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  1. The claims you make about my financial reasoning are false. Cash shops do more damage in terms of content than good. Instead of releasing content for players to explore in game, such as a tailoring class, and making the blueprints to making clothes available in game somehow, you simply whip out the ol' credit / debit card and buy some magic gold coins to buy all the skimpy bikini's and school girl outfits you can handle. For the exact reasons you said about greed is why if the game is either free or buy to play + cash shop is why I'll abandon ship. Voxel building or no voxel building, I wont stand for being nickel and dimed to death anymore, with a subscription at least I know what Im signing on for. If they implement new clothes in such a way, that you could buy the DU "Plex" and convert it to tokens, AND they are permanent blueprints that you can learn for your characters. I might be ok with that. Or allowing players to buy and sell the tokens on a currency exchange in the game. An exclusive real money only cash shop, or BOP one use items, no get out, its 2016 its time for freedom! It's time to drive any company that goes Free to Pay into the ground.
  2. Indeed, you could join a group like the Diverse Unified Alliance, or the Galactic Republic, or any other organisation that brings organisations under their wings. Retain the rights to make your organisation the way you want, while contributing to a larger community. You are right it would be very easy for this game to turn into a lawless, ruthless place where anarchy rules the day. It really is up to us players to establish civilization. As best as I understand, there will be somewhat basic artificial intelligence systems, that take over when you dont have enough players to man all stations on a multi screw ship. The mechanics around how ships will behave, if they log out or if they stay in game at all times, has not been finalized yet. Unless I missed a Nyzaltar post on it somewhere. It would be my guess that for ships that don't log out is you should pilot them out into an obscure location outside of a solar system. However many organisations will probably also offer free and protected parking , youll just have to find out who the reasonable organisations are and who the malevolent ones are. Though, perhaps we can ask them for some kind of a option to phase the ship into warp space and remain stationary, so that it couldn't be detected by regular scans.
  3. Excellent idea yamamushi, I really agree with you that a bit of ambient sound that matches the environment can go a long way to feeling the experience. I may not be exactly on track here. While I do hope we can use the command units, dpu, or a sound block to hook some ambient music into. I dont want to get into the imported stuff or not, so by chance NQ will have sound assets we could pick from. It would be immeasurably useful if they had some sounds like this and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPni755-Krg for the cathedrals I hope to construct for a pseudo religious organisation im workin on
  4. Activision and Blizzard have changed their stance over the past decade. When they launched world of warcraft the industry was a completely different place. When you say the community of world of warcraft has become worse well I would say theres a multitude of reasons for it. For a good long time they clearly changed their marketing and design goals. They gave up trying to build the original vision of wow, many quests and zones went unfinished, but instead of completing the game as it was. They moved on and covered up flaws by making burning crusade, and just kept laying on more expansions to hook people back in for a little while to grind for new gear. The fundamental design of wow was never a player driven experience its a theme park. They have to earn money off it somehow, the evolution into selling in game mounts, and in game pets is both representative of the limits of the games design and the people they market to come and play. If a game introduces in game pets, or pet pets as I call it, you can bet that the financial motives of the company are shallow. Faster leveling, is a indication that the company over analyzed data on accounts that made a character and quit playing before reaching end game content. For one reason or another they think they are losing potential long term subscriptions because people cant access the current content. A game like wow that is in layers, oldest content, older content, old content, Current content where 90% of the playerbase is means that low level people with their first character that quit before reaching "end game" is lost potential. There are many other reasons someone might quit before getting to end game, but you cant reason with corporations that prefer to analyze data and not take gamer logic into account. Micro transactions and mounts and pets, it's a plague to gaming in short. Nothing could be more disruptive to immersive gameplay than clicking a link to buy Gold Tokens to buy a different colored shirt in the game. Since Wow and Eve began engaging in it a steady decline in the quality of their community can be noted. The random dungeon finder was one of the only ways to keep Wows many servers with growing and declining populations relevant. Some people play on servers with few people and others in a constant state of waiting queue. The dungeon finder was a good way to make it seem like you could always find other people online to play with. Of course it came at the cost of degrading the social environment on servers, you didnt need to reach out and find groups, or find a guild even, you can pug everything if you try long enough. Because of the many actions taken, they had to adjust the game to require fewer players per dungeon, and shift the responsibility of victory away from group coordination to individual class competency. Although being good at your class was too difficult for many people, so they had to reduce it from being good at your class to just being able to click a few buttons and move your character away from warning circles. which of course leads to people being less involved with their character and less devoted to the game. So you have to capture more money during the short time people come back and play during expansions. Eve will ultimately decline, maybe not anytime soon, but theyre unwilling to modify the game's user interface in a meaningful way. One of the biggest reasons people dont get into eve isnt that its "hardcore" but that trying to play the game is extremely frustrating. Once you get ripped off or scorned by SOE or Daybreak, which dont be fooled by them being dumped by Sony. They are the same company they've always been, do not trust them. They have some of the rudest customer service around, they are completely unwilling to work with customers. They also have no problem mislabeling or deceiving you about digital products in their games to get you to purchase them and they refuse to put warnings up about compatibility or functionality. -5 out of 10 Daybreak, they're also guilty of just about every policy that leads to a piss-poor community.
