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  1. I'm kind of confused when it comes to giveaway keys for Kickstarter backers, but from what I can tell, KS backers get none. On the other hand, someone sent a long chart of what KS packs gets keys, but I am not sure if the info was reliable, so I'd like to make this one clear once and for all. Do Kickstarter backers will get any giveaway beta keys?
  2. No chance of that happening anytime before release, if at all. Most likely not gonna happen, it was discussed many times prior.
  3. Quote: "Now in the future, AFTER Beta, there will be things like the fact that through PVP you can conquer territories - basically destroy a territory unit and put your own..." So does that imply that Territory Warfare announced in the roadmap will not be somewhere in beta (2020 or early 2021) and be postponed for the release, later in 2021? Can we get a comment from NQ to clarify? It came to me as an unannouced change to the roadmap without being highlighted, so it is either that or a misinformation. For once I hope its the latter. Link to the quote: Does anyone
  4. discordauth:FXmDTNmBz-JMBqdVx-lWFRL1XQ5t_1RU0RbkFqtntQg=

  5. How is DU not an RPG if it greatly focuses on actual roleplaying of your character? Its even mentioned in the section about the Moon Secure Areas. People need a safe space to roleplay, it doesn't only mean having character progression. DU is mainly an RPG with elements of world building, thats for sure. For a pen&paper RPG enthusiast as me this was the selling point of the game. I am free to create a group of players, roleplaying our characters and interacting with other groups without breaking our immersion. You don't have "roleplaying wars" as in theme park MMOs, you can declare a war on
  6. I am more worried about PVP. If you can create Sanctuaries then it really defeats the purpose of PVP. You can't raid a big factory, a commercial spot, a military traning facility with tons of military gear stored there, cause all those things will be at the sanctuary. The assets of organizations will be literally untouchable, only resources may be the reason to fight, which is really disappointing and limits the opportunity for persistent wars over multiple assets of various importance.
  7. The theme for this game was like the game was suppose to be - giving hope to have a great piece of art that would allow us to create and fight with entire fleets and empires of players, player built cities, RDMS system was also suppose to be in this and proceduraly generated terrain with minable and modifilable voxel terrain. Sounds familiar? I feel like Dual Universe is this promise that was never delivered with StarForge. Thats why I was listening to this while thinking about DU.
  8. Novaquark stated that you are free to stream and make videos of the alpha. Its in the FAQ or somewhere easy to find
  9. I don't want to break it to you all guys who spoke about wars in Alpha but: "Combat mechanics are scheduled among the last gameplay mechanics that will be implemented ( currently scheduled around end of Alpha, beginning of Beta )..." A response I got from the devs in the comments section in the May dev diary.
  10. Basically you just "target" the ship and then it engages in combat, automatically aiming and shooting. I was wondering if there will be "classes" that will either directly control or indirectly provide help for turret systems but I found in one devblog about multi-crew about "left board side turret controler" or something like this, well, we will see.
  11. I have searched for quite a while and haven't found any information on it whatsoever. My question is - if combat will be "lock on like EVE", will there be a "class" of a gunners that controls set of turrets firing upon the enemy, or will the system be fully automated?
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