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  1. Venstix

    Persistent Players

    First two scenarios are products of retarded players over retarded programming. Definitely not going to happen. Then the "forced to login from a specific point: He has to log off. He now has to spend many hours traveling all the way back. " didn't made sense. Then again the last sentence didn't make sense, So you are not answering as to why safe rooms to log off would be useless, on the contrary, because if player stays in world, you'd better be safe to make sure to find your stuff back upon reconnecting. So in no way does it takes the immersion away… You are also not answering as to how could active players protect you while they are busy operating away for mining / production / exploration / war. So i guess you just didn't read and didn't understood that everyone here asks for persistence.
  2. Venstix

    Will buildings have a decay time?

    I've been trying to answer this, and the further i replied the further it became obvious to me that it's a tricky part because you need to make sense out of every mechanic without them getting actually boring. Most holisitic solution i came upon was this: Maintenance variables on a core should be payed with minimalistic fraction of (elements (those of the core i.e.) + honeycomb material used), add to that a fraction of what's needed for the other elements one adds to it of course. Ownership variables should be payed with Quantas, same as the fee in the market. Amongst the variables that scales the cost, we should find at least: - Size of the Core - Fullfilling of the core (Nb of elements in it, Tier of elements, Nb of Voxels, Nature of Voxels) - Is the core sitting on a bigger core, if so who's core is it - Is the core sitting on a claimed tile, if so who's tile is it Calculations of the relations between the two previous situations and RDMS system brings the ownership fee. Unclaimed territory still requires maintenance items, no fees. Normally it should be at the discretion of the Tile Owner, which in turns with the income generated into either personnal/company profit (mining tiles i.e. ), or spend it to increase his tile infrastructures and networks, or buying guns or turrets whatever really… or just make a safe haven with about no "taxes" and just hopes everyone here is going to be ok with that. If one knows what he's doing regarding materials it's no problem to maintain a big core, if not one shouldn't be able to, (hereby probably pushing the market as people will want to buy stuff to store upkeep stack, hence the interest of grouping making it easier to maintain larger buildings/cities with more population) Then again if you want to leave somewhere that in itself brings more opportunities, the Quanta Fee should be a bit higher as to discourage wanderers from sticking by without helping improving the place (at least participating in it) Now these are just thoughts, it's not necessarily the best implementation ever, we just need Something that makes sense, if anybody can fulfill/shift that system so it fits better, go on bois, let's DU this!!! Edit: So when the upkeep with materials end, the elements should start to take damages , as should the voxels but this is another story for we can repair elements with scraps, but the voxels are not already implemented as to be destructible. When the Quanta upkeep ends, what's happening? That i Don't know yet, to be continued….
  3. Venstix

    Element Sizes

    Well, in terms of gameplay not knowing the size of the elements gives a Reason for galleries of manufacturers to pop, sayin "you want this or that? Here we can do this for a small fee" which in term favors the fullfilling of the market… not sure if intended or just lacking infos, but… who knows?
  4. Venstix

    Nuclear Weapons and Player Experience

    … Is it possible to forget to bring cancer in this software? that would be awesome...
  5. Venstix

    Persistent Players

    How would locking yourself up before logging off would take immersion away? How could active players defend you if you are just sleeping in the hall and an enemy breaks in? Not sure what you meant here please explain.
  6. Venstix

    Persistent Players

    What we need to understand before processing the AI idea is : Havin an AI controlling your character means constantly heavier server load, They are not going to make mining automatable, Selling stuff offline means botting the market If they are not able to defend properly and the AI goes statistics for defense solving, it's going to put people in trouble, or force them to leave base to disconnect. Not saying these issues can't be limited/configured... Now to get specific on the issue of persistence, you could have like a "pod" to sleep in, where no one can loot or kill you unless they destroy said "pod", the character just sleeps on the ground otherwise, or any place (ships, roofs, whatever). Shouldn't be able to sleep underwater/floating in space tho... For now i'm about sure it's not priority, gameplay wise i think it's an interesting matter, why making rooms/safeplaces if you can just pop in and out? where the subject is the most sensitive is about higher tier stuff... should you be able to log off and disappear with these, and then having the issue of safe transportation in dangerous conditions unbalancing the game?? Can't see anything about this in the Trello. Ideas?
  7. Venstix

    NPC crews for space utilization & immersion.

    Isn't the goal of the game to gather real people instead of displaying fake ones?
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