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  1. Grizzord

    In-game voice.

    I have been watching this thread for a while now and i see that the biggest worry is stress on the server. the fact is, is that voip servers do not have to be integrated with the main game server at all. in other words there could be a completely different server the voip is running through and the main game server simply connected to it and having to encode/ decode the audio coming through it simply plays the audio. granted the server would have to calculate distance and whether you are in a ship or not but, the server already does this for different rendering mechanics and gameplay mechanics. in my mind the server has to very minimal extra work in order to implement this. Also i saw a comment suggesting the there be a voice comms/ paging mechanic for sip to ship communication. i entirety agree with this. for situations like entering a planet owned by a large organization, you can quickly ask for passage without needing to go through join 3 different discord servers. i agree that yes i will be talking to my friends through discord but i would agree that in game voice is necessary for full launch. prob not in alpha but at least for launch.
  2. i agree thats why i originally suggested just cosmetic changes.
  3. forgot th standard military side arm as well as a side note. i got all of these images from google so ya.
  4. Im not entirely sure what the devs have said lately about personal weapons such as rifles and pistols on so on but, i had an idea if the do decide to put some sort of personal defense weapon for when Pirates and such board your ship. the idea is mostly just to have one rifle and one pistol. same specs for everyone and make the weapons hitscan as to make to where there is never a ohysical projectile in the server.(i think hit scan is the proper term im looking for). any way to make things more interesting, you could allow organizations to go into a micro voxel editor in game and design custom "looking" rifles and pistols. that way say that pirates could have a pistol and rifel that looks like this and this then say some one who wants to be an "alien race" could have their weapons look like this and a pistol like this then say the Standard military weapon of choice rifle so the idea is to only allow cosmetic changes via custom "voxel" weapons. all the stats would be identical. or if you guys wanted the stats could be changeable via different rifle types. any way i wanted to hear to communities thoughts on this?
  5. Grizzord

    Combat Style!

    Thank you for the explanation it was perfectly laid out for me. and i now that i understand better i can rest easier. one last question though.. will there be front facing turrets for single maned ships?? i assume so but just a question.
  6. Grizzord

    Combat Style!

    So from what has been announced, they said that they plan and an eve online target then fire system for construct battle. i for one was thinking how this could be a detriment to smaller smuggler ships who would gain an advantage by flying in circles around larger ships and being able to fire "projectile" weapons such as plasma bolts aka starwars. now the issue that they have stated with this is the projectiles would lag the servers. however, if you coded in a hard coded projectile life cycle ergo 5 seconds it would cause minimal the server lag. it could also create new jobs on larger craft. you could have dozens of gunner seats on large battleships and even on smaller fighters. now what i suggest is kind of a combo of what i said and what they have. i suggest that they have both lock on style weapons that are more effective damage wise and free fire weapons that do smaller amounts of damage. what do you guys think????
  7. So i was watching some of the NQ youtube videos from the alpha( i dont have access). and i noticed that the smoke plume from the direction thrusters are huge. so i thought that considering all the futuristic tech the can make the directional thrusters less mono propellant/NASA like. more like star wars repulsors.... if that makes sense.... sorry if i broke NDA in any way.
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