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  1. It's a game. If you feel like you wasted thousands of hours you should maybe not play the game at all at this point. Go outside, have a good time and come back for the release. 🙃
  2. Keeping talent points is only fair. I'd be sad tho to see underground mining go. It kinda feels relevant to me for the immersion of the game.
  3. As said..the game mechanics need to be fixed first. Any wipe before makes as you say no sense at all. I'm aware that there will be loud crying of ppl that are afraid of having 'wasted' their time playing a game. But i guess the majority of those are the ones whom hoped to throw loads of money early at NQ, now sitting on their fowl money from flawed game mechanics hoping to dominate new players on release. I think it's also in NQs interest to address that issue.
  4. That's the point..if you just respawn everything after an wipe..you don't need an wipe. Ppl will just place all their ressources on cores, hoping for the 'magical' blueprint..nothing gained.
  5. I have the strong feeling, that if you realy wanted to avoid a wipe, even a partial one.. you should have (re)acted accordingly to the bugs/ flawed mechanics you introduced over the time. E.g. giving away schematics for a tiny fraction of their price..and now you probably even 'compensate' the abuser, making them provit twice. You could have done a rollback to an earlier backup immediately. (i hope there are backups at all..) Or the mechanic that chars can use infinite territory scanners simultaniously, enabling orgs to scan and claim whole moons in short time. There should be a limi
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