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  1. These are all defensive elements: Give us an Automatic CWIS Element that has their own tracking. Purpose of a CWIS is to counter missile attack. No bullet mechanics, just make it animate and sound like it's doing 5000 rounds/minute. Automatic defense system, not manual. This will be RNG. You will be less likely to be hit with missile attacks. Also, give us Chaffs/Flares launched from their launcher-Element When you launched the chaffs, it will create something like this. missile-attacks locked into you will likely miss by RNG. The chance of mis
  2. Add a Conveyor Belt element to this game. Same thing that you did with your Cable elements, make a straight one and make a corner one(90 degree bend. if you want, you can also add a 45 degree ones for more extensiveness). https://ak3.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/12241733/preview/stock-footage-baggage-bags-moving-on-arrival-baggage-belt-in-airport-k-luggage-carousel-is-full-of-bags.webm There are many applications we can use this for, such as line assembly, industrial, screening, freight-loading, to even human escalator. and make them be able to be placed on(by rotating th
  3. Trust me, a garbage game like Bless Online has durability-loss and repairs, it's not healthy and everyone complains about it.
  4. If you build something and it's not maintained, it decomposes like an organic matter? Wow! Clearly, you do not know the procedure of maintenance or even the term "maintenance" is. They lose serviceability if it's not inspected and maintained just like any machine. If you don't use them, they still lose service-life due to environmental factors.
  5. @boots_1588 We are both Canadian. $30/month is not expensive to a Canadian with a job. Gaming is a hobby and a hobby has an associated costs. You spend money on things like gym-membership and you couldn't pay a single cent to an MMO? I do not understand some people, seriously. Buy-to-Play alone and without a Cash Shop does not work on an MMORPG, let alone Buy-to-Play with only Cosmetic Cash Shop. $50 for base-game and you expect them to maintain the server for years with frequent additional content and fix updates? I support the Pay-to-Play system of this game. If there are m
  6. Hi! This is Eternal. I would like to publicly announce that I would be temporarily leaving Dual Universe. It has been proven by my experience itself that I could not bear to play this game at this early pre-Alpha state. I understand that this is "pre-Alpha" and that is why I am willing to wait, but right now, I just cannot take it. There are enough people to test this game, I'm sure you don't need me. There are people here who have left the community and came back (like KittyKhatt for example) and I intend to do exactly the same. Let me talk to you on how I first got into Dual Universe;
  7. @Caesares 你会讲国语吗?还是广东话?还是两个都? (your location says Hong Kong )
  8. Eternal


    Then you respawn in resurrection-node or default-respawn-spot. You cannot remove a bed when someone is sleeping in it. However, if it's destroyed (from the PVP), then they died offline and will have to respawn. That is the persistent way of doing it.
  9. Eternal


    Are we gonna have like a bed-element in this game where your character can sleep and log-out on, and when you log-in, you spawn in it? Since the ship is moving, the bed inside will also move along with the ship. That is 1 solution that I am thinking to have. Use the bed as a log-out-mechanic because the ship is moving, and you spawn exactly on the location where you log-out (it's not possible to spawn in the ship when it's moving). I propose this to NQ. @NQ-Nyzaltar, please look at this.
  10. Eternal


    This is just an idea regarding what the player-base can do. Have anyone thought of running a commercial-Airline in this game? The Airline-fleet is acquired by ordering ship-types from manufacturers. This will be composed of assets that can carry many passengers per flight (we are talking about 300+ passengers like the Boeing 777-300ER). The crew will be composed of a Captain, a First-Officer, a Coordinator, a Mechanic/Technician, and Cabin-Crews (Flight-attendants), and maybe a medic. The airline will offer classes of seats (economy-class, business-class, premiums, etc). You have to buy your f
  11. I am here to apologize for my misbehavior regarding my toxic post "How complicated can this game get?". I do believe that this is not an appropriate conduct; for that I am going to apologize; I am deeply sorry! I realized that there were no logic to my rants at all and that the game is on it's current phase of development (longer testing-periods will come on later development-stage of the game). I don't have a better way to mend this but to express my sincere apology and regret to you all regarding my inappropriate behavior through this letter of apology. I am so sorry! Here today,
  12. Yet Revelation Online(天谕)is far more expensive in China. nah, you people are rich!
  13. 嗨!欢迎来到Dual Universe。如果你愿意,可以加我为好友(我没有微信,没有QQ,因为我是加拿大公民)。 我是中菲混血。我会中文,菲律宾文,以及英文。
  14. discordauth:weRUwjTBMwqbVDZ7FPLuDGl5nRnv2K9NUfxCfIO_zGM=