  5. Hello Darius Sanguna, these exact principles are what led a group of us to the creation of the Cinderfall Syndicate. - Provide a non intrusive medium for member organisations and players to cooperate. - Provide a neutral city on Alioth where we will help players, provide access to a market, and allow member organisations to have embassies or offices to showcase what they're about to said players in the city. - Explore the possibility of establishing a safety rating system throughout Cinderfall, and members, based off of some kind of reputation. - Maintain member sovereignty, establish a non aggression pact between members and have a mediation system to allow for wars or conflict dispute between members. - Create an armed force consisting of a some strictly Cinderfall Navy members, but ala a faction allow member organisation players to sign up. Thus creating a combatant and non combatant ability. - Cinderfall Syndicate will remain at peace, and a puppet guild Cinderfall Syndicate Navy will declare any wars in its name so as to not call our peaceful members to war. You see we at Cinderfall have a disdain for the ineffective nature of the U.N. to react and solve problems. As well as the methodology of Democracy, after all many people chose to be ignorant of their political situation and are not fit for making decisions about their nation or faction. Though this is why we chose for a somewhat confederated approach, all member organisations can be as authoritarian or democratic as they want, and it wont affect the operating capacity of the Syndicate or the Joint military force. We're still working on the Syndicate, and things are liable to change as we discover more about how the game will actually work.
  6. Neopolitan

    Mech Suits

    Nyzaltar has said they don't have anything against us trying to make mechs, but as for their actual usefulness that is up in the air. I would really enjoy if at some point we could have mobile infantry suits, armored exoskeletons / power suits. Even if they didnt have any extra effect just for looks would be nice.
  7. Hi Klatu & Saffi ! Really important and delicate topics here Here are a few answers: - About "Friendly Fire" and "Manual Targeting": We would like to implement that. We really would like. But there a very high chance we won't, at least for now (maybe with computer technology evolving, it will change in the future). The fact that massively multiplayer single-shard sandbox games like EvE Online are able to reach several thousands of players at the same place and the same moment is possible due to some compromises (and while we are aiming to higher flexibility in this regard, we're still subject to compromises too): combat system using Targeting/Locking/Firing mechanics in this kind of game is not completely unrelated to the ability to create massive battles, as it's an efficient way to lighten a lot of real time combat calculations. - About "Bigger means more complex": Well bigger ships will certainly be harder to destroy/invade if they're built in a smart way by players. However we do have some ideas to balance their toughness: They will be slower, less agile than smaller ships, due to their mass. Big Weapon Turrets will also at disadvantage against very fast ships. But nothing will prevent builders to create specialized ships: like a huge battlecruiser full of small weapon turrets to hunt down hostile small and fast ships. But there will be a choice to make: Energy consumption. Every module in a ship will require energy. So it won't be possible to have everything in infinite number, even on a big ship. - About "Arms Diversity and Rock/Paper/Scissors": This is already planned: We are thinking about weapon families, with each type of weapon very efficient in some cases and not very efficient in others. Right now we plan to have at least 4 different types of damage, but it might still change in the future. Best Regards, Nyzaltar. It's unreasonable to implement FPS style mechanics into a game where potentially hundreds or thousands of ships may be in a battle. You've played an fps with a person with more than 100 ping, and they're definitely harder to hit, and also shoot you from around the corner of walls yeah? And those games usually dont feature more than 32, 64, 120 people. Even planetside 2 which would be the only comparable game with MMO FPS style has population limits on servers. When you go over the limit the server can't keep up anymore data gets lost, and potentially if you overload it the program will lock up and need a restart. And that leads to rollbacks and lost player data. Heres a time dialted fight in eve where it takes far longer to warp than it should. > Eve Video < A game that actually struck a good balance between skill, skills, and locking on was world of warcraft. Not a game I praise often, but they captured a good balance of enjoyable gameplay and as such it is my recommendation that these developers take striking a balance of factors to create an enjoyable flow of combat rather than capturing call of duty, or eve's click, click, and click, push 1 button, sit and wait. To me personally it is not a game breaker what mechanic is used in targeting. However it will be a game breaker if the game is so frustrating to play that you can't aim or hit anything, or that it takes no skill to operate weapons and you just sit there watching a lock-on bar and then the guns automatically firing every few seconds. Although if we push them for FPS mode, maybe enough players will rage quit and free up computational time on the servers.
