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  1. Thank you, JC, for bringing this idea to the table. Thank you, NQ, for bringing it to life! Every gamer has dreamt of such a game, and you lads are giving it to us! Thank you also, for answering our questions, for taking note of our ideas, and for just being all round lads!
  2. While it's unlikely for sentient alien races to be added as a playable or interactable race as said by the devs, It's a nice idea. Given that the short story written for DU features an intelligent alien race that communicates with the main character of the story. However, it has already been said that the only 'alien' races will likely be simple wildlife to populate the planets and add depth to the otherwise full of life but lifeless planets. Even that is planned for later down the line.
  3. If the developers managed to: (1) create an algorithm that scales the required amount of resources and components to create the desired element, (2) Create scalable textures and meshes for each element, or an automatic process that does it for them (I've seen it done before) and finally, (3) balance out the stats such as damage and defense via either manual testing or an automatic alorithm such as the one from (1), this could easily possible. I'd imagine it's easier said then done, and there's probably more to it, but hey, it's a totally boss idea.
  4. In the Kickstarter video, JC mentioned that Lua scripts would be client side only. While I agree with the idea, will it be possible if scripts are only client side?
  5. This is actually a really good idea. Having the ability to scale let's say, an engine, would result in a less powerful engine, but a smaller engine! It makes perfect sense and is highly possible (I think) This would allow for tiny drones and probes that could act as sentries, scouts, and so on! Great thinking, Wicpar.
  6. I'm sorry to hear you are having no luck. Good luck to you in any case.
  7. We already know that the Alpha Team Members will begin their journey on the first Arcship that lands. (The one from the short story) From there onwards, I'm pretty sure all other players start from the same place too, until it makes sense for new players to spawn from other Arcships. The devs could include a challenge such as leaving it up to us players to discover new Arcships. Once discovered, new players could choose to spawn there instead of the first Arcship to land. Then there's always the idea that crashed Arcships could contain plenty rare and/or powerful loot.
  8. Lua is something I plan on learning. Finally, I can learn code while doing something I enjoy. (Thanks to Dual Universe) In the past, I've always gotten bored and left it be because it was just so damn tedious to learn code on your own.
  9. It's not uncommon for there to be different 'branches' of research in games like DU. We'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Tell that to the people who created No Man's Sky and Space Engineers. If people mastered it 4 years ago, then why has it only emerged now? Why has this idea of a game such as DU only been possible now? The only people who tried to develop this kind of game so far as since then failed.
  11. Wait, we weren't on a budget to begin with? Damn! I could have.. I could have...! Yeah... I plan on pledging as much as I can manage. For now, it's saving time. Also, welcome to the forums, buddy!
  12. Well, it could be the obvious reason, in which you have forgotten your password and/or are typing in the wrong password. An easy solution to this would be to recover it via your email address (The one you used to sign up to the forums) By the way, welcome to the forums!
  13. The game engine Dual Universe is using (Or is it the scripting language Lua? Not sure..) allows for moving parts and physics. So, there is no doubt it is possible for rotors and such to become a thing in the (probably far) future. The question is whether or not the devs will look into it, which I suspect they already have and have either set the idea aside for now, or canned it all together.
  14. Uhhhhh I think you missed the memo. This is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Sandbox Game. Not a Zombie Survival >.> Most gamers these days (Myself included when they don't run through walls cough DayZ) enjoy a good survival game about zombies. However, this game is not about zombies. It's about rebuilding civilization. Even if you could add zombies into the game while keeping to lore, what's the point? What purpose would they serve? They would only be there just because.
  15. Dominar


    Wait, Aliens? Nano Skin? Red marks after abduction? What the heck are you people smoking
  16. Tiers... That's good thinking. ("We need Fe3 (Fe is Iron on the periodic table) to create this core. However, to reach the moon this resource resides on, we need Fe2 to build the engines, and Fe to develop the tools required to gather both") This makes a lot of sense. I hope the developers consider it. Props to you, @MadOverlord.
  17. Perhaps. effortNot a bad idea, actually. However, will it be worth it in the long run? Will the time, resources, and effort needed to develop this feature be worth it? I doubt I'll use it very much. Perhaps for the first few weeks after release, until my patients run dry and I skip the details. I'm quite happy with 25cm voxels.
  18. Planets in Dual Universe are nowhere near life-sized. They are, however, bigger then Space Engineers's planets. In comparison, they are smaller then our moon.
  19. You also have to keep in mind what Dual Universe is. It's an online MMO Sandbox hosted on a single server. I'm pretty sure they did the best they can.
  20. That would be cool. SAO for life- I mean, that would be absolutely terrible.
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