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  1. No game to play? There’s far more to do in SC than DU. Hell, there’s more to do in ED than DU right now. only thing DU has the others don’t are voxels and LUA. But as all the murder hoboes say: pretty voxels in the safe zone don’t make a game.
  2. It always amuses me when adults, males (white males, let’s be honest) create cute little dramas in teacups. Never heard of AC or ATOM or Legion until this thread. lots of big talk and macho, pseudo militaristic group names and members spouting strong words when it’s probably double digit active users at best. also the derogatory nature they have towards those who don’t like fighting in a digital computer game means that IMHO, they deserve zero respect in or out of game. If they call non PvPers carebears, the non-PvPers should just label them what they are: sad, lonely men looking to find some compensation release or satisfaction in a computer game, far away from the emasculating reality in which they apparently live.
  3. Surely size increase is to stop S cores from mounting a whole bunch of L weapons, no? now you actually are limited by size of the weapons as to what you can and can’t actually place. is damage commensurate with the size of the weapon? Or is it borked like ailerons’ scale lift to weight factor?
  4. Got four posts in and started to get a few tingles...
  5. The lopsided seating position of the avatar in the char is very annoying when you have a symmetrical ship. it sets off the old OCD in me. I'm not a fan of effortless 3rd person views in MMOs because of immersion reasons. Years ago I added a request for external sensor units or even just using current elements such as radar or weapons to allow an external view. If they were all destroyed, you would loose access to third party view and thus retain the value of good cockpit visibility. I've never used or crafted one, but do armoured windows' shutters actually open and close?
  6. I had a 3900x using the same X570 motherboard (Aorus Master) as I use today and moving to the 5900x has perhaps... maybe... helped smooth things out in gaming... if you have a decent graphics card, the CPU can easily become a bottleneck... The 3000 series is head and shoulders better than the janky 2000 series.... and is absolutely, night and day, guaranteed to give you a fantastic boost over the 1000 series. Not even any question about it. Now the real question is: Is the 5000 series (with current elevated pricing) really worth it over the still excellent and basically current 3000 series? I notice that the 5900x doesn't max out to 100% as often as my 3900x did... But it REALLY shines when doing production work... I'm a photographer and use DXO which is a complete dog, performance-wise... and the 5900X absolutely chews through my workloads... But to be honest, for gaming, the 3600 and above are looking super sweet. They have much of the gaming performance of the 5 series for less than half the cost. If you need the cores for other stuff, though, then I can SERIOUSLY recommend a 3900x CPU now that supply seems to be no longer constrained on these lower tier parts. If you're on an even tighter budget, the 3600x-3800x are all still completely relevant for gaming and productivity. The 5 series is like a sweet little boost to smooth out the edge cases: cherry on the top, a somewhat premium, expensive cherry... And if I were buying now, I would get one of those cheaply priced 3900x (don't get a 3900xt, they are over priced) and put it on a mid range X570 motherboard. The X570 motherboards are really amazingly powerful and you can always upgrade to a 5000 series CPU at a later date... and take full advantage of any current or future PCIE4 hardware.
  7. I’m kinda relieved. I upgraded my ram from 2 to 4 sticks recently and had some instability so I replaced all four sticks with matching ram. my computer had been running fine for a few days but recently started to crash in DU. I thought it could be the RAM. but it’s been fine in Star Citizen and Cities skylines, two other “heavy” games. I have an AMD 5900x.
  8. Exactly... though I doubt that it would come to this unless another player put in a spurious claim... I fixed that last line for you... 😉
  9. The ultimate cynic in me nodded furiously at that.... oof! Very interesting, Captain... I can see where you're coming from, though I suspect that is because you likely have more faith remaining in humanity than I do... I'm kinda in the other direction if any game error is handled strictly as worded, it leads to all manner of potential issues... Any time the game behaves in a way it arguably shouldn't.... like placing wings between voxels and hiding their profile to gain an "unfair" speed advantage" or never using diagonal wings to do the same... could be construed as an "offense". at the end of the day, this is a Balpha (Beta by name, alpha by quality)... rules still need to be handled on a case by case basis because the code is shonky af right now and this is not yet anywhere near a complete game.