  8. I understand that people may have wanted manual targeting, but making a choice like that so quickly is doing yourself a dis-favor. If you really feel that way though, so be it, the game is better off if people stay real about whats possible and don't lose their minds in hype. I've already seen a good number of people putting words in NQ's mouth that they have never even suggested would be something in the game, not in this thread but other places. Understand people in new Zealand might be fighting people in Sweden. It isnt realistic to think everyone could play the game in an enjoyable way like this. People nearest the servers would always have a huge advantage, and people far away would always appear to lag. By creating a lock on system it allows a much higher tolerance on ping times, and reduces some of the calculations the servers have to make. Allowing us players, to actually enjoy playing the game. Instead of screaming at our gunners for missing all the time. Related to the actual turrets, people should not expect unrealistic things out of the destruction of buildings or ships. while the construction process may be modular and based around voxels. Its entirely possible once a building is finalized it does not crumble or destroy voxel by voxel, but rather has a designated health amount. I will urge them to use such a system, and leave the blueprint of buildings intact, to facilitate an easier time repairing buildings. While players may be interested in rebuilding things block by block. think about large ships, do you want to spend days or weeks repairing or replacing every voxel. Or would you rather a underlying blueprint stay in place and allow for players to bring the required resources to rebuild or repair something, and "wrench" or welder it back together. I am fairly positive they intend to allow players to target ships subsystems and modules, but Just think, if they are holding back on an open and free targeting system for processing. Then by a considerable degree modular destruction will not be very likely if you consider the computational power of one hundred ships free firing, and one hundred ships all being blown into tiny pieces regardless of the targeting system.
  9. Over 10 years ago when the standard sub of 15$ a month came into action and wages were also lower. We need to be pushing for 20$ a month. Think a ticket to a amusement park is well over fifty dollars now, and they raise rates every couple of years by a little bit. The price for maintaining servers and internet has gone up, yet we expect that the price of the game would remain the same at 15$ a month forever without increasing not even to cover cost of expense. If you want to send a message to make sure everything is attainable within the game, then we should be pushing for a $20 a month subscription with no cosmetic shop, no convenience shop, no cash shop. If you dont mind them making weapon skins, and clothing and selling it for 5-10$ per item. all right, do you think you'll spend less over the course of a year on just a sub, or with a cash shop - even if its just cosmetic. If my cost comes out to more than 220 to 240 a year on potions, loot boxes, cosmetics, builder tools, or anything they want to sell. Not worth it, it becomes a burden on building a non toxic community. I know they're considering a cosmetics shop, so just imagine that, paying 10 euro or dollars a month and then another 150 on cosmetic stuff. Of course sure, you'll "own" those items on your character, until they make something newer and cooler. Why would we want to limit the developers in this way, instead of them spoon feeding us cosmetics and quality of life items, they could instead implement what they want when they want to. They could implement entire in game systems around character, weapon, and clothing design if they so chose to, but with a shop don't expect player freedom in any of those areas, buy the clothes wear the clothes, all characters will be the same height and proportions to make it easy to make clothes. The exact opposite of what people believe is true in that a themepark should be pay to play and a sandbox should be free to play. Its backwards, themparks can get by on free to play because they have a complete encapsulated experience, and they can sell whatever to people. Its funny people will buy it, spending hundreds of dolalrs more to play for a few months than what they would spend over an entire year paying the max subscription amount. A sandbox (or a self respecting game) needs to be pay to play, or buy once and done, so the developer can maintain the quality of player freedoms and ensure an ongoing evolution of the experience. The price for buy once and done for a game of this quality would be over 450 dollars and only a few people are going to pay that.
  10. Your correct, sorry about that. Having a hard time keeping up with my phone.
  11. It's going to be ok everyone. No need to be mad at each other for any reason. Let's give nyzaltar and NQ some time to respond to the claim. Maybe they did buy a ship. And maybe they did create it with the in game tools available. NQ has been quite open about things if they can they will tell us. Even if they did import assets it won't detract from the game later on. They did not plan to go to E3 at all this year, they were invited last minute. Let's just stay positive even if you remain sceptical.
