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  1. Speaking of death of ore market, has anyone had issues trying to sell ore? \I often have a situation where even though I have 10k of Txxx ore in my ACTIVE container I am unable to create a sell order. The "amount" shows zero. This game has sapped my confidence. I no longer know whether NQ are being NQ or I'm having a stroke and am doing something wrong. This game is like the C++ version of Gaslighting.
  2. Playing this game since first alpha is like being that jaded barman who watches all the fresh young ladies turn up at the bar giddy with hope of finding their “man”… Five Jack Daniels and Rufie later and he knows exactly how their “romance” is going to end. So he sighs and just polishes another glass, trying to turn a blind eye to the emotional carnage and heartache.
  3. It was until you specifically made a statement which I felt was misleading, or just wrong.
  4. So not influenced by schematics, then.
  5. 1000 hours since release? it was released about 60 days ago. So you’ve played about 16.7 hours per day on average. Holy moly…. And I though *I* was an addicted to this dumpster fire.
  6. I had this happen occasionally before the “release” it was terrible on my ships with transparent screens for windshields. they would go opaque white. Lol. not to conducive to flying. they just tended to fix themselves after a few days. Never did figure out why.
  7. “I’ll get my coat” sometimes written as “I’ll get me coat” is a British euphemism for recognizing the futile / ironic nature of one’s own action or comment even while doing or making it. popularized on UK TV in the 90s by “The Fast Show” and later online in the early noughties by the likes of majority-British tech site, “The Register” and certain choice message boards. TLDR it means “tongue in cheek” or “in jest”… a joke. You can also use it as an alternative to “I effed up” or even “spoke at far too much length about something trivial and it’s likely that everyone is by now just staring at me as if that last line of Bolivian marching powder I snorted was a couple of inches too long.” Ahem.. I’ll get me coat.
  8. Just make it one mission package per ship limit and make it so you can’t dock a ship with a mission package, just like you can’t warp one. am I missing something?
  9. I thought I was going to have to reinstall the game but this morning I tried to install and both of them worked. It might be something funny going on with AWS here in Japan.
  10. I think the height restriction changes are a step in the right direction. Can no longer play the game unfortunately, since I cannot actually install it.. My game goes into an update game loop... click update game... click allow changes... installer disappears without even an error message. reload only to see the update game button again. FWIW, my machines are as follows, two similar : Windows 11 Pro 22H2. Gigabyte X570, 5900X, 64GB DDR, Zotac AMP RTX3080, Intel Optane 960GB + 2TB PCIE4 SSD. second PC,same thing. Windows 10 Pro 22H2. Gigabyte Z97 4770k, 32GGB DDR3, Zotac AMP GTX1080Ti, 1TB SATA SSD Prognosis; NQ's server load reduction protocol 100% operational.
  11. Landmark feature: Build height limit restrictions altered. Side features: Updated ingame credits. Blueprint error improvements. Bug fixes: Fixed a mining unit exploit.... i.e. fixed a mining unit BUG. A so-called exploit is just a bug that was being exploited. Fixed item duplication exploit.... i.e. fixed an item duplication BUG. A so-called exploit is just a bug that was being exploited. Greatly simplified delivery objective completion logic of Air Delivery Challenge and Space Delivery Challenge. Fixed multiple cases where objectives would not complete after transferring items into the final container. Fixed special Aphelia mission remaining time becoming negative. Placing an instant order puts the correct amount including taxes in the wallet log.
  12. Then I will say this, NQ-Deckard is a shining light in the darkness... I read his frank comments on Discord yesterday... Very welcome to see some real NQ discussion in the hitherto entirely one-sided discussion. He was right here on the frontlines, dealing with the disgruntled and the disappointed who have "invested" (a posh word for spent) hundreds of dollars on DU. I know I've spent about $400 or more, so far, on this game.
  13. Zero loss... The ideas section was where suggestions went to die, anyway. Like those catholic church Confessionaries we often see in movies, ("Forgive me father, for I have sinned") they are there purely just to help you get something off your chest rather than having an actual tangible effect on the person/game/world. You could probably count the number of suggestions that NQ actually implemented from that forum's multitude of posts on one hand... and still have your middle finger spare. If anything they warn NQ of what the players intend to do with the game and thus enable them to predict likely use cases so as to implement strict limits and downgrades BEFORE server load increases and also likely help NQ dissuade new players from damaging the servers by signing up for subscriptions. Hence the "Steaming" 150 concurrent players on... erm... steam.
  14. But they clearly can, and are, though.. It's like they are taking the upper bound of players and scaling everyone else relative to them.
  15. Now that you mention it, I vaguely recall there used to be something along the lines of a community page in the old days.... Probably no longer worth taking the last remaining dev off of of his super important pet duty to fix a feature for us dozen remaining website users ... ok, I'll admit, I'm getting a bit too cynical.
  16. Dafaq r u onnabaut...? srsly... this deer has no eyes...
  17. Cant tell if you’re actually responding to my post… but yes, exactly… too much trouble and in the end it mostly financially hurts the game company themselves.
  18. And rusty landing gear (for people who introduced their alts to the game.)
  19. Sounds like good news, but NQ have lied so often, that I'll only believe it when I see it... Should be gradiated, so that for a decent region around all the market places, limits are more like 256m... but then easing off every couple of hexes until, say 20km away from marketplaces there is no limit, like it used to be.
  20. Damn, that's disappointing. where and who did this quote come from? I want to inform my org mates, but prefer to have the original article at hand. Although the forum search turned up a blank, I managed to google the original article... I don't think I read that far into the article, so missed it first time around.
  21. LOL. Those are certainly (positive) words, OP. Believe it or not, I used to be positive back in the first alpha during the NDA period. but then i took an arrow to the knee. here are my experiences with the games I (con)currently play. NMS: can do MUCH more in game than a year ago. Star Citizen: can do much more in game than a year ago. Elite Dangerous: Can do a bit more in game than a year (well, Odyssey, 18 months) ago. But lost features such as VR and working resource gathering. cyberpunk: can do more in game than a year ago. Mostly massive numbers of bug fixes. stellaris: can do more in game than a year ago. Extra races features storylines. Cities Skylines: can do more in game than a year ago. New DLC every six months or so. DU: can do less in game than a year ago. Mining gone, whole planets gone… no DLC no new features, but we did get XS space fuel tanks. Spot the fundamental flaw in your argument yet?
  22. This game is absolutely r----d in that it doesn't even send a message that your ship is under attack but instead sends a generic... "Your primary container is now your nano pack" or some other equally fkkn stupid message. NQ's likely retort: We've only had six years to get our shiit together, we need MOAR THYME.
  23. Damn, it's sad to see you go... A Paragon of initial positivity and thoughtful critique... As well as firebrand level posts on salient topics. I bought prepaid time from Markee Dragon, so I guess I'll be here until September or NQ turn the server off, whichever comes first. so many top former supporters bailing... @NQ-Deckard Take the hint.... It's so sad to click on many of members in the pegged forums only to see they last logged-on in June or July. You've lost so many of your stalwarts.... Don't you feel ANYTHING? Regret, remorse, resignation?
  24. There was a guy (presumably, don't want to be gender specific, LOL) on here saying..."why do you losers need bot ore sales? Once they started to run out, I simply turned to missions... I only have FIVE alts, nothing silly... and I'm made a 100 million..." Five... Nothing silly. This is the the sort of players this game is catering to, currently.
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