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  1. hmmm ... i would really like to have stealth in a dual universe. I need this to spy on other organizations. I would suggest doing this: in order to hide your base, it was necessary to build a special structure, such as territory unit, it just served as a disguise of the territory, but it removes the ban on digging in your territory, it needs maintenance, and if it is not followed, He will stop working and show everyone that you are here. To hide your ship from the radar, you will need to paint it with special paint or make it from special materials that allow you to notice radars only from a v
  2. H E L L O P E O P L E ! I wondered what if I didn't have enough construction space that CORE UNIT provides. I came up with a way to solve this problem this way. It will be possible to attach a smaller core unit to the main Core unit and this core will give sufficient space. It will look like this:
  3. Hello. I think this is an interesting idea. Black holes will complicate the game in a good way. This will give players a new piece of gameplay. For example, I see in black holes a huge potential in the military sphere. There you can push enemy ships like a hammerhead did in the movie "Rogue One" not only in another ship but into a black hole. But the idea to create black holes for organizations will bring a very strong imbalance because strong organizations will be able to keep other organizations under their control for many years and maybe always.
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