  10. It's kinda even sadder that this forum now often only generating single-digit daily posts... about the game... rather than vaccines.. that thread got plenty of posts... T_T
  11. This game is affected by text processing problems that were solved in the 90s. but since the UI has undergone zero meaningful change since they apparently let the interns loose on it a year or so back and made everything take up twice as much space and require twice as many clicks, I’m not going to hold my breath for any improvements to be made. They really need to rework the UI from the ground up, it’s a hodgepodge of legacy code, some that clearly dates back to the very first “release!”
  12. Are you ok? You sound a bit on edge. Arguably, and by some people’s reckoning. Jesus Christ hasn’t visited here for 2000 odd years. He also didn’t bring a pickaxe last time he came. You do realise that JC and The JC are not the same person, don’t you? 🤣 But on a serious note, this is DU development is slow. Welcome to the club.
  13. I'm a fan of tech trees... I think that DU should somehow introduce research as an alternative to purchasing. NMS has a decent enough (but still too simplistic IMO) tech tree. IIRC, you can research blueprints on your base computer or "unlock" them with tech tokens. You can also buy some from vendors on stations, it's not perfect, but it's better and more engaging than DU's approach.
  14. When I fly across to MTI, (super developed section near Market Place 3 on Madis) my game becomes very chuggy... Frame rates drop to the 20s and are are often 1/2 second pauses every few seconds which make flying at high speed perilous. It's not anything like their "in game footage" trailers even with a top end machine. I play at 1440p. For reference, my main system is fairly high end 5900x / RTX3080 / NVME PCIE4 980PRO / 64GB 3600 DDR4 RAM on Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master. So it's not lacking in any department and there are no real bottlenecks. I use basic PBO but don't really overclock at all, the extra heat for just a few % points speed is a waste of effort, IMHO. The 12 Core CPU and graphics are at about 50% total load and temps are nicely under control. My previous box which I run my alts on is 4770K / GTX1080Ti / 2 x 512Gb SATA 960EVO RAID0 / 32GB 3200 DDR3 RAM on Gigabyte Z97-UD7-TH. All stock with 3.9GHz clock. DU is a hideously heavy load and even slight overclocking can push CPU temperatures into the stratosphere, apparently due to AVX use... This game is like running a permanent benchmark. The 4 Core CPU is permanently pegged at 100% and the GFX when at 1080p is about 70-80%. It suffers the same 1/2 second dropouts and frame rates in the low 20s and sometimes <20fps. An internal SSD is basically a must these days. Don't even think of using an HDD and avoid external SSDs if they're not connected via thunderbolt. RAM usage is about 19Gb on both my machines, with just DU and Discord running, so as @Paolo80 said above, I think that 16Gb is probably asking for trouble, or even if it works, the amount of cacheing available significantly reduces and along with it, performance. My computer is in my school's classroom, so I use our 2Gb/s low latency fibre connection. Thus I think the problem is on their end in any case and as @CptLoRes said, it's indeed better than it was. I wouldn't have considered GfN... That's a good suggestion by @DrDerp .
  15. Dude, coke and forums don’t mix. 🤣 Take a moment to reflect on what you’re trying to say before pressing the send key. Maybe throw in a few complete, grammatical sentences for good measure. But yeah, mining suxx eggs. Ores are going for extreme prices on the market and most now get snapped up for in-org construction, rather than for external production: the fruits of which no longer, or rarely, end up back on the market. And with the price of purchase being so extreme, ironically, players are forced to mine once more because they can no longer afford to buy ore. Furthermore, much of the current legacy stock still on the markets is undervalued due to inflation of the raw materials, leading to an inability to make and sell NEW product at or above actual raw value because prices are effectively capped at current legacy, Post 1% schematic fiasco prices. Ultimately, this leads to the inflationary paradox: To expensive to buy, too expensive to sell, which hit Zimbabwe so badly that they abandoned their entire currency. this is a shit position for the markets to be in nearly a year after Balpha release and although releasing the price pressure by increasing (obtainable) supply is a step in the right direction, I don’t see how that will right the markets which are still flooded with insider-tainted, free-schematic-priced goods.
