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  1. And if player logs of normaly (without combat) does the ship vanish? Even if it is multicrew? And will the buildings on planets (which you builded) vanish as well?
  2. Yeah , and about that making hole around you when you are away... I think it is easier to kill and loot you on spot.. And if there really is joker like that... I would expect option for suicide ==> respawn at nearest "ressurection node" It isn´t minecraft , your either make save place to log out, return to arc ship - OR DIE!
  3. When you log out of game your character drops on floor, when you are in bed or cryochamber it of course stayes there , maybe adding slight buffes from bed/cryochamber sleeping or slight debufs after floor sleeping just to direct players to bed/cryo... (less technicly demanding) About stealing ships... it has to be considered what happends to ship when you leave.. What I would like is something like in Star Citizen ,where the ship remains on spot and lowers emissions so it is hard to detect... If you dont stumble over it - you wont find it Or if you want, i could activate autopilot...
  4. Plz excuse my (bad) english There is might a possible middle way Depends on how will the tech(tree?) work and how advanced will we be at start The probably most difficult option would be to Make space flight and launches decreasingly difficult , starting almost at KSP level (orbiting would be needed to get somewhere , also space flights would take long time and launching and maintaining would be very expensive ) and as we find better technogies and fuels space flights would be getting less costly until it would be attainable for average individuals About the tech (tree) I imagine Star
  5. Sorry in this was already mentioned , didn´t see it Plz excuse my (bad) english ​ ​A very basic and important question is What happends when you leave? I only few possible options - none is perfect If you know of other options pls comment them below 1) What happends to your character when you log off? 1.1 Character vanishes - Usual in games 1.2 Character goes to sleep/equivalent - you will need bed/cryocapsules on ships(At least on long flights) - you will also have to make shelter or go back on arc ship (At sta
  6. Sorry if this was already mentioned , didn ´t see it Also plz excuse my (bad) english How about enviromental hazars? Can I just let ship fly through unexplored space and go AFK? Do I have to be always on edge? What can we expect? Asteriod storms? Radiation? Hull-eating gases? Hostile drones/stations left by extinct civilizations? And what on planets? Weather? Diseases? Radiation? Fauna?
  7. Sorry if this was mentioned already, I could not find it Also plz excuse my bad english I wonder how complicated building is aimed for. From trailer it seems as pretty much better starmade - as easy as possible Just place ftat platform cocpit in front,reactor behind it , a bit armor aroud it , thruster in every direction - 2 forvard and upward and u have basic ship.Maybe you add a small space for cargo. For me it just seems a little too shoddy - I´m not saying(writing) that it should be hardcore and would have to sit hours planning it, but when u pile up few componets and hope it will
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