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  1. unown006

    Cloaking Tech

    But this could allow a very good pilot to take out a entire fleet (so long as they do not have the proper s to defend themselves vs this type of tech Yes I think that would still be viable as you still could have all cloaky ships they would be just a lot more expensive and for general use would cloak your weakness in the ship you are flying
  2. I could very easily see traps becoming a thing Potentially as there are ways around that Its always up to NQ all we can do is trust them to make the best decision for the game.
  3. unown006

    Land Air and Sea

    Sorry This was before we had a survival mode in DU (Pre Alpha) so yea I can see people moving out very quickly now that we are in alpha 1 however I still think even when you move out if you go somewhere else these vehicles will still come in play.
  4. unown006

    Robotic workforce and fatorys

    I was thinking about this perhaps a Mechanic can be introduced where the larger the org is the harder this workforce is to be viable This will allow small orgs to compete with the large ones something that no other current survival game that I know of has done. I love this music Potentially but there new form of servers respond very well to huge loads however there may have to be caps per person to do/get around this? The problem with that is it alone can favor large orgs as they have more players it could work with the above mentioned mechanic
  5. unown006

    Rebellion Recruitment

    Discord link updated for the second time
  6. unown006

    Android IOS support for using defense.

    Not a bad idea There were rumors of notifications that way...
  7. What purpose besides defending something you put time into would that be? You could make certain things like siege engines a mechanic to specifically siege bases while fleets collide and such I think it wouldn't be very boring for this reason. Also They shouldn't be overly under powered just simply make them cost more Another thread I need to make later :
  8. unown006

    Cloaking Tech

  9. unown006

    Land Air and Sea

    Still I am going with the worst case scenario as NQ said space would be hard to reach
  10. unown006

    FPS Combat?

    Well then?
  11. unown006

    Land Air and Sea

    A main reason I bring this up is because on release space is going to be a hard thing to get so what will you do for six or so months you are on the ground?
  12. unown006

    Do you play EVE Online?

    That's what I am arguing for yes
  13. Sadly yes you must these days