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  1. Since there is almost no AI, a healthy player base is important for me. It is only alpha, I don't expect anything. But out of curiosity: Are there any numbers of concurrent players?
  2. Thank you all for your answers! I've read the FAQ, but I'm still unsure about NPCs. Will there be wildlife on the planets? And if I build a bigger ship, can I man different parts of the vessel with NPCs? D:U is a true sandbox game with everything created by players, I know that by now. But does that exclude any kind of NPC interaction (except of these market NPCs that are announced of course)?
  3. Hey everyone! I'm a long-term Star Citizen defender and casual Elite Dangerous player. I do like both casual space games like No Man's Sky, and more complex voxel-based space sandboxes like Space Engineers. I even enjoyed EVE for a bit, but haven't played it for a long time. On the initial announcement of Dual Universe, I was really excited to get my hands on the game. Unfortunately, I didn't keep up with the latest information. If some questions are obvious, I'm sorry for that. I have some generic questions you'll probably hear once in a while and the answers may change ofter time, this is why I still ask them even if Google already has some results. My first question is about the marketing of the game and how you would rate the developers if a specific scenario happens: We are in the happy situation that we get more and more variety in space games. Not every game is a contender for Dual Universe, but it is still a niche genre. Many games do not require a monthly subscription. While the subscription is definitely for the good of the game and while this game has definitely enough to stand for its own, I wonder if the devs overthink their decision if the game massively lacks players. And I wonder if you would accept a change to a fair F2P model as well, if everything else would lead to the death of the game. This is important for me, because I've supported several games that closed their doors shortly after because of lacking concurrent players. A bit more generic question: Is there information about what is procedurally generated and what not? For example, are the generated planets, but with hand-made citys? When I invest my money in one of the supporter packs, when can I start supporting the game with my feedback? The top of the website - as stated in the supporter packs - does not show a Pre-Alpha Test date. Are we talking about four tests a year or about four tests a month? My last question: How would you personally rate the ambitions of this project, especially if you have already spent a lot of time with this project? I'm not one of the cool kids who hate Star Citizen because the development takes so long. I still defend it, and I still believe in their vision. But I'm actually a bit annoyed that games like Elite Dangerous get very close to Star Citizens ambitions in much shorter time, while offering a great gameplay loop already. Do you believe that this game will reach its goals in a reasonable amount of time? Do you think we will actually play this game in two years? Thank you for your time!
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