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    namco reacted to gyurka66 in Raming ship   
    Do you mean we shouldn't write down our suggestions? And what makes you think that the only programmers in the whole DU community are the developers? I for one never worked on a project so big but i learnt programming, networking and some shit about hardware. And even if i'm not as qualified as the developers of the game my ideas can give them ideas even if it might seem that they are unable to implement it for some reason let them worry about it if they don't like and idea or think it's not possible they won't care about it.
    And the other thing is that Zero-G physcis and voxel based damage are not groundbreaking at all as they have been used in numerous other games already. You always cry about how the server can't handle this kind of calculations but as you already said NQ already made a server tech just to maximise the effectiveness of these calculations.
    Very Sad.
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    namco got a reaction from gyurka66 in Raming ship   
    I keep seeing a lot of "can't be done, server load too much" kind of replies in a lot of threads. But in this thread, I will post a little FAQ for you guys.

    First off, game server, I would say 80% of today's games still run on single core servers. Meaning if you have an 8 core processor, you can run 8 servers on one machine (given you have the memory, hard-drive space, and network bandwidth to handle it). 15% of games run on dual core machines. And 4% run on four cores. A whopping 1% uses 6 or more cores. Its not much.

    So, "what does this mean you might ask." Me personally, the devs seem to know what they are doing. Their shard system is vastly different than any current MMORPG and as they said, will ensure 1000's of players in one area no issue because of how the shards will split the load.

    But, I also keep hearing "can't be done, too much server load". Well, with such brilliant programming, you can spread the load per core. Lest I remind you there are 32 core 64 thread server cpu's on the market now which very high core speeds compared to many older server chips.... If the developers load their game up with massive cpu's that can handle more, and have the proper code to follow suit on the server end, the possibilities are limitless. 10 years ago, yeah I would agree, it can't be done.

    Just for an example, one server can have two cpu's, 64 cores, 128 threads, 2-4TB of memory (yes, TB, compared to desktops with 1-32gb), throw in an optical network solution that connects to a business optical solution, you could have seemingly limitless bandwidth. YES, I understand all of this costs money. But, at our great elders have said, you have to spend money to make money..... Now if they can spread server load, and have separate cores handle separate things, you can potentially handle very large amounts of load absolutely no issue. Now we all know that graphics cards handle physics better than typical cpu's, this is FACT. So, in this regard, get the smaller dual socket boards that have multiple pci-e ports. Have a gpu in every port and write the server code to use the gpu's similar to bit coin mining, ie you aren't render graphics, you are running raw code which is handled completely differently.

    FROM ALL THIS, anything is possible, its just down to the developers to do it  Sure, there is the idea that "right now" it would be an issue, but they can iron all these out as they progress in development. It just takes a keen eye and a brilliant mind to show them the path, and they already have brilliant minds that can code and take advantage of it.... Honestly, I hope they see this post and go "holy crap, its doable". I know it is, and now they can too. Its just up to them to code, which I can admit, is hard, as I can't code at all, tried to learn both c++ and python, always get stuck and dunno how to move forward, coding isn't my forte, but solving puzzles and coming up with great idea's, is my forte, hence why I am a mechanic by trade, I follow technology closely in terms of hardware, and I even studied some law. I have absolute faith that the devs can handle the task of pushing their tech even further to give us a truly amazing world to play in.
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    namco got a reaction from gyurka66 in Raming ship   
    what i posted about servers and technology is fact. not my fault you cannot comprehend it, maybe read a book before you make a stupid argument like "the devs know more than you". that's just small minded and absolutely hilarious. 

    developers don't always have the answers, just like I may not have all the answers. you can google my facts, just like bit coin, physics calculations finish a lot faster and are more efficient when running on a GPU vs a CPU. If they have say 40 servers to handle the load index they described where servers will load certain zones to keep the game running well and have 1000's in the same node, they could put a gpu or a few of them, and code their stuff to run all physics calculations on the gpu instead of cpu, increasing the overall physics performance server side no issue. IGNORING that means you simply can't handle the truth.

    I UNDERSTAND the NQ said they weren't going to work on ship collision because they don't want people ramming ships. they are going for "tab targeting" which makes ramming ships pretty much useless anyway. its not a twitch shooter when in ship cockpit.

    HOWEVER, my facts about physics can work for more things than just ship collision mechanics, it can also be used for water, and land based vehicles.

    The biggest reason Indy (independent) developers seem to be doing things other mainstream developers are not, is because they have the mindset of "IT CAN BE DONE" as apposed to the typical mind of "it can't be done.... don't even try". There is a reason why mainstream games have gone downhill in overall quality. the similar "it can't be done, its too much work, its too much time" etc. That negativity is ruining gaming.

