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  1. Concluding that this (2 star system launch strategy) is what NQ will do is of course a stretch. Recognising that NQ have now confirmed that it is technically/financially a viable option, however, is perfectly derivable from the "podcast". Though I am always happy to think of summer 🙂
  2. Too strong a response - I was not trolling. Previously many people (including those in this thread) have dismissed the "second star system" launch/wipe option as not technically (or financially) feasible without major effort from NQ, and thereby removing it from contention as a launch/wipe option. (This option allows for simultaneously wipe and no wipe depending on what each individual player prefers, and so is a strong option for this reason. There are down sides as well, ofc.) This Ask Aphelia response by NQ was therefore very informative (again despite claims by some in this thread) in making it clear that this is actually a viable option for launch. (Yes my "no wipe confirmed" statement was obviously me having fun, and a joke. But the rest of the message was on point.)
  3. Erm - safe zones around planets (outside of the central safe zone) were always intended as temporary ... so this response seems a leap too far. (Yes I know that everything outside of Sanctuary(+Haven) was intended to be a non-safe zone originally, but that will not change now.)
  4. Second star system is confirmed as feasible (despite many people here claiming otherwise) - so new system for new start players; old players have the option to remain in Helios with all of their stuff - NO WIPE CONFIRMED (unless you want one)!
  5. Yes of course, but we can tease NQ about it in the meantime 🙂
  6. Constructs with containers will survive the wipe! NQ is busted 🙂
  7. Just change the Opening Post to say "I predict launch announcement today" and update it every day for 5 months? Not sure what the point of this thread is otherwise 🙂
  8. So the community is just making up problems now?
  9. At some point, if you keep taking away player agency, there will be no game left for people to play.
  10. "it's complicated" If you're a subscription beta key player you'll have lost most things that weren't on Sanctuary. If you're a free-beta-key player you should still have all dynamic constructs and up to 5 territory (personally owned) tiles on planets with static constructs on it. (Org owned tiles will be gone.) Outside of these tiles you will have lost your tiles and any constructs on them. Space constructs should still be ok. Everything on Sanctuary will still be ok.
  11. If they placed the alien cores broadly equally around Helios, then simply created an F4 map colouring that changed to an Org/Alliances colour on the system map when the alien core was owned, then there would be a simple way for territory to be "owned", as well as systems being "owned" if you have all/majority of the territories in a system. This uses existing alien core tech, but gives map painter orgs something to aim for, with minimal effort for NQ.
  12. My gameplay loop was to gradually build up my factory and ore stockpile, so that come launch, I could actually focus on playing the game rather than playing grind-the-resources. Now with the fantastic news that this has very likely been a colossal waste of time (wipe), I am not really playing at all as there is no point. The question as to whether there's a point to repeating my previous grind post launch is also a good one. 😞
  13. You can't allow travel between them as NQ aren't going to invest time and money (they have neither) on creating a mechanism and building systems to allow only some things to move between them. You're far better off (as has been discussed many, many times previously) just having 2 systems very far apart that allows people to travel between them if they choose to fly for 12 months at max speed. People who want to wipe/restart go to the new system with whatever setup, people who don't stay in Helios. You're allowed to VR anywhere (to keep the playerbase together), but can't transfer money to any entity in the new system, unless you 12-month slowboat it there. Then at the end of the first year there is an event to build stargates between the two systems with the old system paying the most. After this, they are joined and connected populations again. There are posts on this elsewhere in these forums.
  14. Suspect Bobbie was being funny. (And suggesting this as a topic for the podcast, which it is a good one.)
  15. Indeed, it was a pretty obvious joke. But it did give @NQ-Nyzalter the opportunity to provide the response that was needed here.
  16. I think the best way to solve your problem is to post it on a public discussion board.
  17. If alienated, I will certainly pay 1 month subs to pass my 12 DACs to someone to keep the debt alive 😜
  18. Had exactly the same experience with the final link. The issue stems from the fact that the machine is running the recipe before the last link is made. If you stop the machine (takes an age too) and then put the last link down before restarting the machine, it works ok. But yes there's something wrong here that needs fixing.
  19. Patience young padawan. NQ clearly aren't in a position to say any more right now, so people getting frustrated and nagging on the forums won't make anything happen any faster. For the AvA/DAC/wipe discussion - I think we've had the wipe "devblog" discussion already: NQ brought it forward early - this thread (and probably in more detail than they originally intended).
  20. Its almost as if you hadn't spent any time reading the well reasoned arguments for no- or partial-wipe in this thread (in addition to full-wipe) that have discussed exactly these things, and decided to state your own fixed opinion repeatedly, just based on "because I think so". Really the situation is much more nuanced than you imply, regardless of which way NQ decide to go.
  21. When enough people have come to make this link (and very many people have), then it becomes a real and actual thing for the business to deal with, regardless of whether they (or anyone else) understand where it comes from.
  22. Replying to a bait posting, I should know better 🙂 But for me, no I'm not looking forward to it. For me the game is the things that I do once I have gotten myself to a place where I have enough quanta and materials to be able to do things, without having to worry about where the quanta/materials to do it are going to come from. Getting the materials for me is the chore I need to do in order to be able to play the game. Each time a major gameplay change comes, I need to spend time adapting to that (more chore), before I can settle in again to play. I'm just about over Demeter. So do I want to repeat the grind process again over another year (I play slowly), just so that I can get to where I am now to let me actually (gasp) play the game? Absolutely not.
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