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  1. discordauth:tX0GaCLkrVp4egcRP3_rU4mZ75I7QxC58sLDDYTN6lM=

  2. Yeah I did login, because otherwise I cant get to my profile where I click "upgrade pledge". Thanks for the tips anyway, I will try to login and logout again.
  3. Hi I bought a contributer package in April, and now I want to upgrade my pledge but doing so adds the full price, I suppose this is not the intended behavior and therefor I require help with this problem. Yours sincerely, Nick.
  4. Hey people, I am new here but I've been hyped for this game for way over a year now and cannot wait for it to be released. This is most likely the most anticipated game for me in my whole 28 years life. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi! yours sincerely, Nick
  5. discordauth:tX0GaCLkrVp4egcRP3_rU4mZ75I7QxC58sLDDYTN6lM=

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