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  1. This game has a very steep learning curve. I mean, very steep. Watching the tutorials on DU's youtube channel will help a lot.
  2. I need a new profile pic.

  3. I'd love the idea. It'd be cool to protect yourself from dust in space or a particularly exciting day at a orbital gas giant harvester.
  4. nO yOu HaVe tO CalL It a COrVEtTE, nOt A lAMboRghiNI
  5. Uhhh... Can't we just use pre-existing measurements? I don't want to measure things in Oofaloogas.
  6. *some generic welcoming quote* A smile is the universal welcome.Max Eastman
  7. Darling.

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    2. Aaron Cain

      Aaron Cain

      forget the might, reliable sources told me i have them already


    3. Kuritho


      Also, happy twodays.

    4. Aaron Cain

      Aaron Cain

      The same for you!


  8. Okay. There's an inside joke about not being real. What is it and how do I get it?
  9. Yeet.

    1. Kuritho


      OMG you just got the legendary Kuritho to say "yeet" on your profile!

  10. SLAP ME HARDER, ANON! So you're just a figment of my imagination? So if I die, you end? We're brothers; we ride and die together.
  11. Honestly, Ichigo is the ichi-way-to-go. Asuna is bland. Zero Two is going to do weird stuff.
  12. Why should he learn English, and instead you learn German? Wish you luck, Rafiki!
  13. Y'know, with so many people claiming they're real, it makes you wonder... There are unreal people in our reality.
  14. [Totally not sponsored] Have you heard of BOO before? It is this great organization that cares for its members! There's this person called Lethys who's like, totally smokin' hawt. And then there's meeeee, a person who isn't even registered in BOO. So join BOO, break the records.
  15. I'm out of the loop: what's with all this nationalism in this game? Is it for using the same language or something else?
  16. You can just save the blueprint, and rebuild it. Of course, a golden statue will still be expensive.
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