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  2. I just wanted to touch on the combat mechanics of larger ships. I've played ALL of the space sim/building games available and I dislike how they all work. I have been playing a game called Dreadnought recently and this is the ship combat style I'd like to see in games like this. Unfortunately it's not an open world voxel building game. Currently in other ship building games you can really only place turrets that automatically track (and suck at it; empyrion). Yes you can also man the turret, but then you can't fly the ship. I'd rather have a free looking reticle and where you aim while you are flying is where your turrets will aim and shoot, flying would be wasd like if walking. Of course you would have to intelligently place turrets because the starboard side wouldn't be able to fire to the port side, and top/bottom etc. Then there would have to be two different flight models for fighter style and capital ship style...It's what I hope for, though.
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