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  1. Thank you all for your replies, they have been very infomative. also dude I've been trying but aside from the forum there isn't much to work with.
  2. Hey, so I'm just beginning to look into Dual Univers but IDK if it's worth it to buy the game rn. I got Star Citizen but that game is just too much for my old PC so I'd like to make sure I don't make the same mistake twice. So I have a few Question : 1) The site says 8G of RAM is the minimum but is that true ? (it wasn't for SC) 2) Do I need to know how to code ? I looks like code will be integrated into the game just like it is for Space Engineers, is it ? (if so what lenguage) 3) How come there isn't any gameplay videos online ? do you sign an NDA as you buy one of the packs ? 4) If I buy a pack (most likely the basic one) am I guaranteed immediate acces to evverything that is currently available ? 5) Is the game FUN ?! (solo as well as in groups) 6) How much time do I need to inves in to truly enjoy the game ?
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