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  1. Space engineers mostly and Elite:Dangerous mostly. I was disappointed with SE's limited (And very time-consuming in survival mode) building mechanics. So I got to looking for something else like it. And, I stumbled upon this. Why I likely retained interest is the player-driven developments and faction gameplay. Ever since ED I was hungry for some real player driven politics and world actions, and I was happy to find a real player driven political sphere and devs that list a player driven economy/government as one of their main goals.
  2. It was a pleasure filming this. To dispel popular belief, I was not actually part of the cast. Despite any resemblances to the guy you 7th to the right. (I've never met him in person.) I actually only helped in the lighting department.
  3. Hello! Fellow birdo! You seem to be of my own regional dialect. Not of the barbarian tongues that name us "Birbs".
  4. discordauth:pi9Ipkdn8aAkL2ep6rWt_2QV1ZWPkbOemjbXHLc6Xf8=

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