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Found 19 results

  1. As an November 2019 alpha backer I have watched and experienced the progression of this game and am disappointed with how it has been. The game has become a mine and grind game. Every aspect of gameplay relates to mining in one way or the other. With limited amounts of resources in the universe I've seen mass territory claiming with very little construction going on. Primarily the worlds are being eaten up for such a small amount of creations. The result is a universe full of drying planets with not so advanced civilization. Yes one could be pretty advance in their own organization or alliance
  2. PurplePanda’s Space/Construction Game list This list is being created for anyone who or wants some DU-ish games to play between tests or until DU releases. All of these have been chosen by me through “extensive” research that I did an hour ago, as well as some personal favorite of mine. Hope you enjoy some of these games, I think some of them are definitely worth a look! (Note all reviews will be from there Steam pages) Out Now Avorion - Early Access A procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships
  3. Currently, every planetary body with an atmosphere has the same blue color, same apparent density, and all have clouds. I've noticed that upon reading planet descriptions in the map, the actual appearance of planets are completely inaccurate. For example, Sinnen is described as "an empty and rocky hell" with "no atmosphere to speak of." In its icon on the map, it's shown as having an orange atmosphere. Yet in-game, it has a blue atmosphere with clouds. What? That's not right! From Lacobus' map description and icon, we can see that the planet is supposed to have liquid oceans coexis
  4. Anyone who has looked at the interactive 3D map of the Dual Universe system on the dual.sh website has probably noticed that the orbits of 3 of the planets are highly inclined relative to the plane of the ecliptic (the flat plane along which the other 9 planets orbit). By placing a protractor on top of a side view of the system, you can measure this inclination. It's a bit hard to eyeball it, but it looks to me like the orbits of Sicari and Sinnen are inclined by 44 degrees, Feli by 48 degrees and Jago by small amount, maybe 2 degrees. Compare this with our own Solar System, where the orbit of
  5. Now I know that we know VERY little about how weapons and pvp mechanics will work in the finished game, but that doesn't mean we can't make educated guesses about how battles will play out in the abstract. Here's my current idea about how things may work. My main idea revolves around the concept that there will likely be many "stages", or areas where a specific type of combat or ship is needed, in any battle. In a planetary battle, there would be 3 categories and 6 stages, outlined below: Category One: Space Stage One: Open/Deep space - Open space is (arbitrar
  6. I believe the devs have made comments about possibly adding more arkships to the game for players to be found in the future. These arkships would serve as spawnpoints for new players which would allow for a new player to forge their own way forward, rather than spawning in the middle of an already heavily developed planet/city. In between the 10,000 years from Sol being destroyed to the Novark landing on Alioth, there is quite a lot that could have occurred in the galaxy. One of these could have been a similar situation to earth, except with another alien civilization. These wouldn't have to b
  7. After just coming out of the shower, I have had an epiphany: Seismic and volcanic activity on planets. This feature would not be applied to all planets, as it may cause too much server stress. This engine would work similar to how tectonic plates work on earth, or the plates could be immobile and the only evidence that they exist is mountains and valleys. All of the plates on Earth are driven by one thing: magma. This magma could present on planets, with unique subcrustal temperatures varying greatly. This magma does not have to be fluid, but textured to look fluid. This would ensu
  8. Hello, I am german and can only in german explain what exactly I am thinking about. Sorry for not translating this post. (I try to find time to try to translate it) Ideen tauchen bei mir hier und da auf. Ich fange mal an, aber das wird noch erweitert und befindet sich nicht im Endstadium. 1. Planeten: a) Es gibt meistens Klasse M Planeten, wo eine Atmosphäre herrscht oder auch nur teilweise. Meine Idee wäre nicht einen ganzen Planeten darzustellen, sondern einen zerbröckelten, gespaltenen und durcheinander gebrachten Planeten in Einzelteilen zu erstellen, so wie ma
  9. We should have the ability to terraform planets. There should be terraforming elements varying in effectiveness. The more efficient ones should cost more units than the one that would be less efficient.
