more successful. Maybe include npc wildlife/natives but that's all I'd really do. The story-line should be a prologue to player stories, in which anyone can add to the book, and major player-driven events will be recorded in DU history (wars, economy collapses, country formations, inventions etc). For the social aspect, there will be people from all paths coming to enjoy the game, becoming diverse. So I can't predict how the mainstream community will be like. From similar games, though, I can safely assume they'll dive into every social feature available and even create their own (such as dating areas). I'm most excited about building. Using voxels, world creating will be precise, and every player can build something unique. This aspect has so much potential, and may very well be the most popular feature the game will have. There are many geniuses among us that I can't wait to see what they will make!
  9. Haha well, players will still have names. I'm not even sure what I was suggesting, since facial recognition would be more appropriate in real life than a game. But, what if you could snap a photo of yourself and have your character look exactly like you? That's neat.
  10. Astrov

    The Honor System

    The idea was already hinted around, namely by Astrophil in the guild concept thread, so I'm not taking credit because I've only organized it into a topic for more discussion. I think it's great that people are emphasizing on this concept, it's not necessarily "taking" it haha. As for services, perhaps if a player is evil enough they'll be able to become a mercenary for hire, which will be exclusive to that reputation. As will other things be exclusive, and many benefits/drawbacks depending what's on THS. I just haven't thought of exactly what they are.
  11. When reading this, I instantly thought of a game called Smite and its voice commands. http://smite.wikia.com/wiki/Voice_Commands On the wiki you can see phrases adjacent to letters such as V, VA, VAA and so on. You press the keys for whatever you're trying to communicate without having to type it out. It's a genius idea and saves a lot of time when communicating. As a player of that game and having used the commands myself, I've actually memorized most of the list and have no trouble thinking of which keys to press for what I want to say. The DU team can pre-record messages and have a system just like this. It will be even better with translations if you can't understand the other person, minimizing the language barrier. I can't believe I haven't thought of this in my voice communication post!
  12. Astrov

    The Honor System

    Hello everyone, I want to introduce a reputation system dubbed "The Honor System". It's a record of a player's prestige, fame, status, and reputation. Every player will be recorded in THS (unofficial term), and will be listed according to their social interactions. This may be because of their sincerity or insincerity, depends on each individual and how they want to be perceived. Let's imagine a scenario of a player committing vandalism, theft, and hostility within a community. Most likely they would get a negative reputation in the honor system and this will affect all their social interactions, maybe being denied certain services, while having access to services exclusive to that reputation. There will be two extremes, good and evil, very much like paragon and renegade in Mass Effect. I'm not sure if there will be a neutral status like paragade, so that's open for discussion. Players will also be able to gain status and become famous, whether it be by a "wanted" poster or otherwise. Ultimately becoming good or evil, depending on choices, and there will be benefits and consequences to both sides that I haven't thought out yet. I think this is perfect for any role-player out there!
  13. That's very interesting! It will certainly bring a sense of individuality into the game. However, I have to agree with Nyzaltar. Extra features and cosmetics should wait until after the initial release. I don't doubt this will be added though. Another thing; instead of identifying a player based on their username, it could be based on their character's face like a 'facial recognition' mechanism. Maybe that mechanism will be based on your actual face? I'm not too sure.
  14. Astrov

    Good day

    Hey there, and welcome! A trade federation sounds cool. I'm glad you've already found a passion for this game as well!
  15. It's amazing to see players already focusing on organizations, that's awesome. Welcome to the forums!
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