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  1. Well, experienced that..from the other side. And you're right.. it's easy enough to 'dodge a gank' by just tapping or stay max 30 mins..and that's the exact reason why this gameplay was bad. There was no risk..you exactly knew whats coming. What we will get now is real risk vs reward..where you might risk to stay longer..with the increasing risk of encounter a random patrol. But i understand why you're pissed...you're used to a broken game mechanic that allowed pvpers to gank and controll 99% of pvp space resources from a gui list, and i assume you liked that a lot. It can hurt getting something taken away..get over it and see it as what it is, a fix to improve the game..even if it comes very late
  2. Because a crosshair on your ass as soon as you touch an asteroid is nowhere close to 'risk vs reward'. That mechanic was purely designed to cater gankers with quick nobrainer prey..and it's good and healthy for the game that this crap will be gone soon. Wan't to gank or controll all pvp space resources?..work for it..
  3. If NQ does not rethink implemented systems and fix broken / un-fun mechanics, there is just no use for a wipe. Seeing that NQ heads to a release of the status quo is for me kind of expected but also crush the last hope for DU. I don't see how DU shall be sustainable with afk/offline mechanics, broken economy, lack of fun and motivating game mechanics. Even with a release wipe, loads of advertisements and huge influx of new players..the game will converge fast with the status we have now. I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong by time, but i think is will be the coffin nail for DU 😒
  4. 2: SCHEMATICS Schematics ain't inherently bad..they just should not be a bot sold item. Make them arise from PVE discovery and/or through science/engineering. The 1% schems not being fixed is one of many issues that makes a wipe unavoidable. If NQ was serious about the no-wipe promise, they should have acted in time on exploits/bugs, e.g. with rollbacks. The aftermath of all that crap has manifested and multiplied over time and is not fixable IMO. 4: EXPLORATION We could have had at leas asteroids here by now. Yet NQ decided to make DSAT into an omnipotent magic device that knows about all asteroids, put them in a list and communicate FTL to everybody as soon anybody touches one of them. In the process of putting the least possible dev time into DSAT and delivering the most boring player experience with that, NQ managed to deraile economy further into fubar territory. Just one more reason why mechanics need to be fixed and a wipe is needed for release. 5: MINING See point 4. Fix DSAT. 6: INDUSTRY I don't think there's something inherently wrong with industry. 7: EVENTS Events should be largely player driven i guess. 1: WIPE Simple. Unavoidable at this point. Keep (regular) blueprints, XP, maybe thoramine to keep the crying to a minimum..purge all the rest. This of course after things are fixed and there must be a procedure and clear guideline for rollbacks in place to be able to handle future exploits. (Regular DB snapshots, pre-patch DB snapshots.
  5. I mainly think of it as ship to space station / base. Imagine e.g. a ringstation where shuttles and freighters are not randomly cluttered, but on defined docking ports..allowing them to load off cargo and refill trough the docking element. With that mechanics in place it could also be used within a hangar as pure matertial port.
  6. Dear NQ team, as the new docking mechanics are on its way i want to bring attention to an possible new element that brings docking to the next level and probably many players would welcome. A element dedicated for construct docking, similar to an RL airlock. Features of that element could be.. - Two elements would dock face to face - ..result in a defined position of the docked constructs - Allowes passengers to pass through - Acts as material/fuel port - Possibility to control docking, undocking, transfer of materials / fuels via API - Enable docking of cores of equal size (L:L, M:M, ...), but break on movement The mechanics around such an element would greatly benefit the experience and immersion.
  7. It's a game. If you feel like you wasted thousands of hours you should maybe not play the game at all at this point. Go outside, have a good time and come back for the release. ?
  8. Keeping talent points is only fair. I'd be sad tho to see underground mining go. It kinda feels relevant to me for the immersion of the game.
  9. As said..the game mechanics need to be fixed first. Any wipe before makes as you say no sense at all. I'm aware that there will be loud crying of ppl that are afraid of having 'wasted' their time playing a game. But i guess the majority of those are the ones whom hoped to throw loads of money early at NQ, now sitting on their fowl money from flawed game mechanics hoping to dominate new players on release. I think it's also in NQs interest to address that issue.
  10. That's the point..if you just respawn everything after an wipe..you don't need an wipe. Ppl will just place all their ressources on cores, hoping for the 'magical' blueprint..nothing gained.
  11. I have the strong feeling, that if you realy wanted to avoid a wipe, even a partial one.. you should have (re)acted accordingly to the bugs/ flawed mechanics you introduced over the time. E.g. giving away schematics for a tiny fraction of their price..and now you probably even 'compensate' the abuser, making them provit twice. You could have done a rollback to an earlier backup immediately. (i hope there are backups at all..) Or the mechanic that chars can use infinite territory scanners simultaniously, enabling orgs to scan and claim whole moons in short time. There should be a limit, probably skillable to an higher ammount of scanners..like 6-9..IMO. But overall the existing world now just leaves the taste of growing imbalance. I know that the no-wipe-promise is still high valued at NQ, but i honestly dont see how you want to correct the 'system' in a meaningfull fair way..specially for player that come way later, if you aim for a release mid 2022, and all they'll find claimed tiles and billionaires. On a side note..i don't feel that mining units will do any good to that situation.
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