  10. So from the previous videos DU Devs have posted it appears that the current system of claiming will be on hexagonal tiles and dependent on territory units--which are to be expensive. My idea is that what if the system worked like this: A claim possess one central beacon/territory unit which is extremely resource heavy but still feasible, with it you can build on adjacent tiles less expensive territory units; the catch would be that to build more adjacent territory units you must upgrade the central unit--which cannot be done indefinitely. Secondly, if a central unit is hacked/destr
  11. Planets won't revolve around their parent celestial body as far as we know but are we going to have moons of planets and maybe planetary rings? If so, they should revolve around their parent celestial body since they have relatively short revolution times.
  12. How about most planets will be barren/toxic/uninhabitable and you'd have to place biospheres, re-stabilize its magnetic force-field, and make transfer harmful materials? Lets say you landed on a harmful planet but full of materials. Your AI suggests that the soil is ready for growing planets and rich in nutrients. You place a biosphere and create a magnetic forcefield that blocks solarflares from damaging the plants inside. After you see that the planets are growing giantly, you call your alliance to suggest terraforming this planet. The alliance agrees and starts funding materials so the pla
  13. Alright we are going to endlessly generated planets and star systems to be discovered, and we are going to need to name them, Now its not like we can just let anyone who meanders around into a system/planet get to name it. Here are a few possibilities. Who ever finds it, names it. : : This is a terrible Idea because we will likely end up with a lot of terrible named systems/planets that are simply trying to be named inappropriate things and done stupidly without thought. The first to place a territorial claim unit gets to name it. : : This is a better solution allowing organizations to have
  14. Clearly orbital mechanics is a challenge. Making planets orbit the sun and rotate adds several vectors to the players, ships and everything that must be tracked and adjusted for. I can see two possible solutions, one easy one hard: Daily Update: Once a day at a predictable time everything is moved together, with a planetary bounding box being used; the box would be 1 or 2 planetary diameters and it would be moved 1 or 2 degrees around the sun. Note if the sun is orbiting the planets, the easy option, this is really a change of angles of all of the worlds to each other while either maintain
  15. After beeing stunned by last presentation video there are still some little gameplay details that bother. The planets atmosphere thickness is for me (at the present moment of the demonstrations) a lot too thin, and seeing mountains top reaching the space, or a ship quiting the surface of a planet in 10 seconds, breaks the height realism and the inimaginable infinity of the voide. I "personnally" think the atmosphere thickness is a very exiting moment when you get through it, from both sides Either from a planet where you switch from the palpable to the intangible Or from that lit
  16. I m opening this topic to share a global game structure point of view that i think will make the difference with other similar games, going point by point through the different game mechanics. First of all this game appear to be the greatest of all, maybe because its unfinished yet and not full of promisses, that allow us to still make dreams about it, far from founded and unfounded critics. (I think we all waited No Mans Sky and been extremly disapointed) - First point will be the "sandbox" term i would like to review: As few of us might probably know and played, but one, and p
  17. I hope large scale industry will be able to harm the ecosystem of a planet. This mechanic would be able to hold back players from building huge industrial complexes. But i know a lot of players completely ignores the look of the landscape so there should be negative effects on Industrial wastelands like toxic air, undrinkable water, no food source ect. This would lead to a Galactic Greenpeace faction on the other hand. What do you think about this topic?
  18. So say, you and a group become large enough to colonize a planet. You're also going to be big enough to notice, especially if your planet or territory falls strategically. I would enjoy seeing the ability to construct limited range shield 'domes' on planets, that protect you from external/orbital bombardment for a limited damage or duration. These generators would be fueled by 'x item'. If they run out of fuel, they go down. This does a couple of things over all. It allows people to have a comfort blanket above them for installations on a planetary surface and forces, possible ground assault
  19. If it took 10,000 years to find a habitable planet, that would be that earth like planets are very rare. That being said, one the main concepts of this game is exploration and colonization. If players are to colonize other planets, how many of those planets will be earth like? How many different planet types will there be? How far out will each planet be from each other for each solar system?
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