  12. DUA will be a great home for players looking to get into any of the many builder, mining, and pve acts. As well as a a great home for players that want to get dirty and PvP. If you are interested in a community this organisation would be happy to house you. You'll receive all the benefits of a home among the stars, a place to build and play, and also knowing there will be non hostile players from the Cinderfall Syndicate (a group of allied org's) that will not attack you on sight on destroy your' constructs. Join the Diverse Unified Alliance if you would like a respectable leader to help you into Dual Universe, MasteredRed is knowledgeable fellow that will have great success. Please post here, or check out the DUA website! Good luck Pioneers.
  13. I have plans to continue inviting members into cinderfall, and conducting both competetive pvp, and battlegrounds. These notions are seperate from the standard total war aspect that will exist throughout the game. That is to say, Cinderfall being a permanent alliance structure. Its not an alliance you ad hoc make with another group. Its a group that is an alliance of groups. The goal is to establish security ratings, akin to EVE's, throughout all the member nation states and organisations that join. The process is decentralized so that member states get to make all the choices and retain their functionality as normal. Even making standard military alliances with other cinderfall members, or non cinderfall members. The rule being that you wont attack other factional alliance members in cinderfall, we ask that those fights be dictated by a mediator / judge. Even if they decide to have two organisations or mini alliances declare outright total war on each other. Or if a guild of 15 players versus 1500 players, they might decide to make it a 15 v 15, or a 15, vrs 50, depending on what the mediator thinks is fair. Mediators being selected by a handful of Cinderfall reps. We're still awaiting more information of the tags, and RDMS, it may be that we can automate the process to a degree. It's fine if other "Faction" level organisations would like to use this method. ----- Outside of the pvp battlegrounds thread, I read it but couldnt sum up a good response at the time. I intend to have factional 'battlegrounds' which will just be minature wargames for members or players in good status reputation wise, to come and participate in combat, just for kicks, or perhaps in game gambling or whatnot. These are not to interfere with the games already existing war modes, just be a creative modification of existing systems. The premise being, that you create to puppet guilds and have players join them as if they were teams. You take two territories on a planet and put a territory control unit for each puppet guild respectively, the TU will be neighboring each other. You might have a pre-designed area, or allow each team to design their fortifictions within a time limit. With a neutral guild not involved in the war, you create a spawn room on each side, and put a Resurrection node in it. I dont care if its on a hover-ship, a bunker, out in the open, whatever. With tags you assign each node to be associated with one or the other puppet guild. After the TU are built, a level is designed, mostly moving dirt, maybe some buildings, and the resurrection nodes. You have a deathmatch scenario. With three puppet guilds, you could make a king of the hill. Two warring factions trying to each claim a TU in a guild with no players. There may be capture the flag mechanics provided by NQ, we have yet to see. ----- Competetive ship based PvP is a thing I would like to happen in this game. It's just not going to be something NQ can or will support at least not in the beginning, they have too much other stuff to focus on. So itll be up to us, to create rules and find places for these teams to compete unhindered by other players that might want to disrupt them for some reason. The idea is to have various game modes. Fighter duels, 3v3 - 2 destroyer types and a cruiser, leaving the actual number of players on a team up to the teams, because some ships may need more crew than others. Or whatever other game modes we cook up together. ---- These goals are not intended to conflict with the aspects of the games brutal and hardcore, get raped war mechanics. Rather, I've been toiling on Factions and Cinderfall as a way to slow down the pillaging on members, Battlegrounds as fun mini wargames for times when there arent enough real wars going on or you just want to shoot bullets at people for 20 minutes and log off. and Competetive pvp for players that would like somewhat balanced, build your ships and wreck em. As far as bringing people together with game mechanics, resources themselves by default wont be all that scarce, no. But people will be hoarding resources in their space stations, and other constructs. Stargates will be pretty valuable, and resurrection nodes. So going and murdering neighbors for their stuff will be fun and rewarding in and of itself. Still waiting from NQ on info about how money will be generated, mission terminals, or etc. That will definately play a major role in how PvP plays out. is it going to be over money? resources on the land? maybe theres a prestige factor for taking enemy turf. Need more info!
