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  1. PauMS0418

    City Core

    I just tought we could deployed "City Core" as a town plan grid in order to ease space managment. It could fill an entire tile AND also : - allow the deployment of advanced organisation technogies (example : protection dome) - give some bonuses (example : defenses when ground pvp will be implemented) - bonuses could be boosted for each adjacent city core - many complementary features could be imagined (and developed if dev team is ok).
  2. Does the jetpack required fuel to run now or ?
  3. Basically, all the cores offer a cubic construction grid ... But only a few players wanna build cubes ... Some will prefer to stack core vertically to build high building (as space elevators). Some other will prefer to stack core horizontally to build long building (as landing runway). But no one will use all the cubic volume of the actual building grid. Sometimes not even half... Imagine that on dozens of cores. What a waste of space and resources when we could be satisfied with 1 or 2 cores instead of ten or more! So, It could be very great
  4. U'r right about the exceptional parts 'cell' position in the diagram! it can be confusing. Sooo, I will modify it in the next update ! I will correct the spelling of "functional" too.
  5. Well, To answer your question, it highlights the different stages of production and the production links between the different categories of items. Information which is not well defined in the game and which, given the complexity of the industry in DU, requires a certain assimilation time. The purpose of this diagram is to give an overview of the industry at a glance for ease of understanding. If you haven't understood it, surely my diagram isn't explicit enough ... To improeve that, I think to add to each category an icon of each machine used in the pr
  6. New lil upgrade to make the names more readable... Lemme know what's wrong or if u like !
  7. Hi y'all, DU players, NQ staff, visitors... Did you ever think to cooperate with your worst rivals ? A strange idea nah ? What if there was something far more important than grabbing a few kilo-tons of resources or playing the one with the biggest (ship) ? Something like, for example, the construction of stellar gates to travel from galaxies to galaxies, or the annihilation of a meteorite that would threaten to destroy Alioth, or again, the development of a terraforming technology (not the tool every player can already enjoy) to cre
  8. Small upgrade to improve the visibility of the production links between the different categories of items.
  9. Haiii y'all, dear Noveans, As an industrial in Dual Universe, I work (sometimes hard) on the optilmisation of my Industry (production capacity, processing time, occupied volume, etc.) in DU. To do this, I have to produce extra-game documents as an items data bank, a crafting calcultor, etc.. Some of them have ever been done by other players / organisations like Hyperion, dual.sh, etc. Brief ... Yesterday I lingered on the realization of a synthetic global diagram of the industry as you can see just below : I t
  10. discordauth:KBLDQCXNvwctGgWVKe9ba3wKcxBLgzpwc-C3RnYVz7o=

  11. Salut à tous les francophones, ? Oui, ce message s'adresse aux personnes parlant français Et à fortiori, intéressés pour créer un serveur Discord Francophone pour regrouper la communauté francophone... Ceci dans le but de jouer ensemble, faire connaitre le jeu, partager nos "tips and tricks", proposer des guides, créer une organisation FR in game, etc. Il est possible que cela existe déjà mais malgré plusieurs recherches, je n'ai rien trouvé.. Alors si vous êtes intéressé ou si vous avez déjà une communauté / organisation ouverte, je suis t
  12. En voyant le travail que réalise la team Novaquark je regrette pas d'avoir backé et je suis de plus en plus impatient de tester Dual Universe...
  13. PauMS0418

    FR ?

    Salut nystos, Je suis un peu perplexe sur ce manque de communication en français de la part d'une boîte française. Mais comme l'a souligné kurosawa, le public est majoritairement anglophone.. Ayant déjà demandé plus de com en fr lors de la campagne Kickstarter, je peux te dire que la priorité reste et restera probablement encore un bon moment là langue anglaise. Bref, la vidéo qu'a partagé ATMLVE est très intéressante et en français ! Alors profites-en. Et si t'es vraiment curieux une chaîne YouTube à publiée un interview en français de Jc Baille: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6nm
  14. Someone said me "If they cannot speak english, they will adapt and learn." when I asked for a french version of the forum for the french community.. Should I return this stupid answer?! Of course no. I'm not an asshole! But sorry, i'm not bilingual and translating a speech of almost an hour and a half might require to me too much effort and time. I hope someone will be good enought for that, because this is very interesting ! And, sincerly thank u for sharing this video.
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