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  1. I don't like stuff disappearing and becoming inaccessible. In EVE, you get orgs creating alternate accounts just to pilot a titan and simply log off and disappear from existence, I think that's kind of OP. Ships for sure should always stay in the world as making them disappear might have organizations building and hoarding a mass arsenal of ships which just might end up being ridiculous. Either ships will have offline defenses or the crew should dock at a station or planet where it may be more secure. Ragdoll/Sleeper Body is what I prefer but I think a supplemental system that uses cryopods (or lockers) with added benefits makes sense. Perhaps a system where if you log off in a ship (anywhere on it), you'll automatically be inserted in the cryopod and you're inventory is in the pod. Having and building dozens of pods in a big ship might be annoying so maybe if the players just builds a locker room and then when players log off anywhere from the ship their inventories simply goes automatically inside it. Logging back in will insert you in the same spot on the ship and automatically empty the locker into your inventory again. I think this keeps it simple and preserves a nice QoL while still preserving physical items in the universe. If we have to physically go inside the pod before we log off then I wouldn't mind that either but I feel like it could get old fast. Now what happens if someone logs off on a planet in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps in this case we should have a ragdoll/body or perhaps to make it easy on the server a small box spawns on your logoff location with your stuff remaining in the world. I liked the cacoon idea someone had. Perhaps with negative effects to skills and whatnot. Those are my ideas. For all we know there's a chance that a person's inventory can't possibly hold much value (unlike games like Rust and Ark where an avatar can hold a fortune) so maybe having the avatar fade away won't be that game changing, but IMO physical ships need to stay.
  2. I think when organizations have a certain territory locked down they'll want to rent out land (or buildings/hangars) to make money. It would be in their interest to have services like markets and such to incentivise people to live there. If I was a miner I'd rather rent a hangar to store my stuff and ship and have the org take care of the security. If a organization is successful in making money from a city from rent and taxes then other organizations will fall suit and compete. I think the leasing and selling of secure land will be a key driver in cities appearing and I'm sure the devs have other ideas to create incentives to make cities appear naturally.
  3. As I currently understand it we are getting these force field units to cover structures. I'm also assuming that these force fields can get big enough to cover a city (domes). Within the proposed force field unit, if someone were to fire a weapon causing damage to structure or another player, would there be a way for the city/org to detect who and what shot the weapon? I feel like it would make sense if force fields were able to scan/read high energy events within the force field so this way if something happened, whoever investigates can check a log or get an alert to the incident and figure out who the person was. This would help the org/police forces/investigators of a big city find people and figure out what happened and decide if they want just simply kill, exile etc. This might also promote stealthy ways to hurt people inside a city without automatically alerting authorities. (Melee, primitive weapons etc) Tell me what you think of this idea or let me know if there is already a plan in regards to what I'm saying.
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