  14. I don't believe anyone knows the specifics on how targeting will work. only that it will be lock on based, in order to make it easier for the servers to compute all the damage being done. It's likely going to be stat based and similar to EVE, they may spice it up a bit in some way I don't know. weapon modules and targeting isnt something they have talked about much. they've been pretty tight lipped for a while on dosing out the good info, probably because they were stressing out on E3, being invited last minute and all. I've been thinking about and I have doubts that ships will break apart voxel by voxel. Because that would be far more data to process than just the targeting stuff, and it would also be a pain in the cellular structure of my body to have to fly around in an EVA suit hand repairing thousands of voxel blocks on a ship after a battle.
  15. Character: Estelleisen female / gender neutral Role: Leader. PvP Event organizer. part time: mining, pvp, merc / privateer Ill be really busy with Cinderfall, helping people and having long boring discussions with lots of people. I also might help out the Galactic Republic, I'm not sure yet because it may be a conflict of interest. I also hope to establish a precendent for semi competitive gaming. A league by which players can form teams and engage in controlled pvp matches against each other, for fun, glory, and maybe game money. Or something along those lines. I want to be involved with the creation of a Battlecruiser I want to dub the Valkyrie Class, a rapid response ship with heavy deference and support but light / medium on the offensive side. But otherwise Ill probably leave all the ship design strictly to the industrialists and scientists of the organisation. nice to meet n greet all you other aspiring individuals.
  16. You are right, I misinterpreted the LUA devblog, I thought it was saying those things WERE impossible, when it actually 180's in the next sentence. The way it was layed out tricked me. Though I'd still like to point out that as far as I've been able to discern there will be a difference between Drones, AI Crew Members, and making an automated ship with a DPU. I don't have any more info than anyone else, just speculation and projected insight from the publicly available nyzaltar posts. Making drones do your bidding, yes. Probably a hard limit set by NQ on how many drone DPU you can have. Either by a module limiter, or power requirements, or so forth. AI Crew, no idea on how they work. Maybe you script them, maybe they are predefined by NQ. Making a fully automatic and intuitive AI to fly ships, I don't think NQ is looking to make it so players can have a 1 man empire. I don't know LUA so its difficult for me to say, but I believe they will limit the complexity by some means to prevent people from making an AI army or fleet. Not to say there won't or can't be automated ships. I hope so, because I would like to create platforms or small ships to serve as automated rapid transport. Use command units at checkpoints. When players get in, it takes off for the next station. No need even for rails or wheels, though they might make it easier to ensure it goes to the right place. Anyhow, thanks for catching my mistake. Sorry for being misleading.
  17. If you intend to create an organisation (guild / corp) and might be looking for a semi-permanent form of alliance, I suggest you check out Comrademoco's Galactic Republic of Planets, or Astrophil and myselfs Cinderfall Syndicate. It's still early and we're all awaiting new information on how the organisations will be able to function in the game, so some details are not very clear yet.
  18. Willkommen, I hope to take a trip to my bloodlines homeland Deutschland and the Niederlande someday, though Ill need to start all over learning my deutsch. Anyway, it's rare, however some of us younger people don't care much for the social media craze. I too stick to forums and more professional feeling sources of information. I don't know how much arkification will happen, however there are a few organisations that should be able to provide you with many allies.
  19. I played on Chilastra, but I was a very naughty Twi Lek and shall never speak my character name again. Welcome to Dual Universe, we're slowly building up a great community of non toxic players, together we can succeed. Together we can make a better future, and a better community. Welcome to the fun club of waiting for information on DU.
  20. Neopolitan

    Starting Off

    Hello Whiskey, many of the player made factions, good, evil, and ambiguous are planning to bring players together to jump start the game. It's in the interests of many people that Alioth be a relatively peaceful place to jump start the economy, introduce newbies to the game, and to serve as recruitment fronts for the major factions. Just like you, I was very interested in the economic potential of the game, This is an old post, no need to bump it, but for your viewing pleasure you can scope it out. Im a bit embarrassed by it now days, but oh well. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/43-a-take-on-gathering-interaction/ While by the nature of my faction I cannot enter into binding treaties beyond certain limited aspects, such as pacifying the tiles owned by Cinderfall on Alioth, it will be up the the member guilds of the syndicate to decide their alliances with external entities. None the less many people here, more and more by the day, are joining onto the responsible gamer attitude. We're trying to burn out the toxic players like the inquisition on heretics. That is to say, were trying to pull this community up, together, if you see someone behaving childishly on the forums attempt to encourage positive and constructive ideas for them. When people become hostile, there is no reason to further engage them, so far even with 500+ members we have managed to avoid any significant moderation in over 4,000 posts. Sorry, I strayed a little bit. It wont be so bad as you think, the planets are quite big, the server infrastructure is proactive. Alioth may be one planet but at first, at least, there will be many servers sharing the load of players. Probably based on the hexagonal planet grid and number of players active in an area. With the Command and DPU, and a bit of LUA, we should be able to make basic robotic machines. Somewhat like a Minecraft "Turtle". You could probably create a semi-automatic mining rig, they will still need human interaction though to command them. No full on AI will be possible. There wont be any masses of NPC players, and even if there are Handcuffs or player restraints in the game, you will have a hard time forcing them into slave labor. If you kill them, they will just spawn at a Resurrection Node. Also, it will be possible to "Arkify" a limited number of player territories, for a number of reasons. To provide a temporary respite from attackers, to slow down an overwhelming enemy advance, and to create miniature safe-er zones than out in the wilds. Many people here will be willing and eager to work with you, no need for a AI slave army. well except it is kind of cool.
