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  1. >Be me, a Helghast fan >Finds an org in DU named the Helghast >Decides to play as a fictional faction, heck yes >Stares at group with their own lore and background >Accuse them of stealing propaganda posters when your org takes its entire being from a faction from another game >mfw
  2. Bump: Don't be shy, join us in our discord and check us out if you are interested!
  3. Hey Dorn, good to see you again :D

    1. Teragrithious


      Greetings, phallic individual. It is I, Rogal Dorn.

    2. Echiron


      You dont recognise me? Your brother, Alpharius? 

  4. Bump: Don't be shy! If you are interested in joining us, hop into our discord or DM me at [DSI] Teragrithious#5477 ! Brought to you by an official DSI Recruiter
  5. discordauth:TEAapRNCfpNOk455ZRTJ7_eVu4Hb1Ct440RzcQ2nbJc=

  6. Hey guys, im posting this to prove i am real. I am excited to finally join the DU Community and i cannot wait to become a part of this adventure, as this seems to be my dream game.
  7. discordauth:TEAapRNCfpNOk455ZRTJ7_eVu4Hb1Ct440RzcQ2nbJc=

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