  16. Nah, cheers, I’m cool with those two maps. I think they adequately get the point across regarding the respective detail shown in the two road”maps” without having to resort to verbose explanation.
  17. Credit where credit is due... Elite Dangerous went gold release in 2014... Even today most of the game's "placeholders" are still there as they were from day 1.... Rather than fixing the placeholders with actual content FDEV started new paid DLCs and filled *those* with placeholders... Now they have a new place holder PVP paid DLC called Odyssey... Endless madness
  18. Speaking of maps, these road maps remind me of places I've lived in my life. The "other" game's roadmap, Japan: DU Roadmap, Zimbabwe:
  19. I still pop on daily to claim my welfare cheque, lay down a few voxels and pootle around in my ships. But I don't stay on because Madis is deserted... I even flew to Freetown on Alioth expecting to see a bustling city and was shocked that I didn't even see another yellow marker on minimap in an hour of wandering around. That reminded me of the last few months of Blade Runner City in Second Life, before they deleted it: Beautiful desolation. I went to Utopia and saw about half a dozen avatars... So I logged off. Really not much fun playing alone. But to be honest, if I knew there was NOT going to be a wipe before hard release I would play, but I've already been through (I think) four wipes in total and I can't be arsed to put any effort in if it will all be for nought in six months' time.
  20. This and this... Also, voxel reactor is just a stupid, over-thought name for what is essentially a mould. We don't call them Jelly reactors or lollipop reactors, ffs... OK. mini rant over.
  21. The fact is NQ are YEARS behind schedule. Their last "proper" roadmap with actual things listed in the todo column ended up more than 18 months behind schedule after two years... A rather remarkable feat of mismanagement by anyone's standards... By now there should have been proper mechanics to handle player interactions.... Or at least a placeholder mechanic, just like you can't dock a dynamic core to another dynamic core without RDMS permissions, so too should you not be able to "dock" your player with a ship without RDMS... Thus if you log out and are not mentioned in the RDMS then the ship moves away and you stay put. Another way would be in a ship inventory report that shows clearly all the players on board and how much they are carrying. Then provide a button to eject them (i.e transfer them to global coordinates... ) thus, like above, when you move your ship away, they stay put. Either of these kludges would have to do as an interim solution until piracy and boarding were implemented properly (requiring AvA combat, obviously). On the other hand, since we are still in Balpha... we are supposedly "not playing the game but testing the game" <-- This is the phrase that always gets bandied about by NQ and their white knights as they see fit to justify any arbitrary decision they make off the cuff... So, basically we have to just suck it up... Like with the MP15 fallout.
  22. I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it, I really don't like NQ when they use the word exploit.... It's a weasel word that attempts to shift the blame from the devs' own mistakes onto the player base when it's actually a bug. In fact in this case, it's not even a bug, but an as yet completely undeveloped aspect of the game. Also, non consensual boarding has got to be one of the lamest things I've heard all day.
  23. Also, what is AC? For those who know me as a meat eater, I ate a marvelous burger with pickles and a slice of crispy bacon on the 22nd. Why bacon, you may ask... Because everything* tastes better with bacon. I have much respect for the chef that made this delicious feast and wish the best of luck for his business. *for certain, highly specific definitions of everything.
  24. I don't think it's feasible because, as soon as you leave build mode, the voxels are merged and optimised to reduce the netlist: You can see how the shape changes subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) when you press B... i.e. the engine joins discrete, adjacent voxels with contiguous edges into a single object to reduce server data. This can reduce thousands of voxels in a wall into a single flat rectangle, for example. So I can't see how that would be LUAable, TBH.
  25. I just love the fresh scent of forum developers and marketers in the morning.
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