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  1. Is there a guide out there that explains how to move industry? For example, if I want to pick up and move to another place with the static cores I have in place, How could I do this with ease. If this has been brought up before I apologize.
  2. @WildChild85 Where did you get your numbers? From what I hear they are grossly inflated. It sounds more like a post by a victim then it does a concerned citizen. Also to call for a ban to a large clan in beta is purely an emotional decision on your part. If this was the actual release, I would agree with you but what happens in beta stays in beta in any game genre. I have participated in Alpha's and beta's for over four decades and if this is the worse you have seen to call for a ban then you really need to play more games in these stages. But, you are allowed to have an opinion just like ever
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