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  1. PvP needs to be in the game at the end of development. This is mainly due to how the devs have set up the game to run itself with the no-kill zone at the start and defendable territories on planets. Having no PvP before the launch of the game might be good to build up the civilizations, But, there are parts of this game that rely on the PvP to make it enjoyable and provide content for its players. Plus it would be pretty cool to see a universe start to populate even with global crisis forming and wars raging on, could give the start a bit of an apocalypse vibe.
  2. I agree, having no punishments can cause a big difference in behavior of some people when they play games like this. I do believe though, that in DU there is still punishment. The people who have this behavior (going round eliminating people) are most likely going to be targeted and regarded as high-value targets by governments in colonies or large planet civilizations or even bounty hunters seeking a profit. This will discourage them to commit their crimes as they will gain a very high reputation, which if you are a pirate or murderer, will only result in the destruction of their possessions (ships, possessions on the character). This alone is a big punishment because it is apparent that ships are VERY costly to produce not to mention that you will maintain your rep even after death. So I'm pretty sure people preying on other players isn't going to be a big issue, you might have the occasional encounter with a person who is bent on destruction but life is full of unexpected encounters, and that is something that we will have to just accept as this game makes up for this problem in so many other areas. I haven't had the opportunity to experience this game yet but from what I have seen the devs have thought thoroughly about how everything from the RP side to game mechanics is going to work. Hopefully, they reach the full potential of this game and make a space MMO like nothing ever seen before.
  3. I just cant wait for the NDA to be lifted so I can finally know about everything this game has to offer
  4. Not sure How this all works. all the posts I make are hidden
  5. I'm so excited for this game, it has been on my radar for a while and only recently I have decided to investigate. What I have seen so far is something I'm going to be heavily addicted to
  6. unfortunately for you, I have taken the lead
  7. I completely agree with you here. For this game to succeed in city development and trade, common goods need to be available for purchase. Food, Water, and other daily requirements are what helps the economy and without the exchange of resources the daily life aspect of this game will become boring and players will be more driven to either be pirates, military, miners or other professions currently in the game. Power also will influence how the economy runs in governments as to produce power manpower is mostly needed (maintainment of power producers) giving people a job. also the power producers need materials in order to be built. I probably have said a few things that are wrong because I have a headache at the moment. But I can't stop myself from writing about the potential this game has.
  8. I think that ship theiving, although a shitty and annoying aspect to the victim could cause the formation of new professions. If there was a mass ship stealer the victims of the thiefs crimes would want justice, they could contact a bounty hunter or contact space police, who then contact bounty hunters if the job is too small or too large. If that criminal was to constantly steal ships they would be in a lot of trouble because they will possibly be on a hit list or wanted by a government. This game is going to be very in-depth and interesting If things like this exist because of new business opportunities that form from crime.
  9. I reckon having automatic thrust stabilization should be something the players have to invent and produce instead of being something already implemented into the game. This could give more incentive for people who want to sell their ships to make more advanced, interesting and convenient systems. I really Love the direction this game is heading mainly due to the focus on everything is player made. This can form some really amazing game experiences as you could have companies making things that others cant therefore forming a purpose for currency.
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