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  1. I thought what happens after I reach space; what will I be able to do, and if I'm paying a subscription what will keep me here? I know its player based but will there be non-player characters (NPC) such as system bosses for loot component drops to build tier technology. For an example, a system NPC boss, there is single player or raid bosses to allow advancement to other systems such as better fuel efficiency or an upgrade to the ships’ systems. After defeating the NPC boss, members of the party or raid get a token or a component to upgrade their technology to advance to further systems with better loot and each system has rules of engagement enforced by the systems faction; this will also prevent grief in Player versus Player (PvP) areas. Some rules of engagement can be tier based; this means if you have a certain rating you may not participate in PvP in the system unless you reduce you rating according to the system. This will allow players to advance. An example would be if you have a tier 3 rating you cannot PvP in a tier 2 rating but if the tier 2 wants to venture to an area greater (like a tier 4 zone) then they may be engaged into PvP. We need some end game content if there is an expected subscription to play. This game has so much potential as vast as the universe. Some future content would be an infected system or a civil war and we have to restore it to its natural state and some....; just some ideas’ being thrown out there.....
  2. botany, chemistry and organic chemistry would be a nice addition for exploration using those mechanics would add more content and some value to the econonmy think of the possible plant genetics that can be crossed/ created from traveling to different systems.
  3. you know how there are solar storms and spacial anomalies like space weather. well those pass through systems to replenish the planets resouces, like on earth the planet sometimes reacieves alien matter from space and it comes down in rain form. well for other planets their atmosphere maniplulates these space storms in different ways to obtain its special resources; for instance the jovan planets versus the terrestial planets they have different atmosphere to collect their needed substances to stay rolling and to keep their balance in there repective solar system. you have to look at solar systems like cultures. i like to use cheese as a reference to much of one thing make the cheese change it culture and im guessing the same goes for the solar system, each one is special in its own way. this would be a good addition for exploration studying the different resources and space storms each system have. this systems also lets the planets get replenished naturally, this happens from the activity in the solar systems from the natural gravitys push and pull.
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