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  1. I appreciate the thought out and logical response. But still... They are a business, and as all businesses do, they want to get as much money out of their clients as possible. Towards this end, businesses are not against fabricating statistics and reasons why the most profitable business model is the best for the game. They also like to use subtle tricks like suggestability, such as putting an image of a thumbs up or thumbs down beside what they want to convince you of... "theres a thumbs up next to it, so it must be the preferable option" is how your inclined to respond on a subconsciou level. Ultimately, Ive always seen buy to play games perform better than pay to play business models. Guild wars 2 has always been doing well, and had the praise of the community, Elite Dangerous, same there... Although the Engineers update has outraged the community... But the devs are addressing the communities feedback and concerns in that, so they are going the right direction. Another thing I'd like to point out about the "PLEX model", is that it reduces your time in-game to that of work. You're spending a huge chunk of your gametime working to be able to do the same thing next month. It puts people off a game. Buy to play/Free to play models can work for any game... All you have to do is pursue it, work at it until you find a way that works for that game... THe fact these guys arent even attempting it and are just going to go with a sub model, that says it all. If I was a game developer, every single game I lauched would be lauched with a buy to play business model, and in my forums would be stated that "we are going to try to keep a free buy to play business model for you, but it may not be possible because it may not support the game and(insert other reasons)." And if it was starting to fail, I would update the community stating that we needed to switch. I understand that you may understand and see the reasoning behind their decision, but make no mistake, they are a business, and businesses employ tactics to secure the best deal for themselves. This includes wording and twisting facts to their advantage. As I said, if they wanted to attempt a buy to play model, they could. But they are choosing to not even attempt it. If elder scrolls online can start with a sub model, and then change to f2p because its failing, then this game could start as buy to play and switch if it fails also. And in all honesty, I expect this to go the same way, they will launch as a sub model, see people arent falling for it, and end up having to switch to free/buy to play. I'll wait until then I think. Again, I appreciate your thought out response, but keep your eyes open to the fact developers are running a business, and will do whatever they can to get more money from players. Even if that means lieing to your face, and trying to come up with reasons to justify why the most expensive method is best.
  2. For the love of god, do not make yet another monthly sub game... There is no legitimate reason to do this... And the only people who defend such a model are gamers with more money than sense, or greedy game developers... Make it buy to play, with an in-game cash shop with cosmetic and convenience items, like all good MMO's these days do... Its a fair business model, and you will earn what you deserve, based on how good the game is. Which will give you an incentive to improve it further to make more money. You already have a game which is basically Star Citizen/Elite Dangerous meets Space engineers, that already sounds pretty damn good to me... So you would still rake it in cash wise. And bare in mind whenever a good looking game is free/buy to play, knowledge of it spreads through the gaming comunity via word of mouth like a lightning bolt... Monthly sub business models are only utilized by greedy developers who want nothing more than to exploit and rob the gaming community... The monthly sub needs to go the way of the dinosaur, because there are better business models in existence these days... So please, do not use this business model... I want to play this game when its released, and while I have more than enough money to pay for a sub, I will not do it... But if it was buy to play, with an ingame cash shop, I would buy the game, AND spend money in the cash shop if you gave us interesting worth it items to buy in there...
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