    Technology has far surpassed what we currently use in games. I don't mean player side where some games barely get 60fps at 4k. I am talking about the game itself and the technology in it. We can do so much more, but people like you, say no, lets just keep doing what we are doing because everything is impossible.....
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    namco reacted to gyurka66 in Raming ship   
    Actually physical calculations take much more resources than subtracting from a variable until it's zero and then deleting it.
    and i don't think there will be too much ramming ever, because space is big even now and i heard they are making planets much bigger than they are in the prototype. The chances of eve encountering anyone point blank is pretty slim and i think collisions will only happen in either atmospheric fights(where a collision is almost certain death) or between fighters and their carriers.
    The only complication i see in collision damage is that it would look really lame between two bigger ships and totally not look like some star wars collision between star destroyers. But fighters scracthing the surface of a destroyer are way more cooler.
    So in the end i think collision warfare would limit itself but if it turns out to be  a problem they can still limit the damage of one collision forcefully. I don't see a problem with implementing collision damage.
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    namco got a reaction from gyurka66 in Raming ship   
    Physics is a gpu load, not a cpu. Running psychics on cpu is literally the wrong way to run physics. Most companies who run physics calculations have a similar setup to bit coin mining rigs with multiple gpu's to actually pound out said physics code, because gpu's are better at it.

    I guarantee they don't have a set server farm setup yet. They probably have a few test servers and that's it. Add 1-8 gpu's per server rig and the physics issue load is solved in one fell swoop. If they can code a new algorithm for handling server load itself to where 1000's of players can hang out in the same spot and even fight each tother, than coding their game to use gpu's for physics calculations would significantly improve performance, which would mean we could even see actual wheels and such instead of "hover/flying" tech only, and we would also see water. "but water would be too much calculations" well, from other thing they said is that scripting only works when someone is present, I thought they meant your scripts only run when YOU are present, they haven't clarified, but if they can basically "turn off" unused sectors and then "turn them on" when a player is actually there to interact with them, then everything people are claiming can't be done, can be done. Server technology isn't how it was years ago. Not to mention, if you pay attention to how games are run server side, its all code, no game. Its not like running the game on your pc. However, look at the servers today. 80% are single core servers. That means you could have an 8 core server and its only using 1 core to run said game. 15% are dual core games that run on 2 cores, 4% run on 4 cores, and 1% run on 6 cores or more. We have 32 core/64 thread cpus, and none of that is properly getting utilized. If the devs here making DU decided to use all the horsepower that they can, anything is possible....
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    namco reacted to philux in actual physical targeting instead of locking   
    I concur with OP. Hopefully, Novaquark can come up with a hybrid system that allows for actual projectile physics in less crowded instances for a more realistic experience.
    Relying only on tab locking reduces dog fighting and ground infantry combat to aiming and dice rolling, which is IMHO a contradiction to the otherwise modern approach of the game.
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    namco reacted to Veln in Raming ship   
    NQ is already doing the physics collisions for constructs. They have a video of a spaceship landing on a space station from 2016.
    Adding in a flat damage calculation wouldn't require any more physics calculations to be done, because it's already happening. So the load of adding collision damage would be pretty negligible.
    Personally I don't care one way or the other if they decide to add damage to collisions or not, but it wouldn't create a performance issue for the server.
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    namco reacted to Davis in Automated Weapons Systems   
    I think having automated base defense is necessary to prevent issues that plague games like Rust and other builder pvp sandboxes. That issue being offline raiding!
    All of you have made great points but I think what it comes down to is balance. Automated turrets for a base allows for players to plan defenses while they are offline. There shouldn’t be a limit on the amount of automated turrets or anything simply because attacking a base should never be easy. It should be something you have to plan for and maybe even fail at a couple of times. Automated turrets will bolster defences and make that a reality.
    Whether you are a 1000 strong army or a 10 man invading force, whomever you are attacking has the right to defend themselves to the point where it might make cost you more than it’s worth. This helps the small orgs against the big ones. Don’t get me wrong though, if a 100 people attacked 10 people, it should be balanced so that those 100 people with the right planning and resources should pretty much always trump what 10 people could hope to invest in defences. 
    I think it just comes down to if you’re willing to invest large amounts of resources into defences then it should be really hard to take your base. That’s the trade off and it means they wouldn’t have invested anywhere else or not as much in areas like fleets, colonies, mining operations and then you can target those areas as a way to weaken them.
    Maybe even an upkeep system for autoturrets would make it fair so that it’s costly to maintain large amounts of them!
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    namco reacted to yamamushi in Impatient Dual Universe Fans Be Like   
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    namco reacted to Wilks Checkov in Organizational Propaganda   
    "Image Deleted"
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    namco reacted to Miamato in Newtonian Physics. blender 3d model Import   
    This game is MMO and you won't be able to create solar systems or planets on your own, they would be procedure-generated. So in this case you will be able to explore only. You are able to change planet appearance by mining and building things on it, but from what I saw in devblogs and forums - planets would be really gigantic and it can take too much time to recreate landscapes from real life on them. 
    As for building stuff ingame - I believe you will be able to recreate real space rockets and adjust behavior of engines to be more similar to what we have in real life with lua scripts. 
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    namco reacted to Croomar in State your ideas: Possible future expainsion contents   
    Novaquark and JC have talked about expansions for DU coming after release in regular intervalls. 
    One of these expansion is for example the one with which we'll get stargates and each of then has a theme or topic to it.
    While each of these ideas could probably fill a topic on their own, I'd like to collect a few brief descriptions of possible updates. 
    Farming & Breeding
    Something that JC has reacted quite positively to when the topic was brought up during the GDC meetup. He said that if there's interest in the field, they'd seriously consider it. 
    I can imagine growing industrial plants for certain materials like padding, bases for plastics, medicinical herbs and the likes as well. 

