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  1. Thanks Captaintwerkmotor and Lehtys . Well that doesn't sound as boring as I thought it might be. I remember reading somewhere that players will be able to take control of the turrets on your ship. So if I have control of a turret, I would be able to manually track the target and have to keep the target in the cross hairs til the crosshairs turn red if i'm firing a cannon or laser ?. if these devs can pull of something like Mass Effects where it doesn't feel like it's tab targeting then count me in. I'm glad they at least mention having some type of of a creative mode even if its a safe zone to develop your blueprints.
  2. As someone who is interested in this game. I have two questions . First question : I remember reading that the weapons system will be auto targeting but is there anyway a player could take over a turret and move the turret with their mouse or controller and fire on a target ? I've heard that are ways Developers can take a Eve style combat system and simulate manual firing of weapons because I don't mind auto target and auto firing of weapons but I would like the ability to manual fire a weapon on a large ship myself. My second question is. Is there any chance I can build my ship's blueprint in a creative mode type of game and test it in that mode against NPCs? So I won't have to waste resources on making tons of corrections to my ship in normal game play?
  3. Well there is nothing wrong with your question at all. One thing most MMO players that play these type games don't understand is that a majority of builders that play these games are more single player or lone wolf style of gamers. Multiplayer is something they will play but they prefer it to be optional. It's always been that way for building games and DU no matter how amazing will it be can't change that culture. That's why Dual Universe I believe will be successful but it will never knock off games like Space Engineers Starmade or Empyrion because those games understand the majority of people that play those games and a majority of people that play building games will always play a single player experience first and play multiplayer when they feel like it. Most of the people that complain about Starmade Space Engineers and Empyrion are the hard core multiplayer guys but they aren't the core fan bases of those type of games.
  4. Well technically from everything I've read it's a light version of Space Engineers meets Eve online with a little bit of No Man Skies mixed in. It sounds like if Eve online allowed you to land on planets and build ships it would be this game in my opinion. With the whole lock on targeting weapons systems Eve uses for combat. I wished they would change the combat mechanics to more of a Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous because that would be awesome. I understand the Devs perspective but I understand yours too. In my opinion, this business model sounds logical but the question is will it work in today's environment?. I won't be surprised if they end up changing the model. Yes sure it worked for some games in the past but it's a different world now. Every playable game is an Alpha game and is still in development. So DU's competition aren't finished developing their games yet and could easily add more features to their game. If there weren't so many other voxel base games and space sims that were either out right now or coming out next year then I could see this working. If I had a choice between Space Engineers, Emyprion , Planet Nomads, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, No Man Skies where I can pay for the game once or pay a subscription fee for this game then I can't honestly say I would gives this game a fair chance. Unless this game really was that good to me but if its using EVE's mechanics then for me personally I don't know about a monthly subscription. Eve has a large fan base so I could see a lot of eve fans flooding into this game but will it be enough to keep the monthly subscription going ? Hey we will see. I do think they should seriously rethink their business model or they could end up like WildStar. Wildstar thought they could release a game in a market with plenty of competition and do a monthly subscription . After a year, reality kicked in and they changed it.
  5. I'm guessing you're not a first person shooter fan. lol I just imagined building a fighter or building a capital ship and getting excited for my first battle but realizing I'm just going to point and click then watch. lol DU devs are way smarter than me, so I bet they can figure out if they really want to. I know if they leave the weapons systems like it is the game will still be huge because EVE online is still popular after all these years.
  6. I'm glad I'm not alone on this. This game looks great but giving players the option to manually fire their own guns if they choose to will make this game the best MMO voxel base game out there in my opinion. It will be no denying it. The only knock on Eve has been flights controls (which now you can fly a EVE ship manually) and the weapons systems.
  7. I've been reading a lot of the information on this game and everything seems fine but I would like to suggest finding a better weapons mechanics than EVE online. Although EVE has it's fans, the whole lock on weapons takes away from the battle in my opinion. I guess it's fun for some but for a game like DUAL Universe it takes away from the freedom idea. So many other Sci FI voxel base games allow you to manually fire your own weapons and even games like Emyprion allows you to take control of your turret and manually fire your turret if you choose to. One of the most entertaining parts of building a ship is having full control over your ship and its weapons. I think using a EVE online weapons lock on system will be a step back for such forward thinking game such as Dual Universe .. Smaller ships dog fights will not be as entertaining and since you're planning on doing multi crew capital ships. If I'm a gunner in a turret then me just locking on and letting my weapons auto aim and shoot will be kind of boring for me. Again I'm not saying that there aren't tons of players that love to point at something and let the game aim and shoot for them but a weapons system like that doesn't bring the Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous fans. They need full control over their weapons. I don't know if this suggestion will be taking seriously because EVE is a popular game but I think for this style of game a EVE combat style of game play will take a lot away from a game like this.
  8. So it's going to be like Eve? I kind of hope players would have full control of their weapons .. The Eve game play just isn't appealing to me. That's kind of a deal breaker for me. OH well you guys have fun.
  9. Yea I only do capital vessels myself. The bigger the better. LOL I build smaller ships every once in a while. Now I read somewhere that there will be AI in this game that will be able to function as your crew but they will not be as good as a human. Which is fine with me. I'm a Solo act most of the time and only play with groups when I'm in the mood.
  10. Well you're right, Wildstar tried the subscription stuff for a while until they realized it wasn't enough players willing to pay for their subscription and they had to switch to free to play. The subscription model are usually successful if there isn't any real competition in the market. Wildstar tried to push the subscription model in a market where there were plenty of free to play and pay to win MMOs. So most people just laughed at that idea and waited for Wildstar to get real. lol .I think Dual Universe might end up having to change the subscription model as well because although this game is very ambitious, Dual Universe is stepping into a gaming Arena with heavy competition . DU may have some awesome features but it has competition and a lot of it's competition are two or more years of development ahead of it. Games like Space Engineers, Star Made, Empyrion and plus Planet Nomad another new game just like Space Engineers and using the same engine as Empyrion is coming out in 2017 as well. So Dual Universe is no where near the only show in town. None of these games are subscription . You just pay 20 to 25 dollars and you own the whole game not to mention if there is a steam sale and you get them for cheaper than that. Space Engineers nor Empyrion may have Dual Universe's features YET but I would not be surprised if these games have similar features as DU by the time it's alpha comes out in 2017. Every single one of these games are still in Alpha as well. I think Dual Universe may need to rethink the subscription model because the competition is not using it. I think it will be hard to keep enough players interested enough to pay a monthly fee when they can pay a one time price and get a game that is close to the samething as DU. I guess we will see what happens but I believe after a few months of using the subscription model they will end up having to change.
  11. Well I've imported ships into Starmade and Space Engineers. its not that hard at all. As long as you have the tools. Both games at this moment do not have any in game tools to do it but very talented players created their own tools to do it. So it may happen anyway because usually someone finds away to do it. Plus space engineers and Starmade have talked about putting a in game tool that allows players to import their models. It's really not a big deal because some players like to spend their free time detailing models and flying their models around. Builders like me can do both, I can import but I love my original ships that build as well. If this game truly is about freedom then adding a system to import 3d models should be part of it in my opinion. Honestly if players going to build a star wars or stargate ship then I think they should use a 3d model because when iconic ships aren't built correctly it kind of takes something away from it in my opinion.
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