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Found 9 results

  1. this part of the game intrigues me, i have left a poll to see how people feel about particular leaders in that space and the roleplay sphere as a whole now, question for the 3 leaders: if you were to pitch a piece on who you are why you roleplay, can you do that in this thread? i will include the stories of these leaders in this thread once they come about Porco: "Thank you my good people! VOTE FOR ME!!! " Drakonius: **no comment yet Bright: **no comment yet hope all are having a good day! -EL X
  2. "The Order of Apophis" est une confrérie qui a toujours mis un point d'honneur à prioriser l'évolution du genre humain quitte à transgresser les lois éthiques et morales de ce monde . Leur dogme est la perfection, pour eux le genre humain doit de plus en plus se confondre avec le divin pour finalement n'avoir comme maître qu'eux-mêmes. Ils veulent constituer un nouvel ordre mondial se caractérisant par un État psionique dans lequel l'unification et l'évolution sont leur maître mot. Langue: Principalement Francophone Note: C'est une organisation qui se veut conviviale et mature, avec un systè
  3. Hii, At Tranquility Discord we started a Roleplay adventure and we want to welcome you all!! Just look us up on Discord which you can find on the Community page Already we have a few enthousiastic roleplayers active and it would be great to be able to share the experience with more. see you soon!!! Greetz aaron
  4. " It's been a while and it's certainly taken more time than it should have, but The Aether's history is continuously being unearthed... Necessity begs that the dear readers are reminded: everything you will read as concerns The Aether is true and real. Without further ado, gentlemen and ladies, let us explore the choices and events that have shaped The Aether into the marvel she is now. A Preface is in order. Alternatively, if downloading the Preface in .pdf is not to your liking, you could view the Preface here. More will follow. Stay frosty. " Preface.compressed.pdf
  5. Hi all. Ok - this is simple, old school, forum based roleplay. Play nice, give people chances to take actions, don't power play, all that type of thing. I've deliberately set it over 100 years ago so people can play whatever character they like without having in-game character issues etc. It's all for fun. Please only post in-character - any out-of-character questions etc, start a new related thread please. Anon. <<Datetime: 24240124-19360000Z11>> <<Location: geo:-31.2,136.816667>> Over one hundred years ago... It is a dark and stormy night
  6. Welcome to the Star-Square A Watering hole for the players of the galaxy. This is simpel interaction roleplay, sit in a corner, get drunk, argue, and remmber have fun. "this is not serious rp, though some serious is welcomed by the most serius roleplayers, All actions are diced rolled- higher dices equal higher chance, positions are all up for grabs- try though to stay within you choosen faction, everyone is human- only actions hinted in the game is allowed to be used- no superpowers, new rules will be added as deamed approiet, anyone can join- either going into the bar or already
  7. " The Aether wishes everyone on the Forums a splendid day. We have been writing backstories that have been focused solely on the Aether and in a few parts, the Aether's allies will begin to bask in the lime light. However, we feel that keeping the lore to ourselves is in stark contrast to our values and principles of sharing with others. As such, we have come to a general decision that the Aether backstories be modified to reflect all organisations and activities within Dual Universe (from a role play perspective, of course.) It has been delayed but, war with the Mad men has b
  8. Back on Earth, things were tough. The Arkships were leaving with people rushing to them and gathering up spots for humanitys hope as quick as possible. It wasn't easy getting a spot so it had to be done quickly or wisely. For me, it wasn't as big of a problem. Given the nickname MasteredRed due to my ability to always make the center of decorations red, I lived a life that had few repercussions. I had been born to a good family with my mother and father raising me until the age of fourteen. After that, I was sent along with me and my brother who was two years older to a high tech school. T
  9. So I want sure if this was the best place, maybe it should be moved to the General Discussion thread, or possibly game mechanics. I decided to post a short story of a scenario I envision happening in game. I don't fully know all the mechanics that will be available but my story highlights some mechanics that I hope are available. It also sheds some light into how we operate and things we tend to implement when possible in games. Sorry that my writing sucks, I usually just focus on the story. It’s a barren world, covered in vast deserts and lakes. In a large lake on the No
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