    As for breeding, since there's supposed to be both primitive alien life and some kind of pet, both could be breedable. As JC said during one of the more recent interviews,  food will be a thing, so harvesting meat from your breedable livestock, maybe even create fuel from fat. Pets could be breeded to sell them to other players.
    Dynamic elements
    It's something that a lot of people have been asking for, or that's at least expected by most but very difficult with the voxel and server technology DU is using. Elements that can rotate, and turn, pistons, slides and pumps could help a lot when creativity is limited by ingame possiblities.

    Water dynamics
    For the beginning, water is planned to stay a texture. JC has stated numerous times, that they will add proper water dynamics though. Part of this system would then be to make underwater bases, maybe even whole cities. 
    It would enable an ocean biom and maybe even whole ocean planets with its own ecosystem and other kinds of primitive alien life. 

    Intelligent Alien races
    An update that introduces other races of intelligent life. Alien races that may be native to one of the systems the players discover could become playable as an alternative to the human characters and create factions that can choose to side with each other or wage war. Multiple alien races and factions could be mplemented.
    Modular elements
    In order to increase the variety in elements as there are only different sizes of them available, elements could be created out of multiple smaller sub-elements that together form a new, functional element. Turrets could be built out of bases, barrels, muzzels and other parts, fuel tanks can be split into different segments, thrusters into engines, exhausts and a turbine. 
    The final element gets different stats depending on material and number of the sub-elements used.
    What are some other themes you could imagine? 
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    namco reacted to Miamato in State your ideas: Possible future expainsion contents   
    Actually a lot of people may come to the game if it has some descent farming simulation  Especially if you can open your own Space Donalds or Burger Queen. 
    All I want is dynamically change hulls of the ships. As described in some other topics - a set of blocks/modules that will add movement to your bases/ships, ie rotate/slide/pump/piston things. So that you can press a button and your transport ship will change 'archived state' to big hangar state where you can dock ships, place cargo boxes, etc. Or build base with rotating circle around it, etc. But unfortunately I'm almost confident it won't happen at least few years if would at all.
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    namco reacted to GunDeva in State your ideas: Possible future expainsion contents   
    Expansions : Water  =) if they can make water work in the game then that has a potential for water worlds which would add variety in the types of planets we could colonized plus under water bases and cities seem like it would be cool to have ! 
    I guess a alternate would be if we could not build in the water you could still make a planet with lots of islands ?    =)   just saying !
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    namco got a reaction from Tiberio Octavio in Sub-Organizations?   
    I didn't even have to read to agree. The idea that the main organization is huge, but you can have sub "contractor" style sub-organizations, like say a 3 man assassin squad called "Bladed Gore" and they are a part of "The Rapture" organization (just examples, I suck at naming lol). Then there could be a building group inside "The Rapture" called "Hells Angles" which is a group of lets say 5 elite pilots that have the skills not only for fighter but also freighters and are actually good at it. Then you could have "Contractors United" which also under "The Rapture" who happens to be a group of contractors that help building anything related to "The Rapture" organization. This would be sooooooo cooooooool I am getting stupid excited just typing/thinking about it. Then the organization could maybe have "The Rapture" symbol on their back, and then their individual mini organization or "business" on their sleeve with its own icon. OMG I can't wait for this freaking game!
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    namco reacted to Xenoform101 in Ground vehicles   
    So far I've only heard about the hovercraft you've mentioned. But i do agree that wheeled/tracked vehicle would be cool to have as well.
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    namco reacted to Haunty in Ground vehicles   
    No wheeled vehicles. Hovercraft will be the ground vehicles. Wheeled vehicles could be possible in a later expansion after release.
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    namco reacted to JNDuval in Copy Right Infringment   
    Blueprint should have the name of their original creator, that way you can know if you are buying legit or if it's scam. I can definitely see some people trying to recreate designs that are popular in the Verse to sell them to unsuspecting players. More experienced players will know not to trust some rando trying to sell them something fishy without investigating it first.
    If the original creator wants to deal with a thief they can just hire people with big guns to go and deal with it.
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