  21. To be as honest as possible the subscription model helps keep masses of unwanted trash players, that will never spend 1.00$ on the game, out of the game. NovaQuark should not use the Titanic game model that has been going ever since WoW took over the MMO market. Can anyone name me a memorable free to play / cash shop game that they have stuck with and played for any length of time? They don't exist. Planetside 1 in its time was vastly more fun than Planetside 2 will ever hope to be. TOR, Wildstar and all the others that start as pay 2 play and go free to play is because they overhype and break the ship in half. There's nothing wrong with their games staying pay to play, but they don't want to put any effort into making the game better so they cop out ditch the sub and put in a cash shop. Nobody is happy with 50,000 to 300,000 active subscribers anymore its laughable that the industry thinks the gold standard is reaching 1 million active sub's minimum to keep a game alive. WoW and EV.E are the only successful games out there, though both of them are bordering dangerously close to failure with their cash shop's. If you overtap your playerbase for money they'll burn through the content and ditch the game, sure you get a quick buck, but eventually your' game becomes lost in the wind of all the other free to fail games. Once you start putting shares, quarterly revenue reports, and stockholder opinions above the quality of your' game you've lost, you aren't a game anymore. All they care about is hyping stuff up in order to drive "traffic" into the game, and subjecting them to the highest degree of advertising and pressure to buy garbage from the cash shops. If you like the sound of this game, if you want a community, if you want content, support the developers in their quest to return the glory of subscription's.
  22. I second the notion for wheels. I desire to make a semi automated rail line. and it could also be useful in the creation of a space elevator. Unless the dev's feel its redundant, perhaps a maglev train of sorts is already possible if you have a series of control units and DPU's. You would have to be careful and feed the units proper instructions for aligning the "Railcart" and have it move checkpoint to checkpoint.
  23. I do not believe this game will have a single player mode, its intended to be a single universe across multiple sever shards. Similar to EV.E online. In order to preserve a single art direction they do not want to allow players to upload any 3'd models, or other objects not created by the developers. They are allowing some flexibility in the way things work, however I do want to add that altering any mechanics or creating an automated script to fly the ship will not be possible. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/314-devblog-lua-scripting-and-distributed-processing-units-dpus/?hl=devblog Depending on the systems they give us access to though. You could probably make doors open and close on their own, a control unit for sorting inventory items,... possibly and I say possibly make a railroad and have a car on it that moves on a rail or track when people get inside. We still dont know if things like wheels will exist and so forth, though I intend to ask them for such. Overall though, no this game is intended to be a massive multiplayer experience and they do not have plans for game changing mods. If they allow "mod" support it would probably be more like other MMO's which allow for user interface changes, damage meters, or non gameplay altering things. For now I can tell you this simply isn't a goal of theirs to implement right now.
  24. Hello MasteredRed, a main character yourself yes? I could link a bunch of archaic posts to you where Nyzalatar responded with information from NovaQuark. these devblogs will provide you the fastest and most relevant information I believe you want. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/20-devblog-resurrection-node-mechanics/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/272-devblog-rights-duty-management-system-rdms/?hl=rdms https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/32-devblog-organizations-build-your-corporation-faction-nation-or-empire/ Otherwise useful snips of information. -Game will be in first person view, third person is being discussed. -While players will have virtually limitless freedom in creating their political "Organisations" sculpting. Ships will have modules that are prebuilt by the developers, what dictates ship sizes or block sizes isn't fully understood. -When you learn about the RDMS and Tags, youll start having alot of wild ideas. You seem like a reasonable person, the forums will be a better place with you involved; welcome.
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