  15. Hi, I have a question about the Supporter's Pack. As you can see, I am a Ruby Founder, I know that they will give us the Patron's Pack as well(not all of the features, but most of it). The questions are; 1. If I pledged again, will I get the Black Earth Legacy Outfit Black Arkship Passenger Outfit 2. What are the things I will actually get if I pledged again? 3. When does Supporter's Pack end (the deadline)? 4. Is there any way to upgrade your Founder's Pack? Ruby to Emerald? I'm thinking about pledging again, but I don't know exactly what I'm gonna
  16. Terran Union is China? I thought they're American? And which Org is North Korea?
  17. Since we are unlikely to have wheels in this game due to technicalities, how about something modern and something without involvement of wheels, "Electromagnetic rail propulsion" like maglev-trains with possible application as well to vertical-elevators. Please hear my proposal out. I will simplify my idea on this picture below: The 4 things that I circled below are elements that must be created to introduce this technology to us. They have their functions, that's why they are elements. While the rest in the picture are all player-constructed. If you can give us these elements
  18. Since we have a Nano-Former in this game (a device which can deploy just about any material), I propose a 3D-printing Mechanical-Arm than can be fitted to an Auxiliary-Ship for Repair-purposes. They can weld back a damaged-ship and provide that support of Repair to a fleet. If we have such technology as Nano-Formers, ofcourse this Mechanical-Arm can Cast(Repair) anything. How does the Arm work? Hydraulic-Actuators and remote-controlled! (just like fly-by-wire, the electrical-control is converted to mechanical-movement) The Arm must have a Welding-Torch (it's Torch and Fille
  19. So as I was saying, laser-tech is a "must" in this game. In a world that is situated 10,000 years ahead from the present, an absence of this technology will make this game look unsophisticated, as we already have this technology right now in the present (since 50 years ago!). 10,000 years in the future, who knows, they can also be used for ground-based anti-air-defence. According to my imagination, a big territory can be heavily fortified with these anti-air-lasers where enemies will try to breach through this defence. It will be heavily fortified like the airbase in
  20. So as I already explained, these are technically possible! Just to give NQ some of my ideas. Genesis/Requiem of Gundam Seed (in real-life, beams as powerful as these are invisible, as I already explained. For in-game-immersion, make them visible as you like, I don't care. Basic-parts are giant-reflector-dish where the energy is all directed from, and an Output-Coupler and Amplifier Assembly which are designed in 1-single-assembly): Make the doped-glass of the Amplifier (which is made out of rare-material called "Erbium". you will make this rare in the game for ampl
  21. Laser-tech are overratedly unrealistic even though this technology have been around since 1950s? To tell you the truth, it's being used in the military "right now". Have you ever heard of LAWS-weapon-system or perhaps ABLs(Airborne Lasers)? It even exists in guns called PHASRs. Yes, these are reality! The concept is really simple. How do you produce lasers? Through optical amplifier! It's basically a cone(we call this cone a "pump" and the bore of this cone is optical or made out of mirror. otherwise, how do you expect the energy to reflect?) with mirrors on both ends(the rear-mirror is what w
  22. @0something0 I thought about it myself, it's kind of hard to achieve such engine-customization through Sandbox-way(even if you just want Stats and Animation with no physics-involvement) because of the tech-limitation. We can achieve it though, through Forza-Motorsports-like Parts-Upgrade and Tuning. The Lexus-car in the picture can represent our Engine that already has it's own Nacelle(it is one-Element). There are many Engine-models in this game, just like we have many cars in Forza. There are also many Upgrades within each Engine-models (just need the right-resources to
  23. Well, the point is, it's aerodynamic-sound that makes much of the noise produced by powerplants. It is factor to that(unless you have a terribly-designed-exhaust). It's really the blades that makes most of the noise. Same principles with propeller, jet engines have spinning-blades too(and they spin faster). Yes, DU will have different kinds of engines, including that one you have in the picture which has a divergent-nozzle (it's actually convergent-divergent with divergent-outflow to reach supersonic-speed from subsonic. That nozzle is a good design to increase flow-rate or speed,
  24. Size of the Engine affects it's sound? lol. That depends on the bypass-ratio of the engine (lower-bypass produce less noise, believe it or not, because much of the noise will be contained in the exhaust). The Rotor-Blades(the Fan-Blades from the Intake of Compressor, especially), they are the cause of most of the noise in the Powerplant. Now, noise-production does not depend on the size(span) of the blades, but how fast it's rotating in RPM (once it reached supersonic-speed needed for takeoff, it becomes loud). This is called "Aerodynamic-noise" and it's the main of source of noise produced by
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