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  1. I know they introduced XL containers an XLX containers a while back but when did they introduce XL engines? We certainly need more L and XL components like wings and ailerons.
  2. Haven’t been following much recently, too busy playing Star Citizen, NMS and Stellaris, but let me get this straight: NQ now not only have a monopoly on the market places, with bots on markets to sell and buy goods and ore etc, shops that sell ships, hard to reconcile tax bots that somehow disable player creations instantaneously and remotely, bots that give and accept missions but now they also have a new centralized “exchange” for showing players’ creations? in addition to the curiously misleading name, it seems player agency has been nerfed yet again by a well-meaning but poorly implemented waste of player potential. Tell me again, what part of this entirely designed by players game is entirely designed by players?
  3. Are you saying they've nerfed engines again or have you come back to this game after a break?
  4. That's not how fire works. As far as mixed metaphors go, I think we have ourselves a winner. LOL. But yes, I meet far more players on the forum than I do actually in game.
  5. This can has been kicked so far down the road, it's now just a vaguely ball-shaped piece of crushed aluminium.
  6. If you search the forum you'll find your suggestion has been... erm... suggested before. This suggestion was made just over a year ago and in much more detail... And that thread itself was actually a compilation of some even earlier threads by myself and others dating right back to the alpha... NQ have shown zero interest in improving this aspect of the game... My summary post: Am I the only one who want an XS Space fuel tank? I'm fed up of having to cart a massive barrel of lard around with me just to use Vertical Thrusters. Also, while you're at it, could I have some super cool XS hover pads... Maybe half the size and power of the current ones (say 2 x 2 voxels or something) so we can put one front and back or on each corner of a transport and not have it look like a meth cooking-spoon? This would be great for some truly minimal, and maybe even speedy, personal transport! XS size components — XS Size space fuel tank — XS Size hover engines — XS Brakes — XS Space Fuel Tanks — XS Rocket Boosters — XS Space Brakes — XS Control seat for motorbike like constructs M Size — full sized M wings for M construct. L size components — L Ailerons and Compact Ailerons — L Wings — L Stabilisers — Full sized wings for L construct. MOAR XL size components — XL Atmospheric Engines — XL Hover Engines — XL Vertical Boosters — XL Wings ailerons and stabilisers. etc. — XL Cores? YES PLEASE. <--- This is apparently beyond the capabilities of the devs and has been explicitly stated will not happen.
  7. Funny then howcome there is so much more to do in that so-called ”dream selling” game than this one? That’s why I’ve been spending my hours playing that and NMS and have put in a total of less than 10 hours this year into this game, (about 2 days worth of Star Citizen) say what you want about that game, the progress profile is the opposite of DU. in DU the first three years showed promise but ramped DOWN to the current barely moving pace whereas SC hardly changed for five years and now there are new features almost monthly with large quarterly content drops and the pace is ramping UP and UP. If I were to spend any more money on either game (I’m not but if I were) I know which one i’d feel more comfortable backing.
  8. Examine the subtlety in their language... "We hear your concerns..." As I kid, I would often hear my teacher speaking... but it didn't mean I was actually listening to him.
  9. When "everyone" is only "a few" how does one answer it?
  10. FUD is usually spread by "bad actors" but in this case it feels like NQ themselves are the ones filling us with Fear for the future, Uncertainty as to which way the wipe hammer will fall and Doubt whether or not NQ can pull this game off when the servers go live.
  11. This is good news. One of my accounts is registered to an email address I rarely use and up until now I had to change them manually.
  12. A bit of background about my crowdfunding "addiction". You don't need to read it. ... and I've put well over $300 into this game for kickstarter and alpha accounts but I don't regret a single penny. I feel that even if the game died today, it was worth the thousand+ hours of fun and despite the griping on here, the community is incredibly strong and still largely positive (although in clearly dwindling numbers) and I will be keeping many of the friends I made over the last four years. We can only hope that NQ can manage a Hello Games style renaissance at some point, but indicators are not looking good right now.
  13. I tried to watch the video, but seemed like I was staring at a static screen for an age... No idea what I was even watching, especially without sound. That's not a good look for DU. The game is a mess. It needs to be more dynamic. Not sure what alien cores add to the game, TBH, if it just takes a minute to overcome them, they seem pretty pointless to me.
  14. So now it’s weight and not core size that influences max speed. Interesting.
  15. 50,000kph? Did I miss something?
  16. So you're claiming that recent crowdfunded games are coming out as planned, Zero day polished, finished and ready to play with reasonably few bugs? As for the growing up part, seems you've taking something a bit too personally. LOL.
  17. Oh you sweet, summer child. We live in a world of SAAS where releases roll out half baked and (apart from NMS) continue to be filled with bugs years after release. the days of paying for finished software are long behind us.
  18. I thought the point of my post was fairly clear in that I was talking about the fundamentals of the game being bot drive. not suggesting a solution to “what we have now”. I don’t generally seriously suggest solutions because 1) I’m not a game designer 2) NQ aren’t listening.
  19. For me, the #1 priority is PLAYER CONTROLLED MARKETS. For a game that is ostensibly "player controlled" it's stupid how many bots there are.... bot ore digging, bot or selling, bot scematic purchasing, bot land registry and remote disable of machinery, bot mission givers, bot mission receivers, bot marketplaces, bot taxmen, bot safe zone. Players actually have very little agency at all in this game.
  20. @SlaySomething I have a crazy idea.. How about instead of having the ore automatically brought to the container, we have to search for it ourselves... Instead of the ore being generic to an entire hex, NQ could hide the ore deep underground and then players would have to dig and search for it... Then you could use some kind of special tool that transfers the ore to your container. The ore should be difficult to find so we could use some kind of scanner or radar that tells us the distance... And a skilled miner could then triangulate the location of the ore by moving about and judging the distance. And the world comes full circle.
  21. There needs to be a "virtual test world" where the player can test the ships they are interested in free of interference in a virtual environment. This has been suggested before, but doesn't seem likely. Likely NQ are not really open to any more suggestions in reality. It seems they still haven't even finished the list of requests from the Kickstarter, let alone listening to us lot tell them what we think is best.
  22. There are guesses, wild guesses and then Sevy guesses.... This was pulled so far out of nowhere it's almost amusing. What basis have you got for any of that targeted saltiness? You literally think that an NQ employees moved PVP out into deep space because of other NQ employees lost their ships?... Wow, that's conspiracy theory level mental gymnastics. I love it when KS gets her knickers in a twist because she can't find a seal to club... de dums.
  23. I think one of my alts has all 5s in Avatar skills and can surface jet at 85kph or something cool like that.
  24. One of the best minor changes in the patch IYAM. Thankfully they only appear in surface harvesting mode. I hated those nasty Bertie’s All Coloured Beans.
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