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  1. It is a part of the game. It is not called griefing, it is called attacking. There is PvP for a reason, and that is to be able to attack people. PvP is just a part of the game. You can't just ignore it. Like you can't just ignore that there are TNTs and Creepers in minecraft. I guess that in future updates there are gonna be auto-turrets to shoot down enemy ships, but you just need to set good defense. There is no griefing, since this isn't made to be a peaceful game like minecraft. It is called attacking.
  2. well, they can just make it not work like that. But by default most games give extreme FOV with ultrawide monitors. Fortnite patched this like a year ago, and PUBG i think also patched this a while ago. I am just saying to fix that fov problem before the ultrawide support ets released. I had forgot that Dual Universe is not so competitive as most other games where FOV is an advantage
  3. HasName

    Black Holes!

    these are all really complicated nerdy stuff, although i understand it. I just said that if they add a second dimension, it would match the name more. My idea is to add the blackholes, not the explanation of its name meaning. But thanks for the explanation
  4. HasName

    Black Holes!

    Black holes will be rare.Very rare, but if you go searching, you might be able to fnd one inside a month.We will follow the concept that black holes are wormholes, and will teleport you somewhere else. So, if you enter a black hole, it will teleport you in another black hole (it could be close or extremely far, you never know). And then, from the other blackhole, you will be able to go back in your previous black hole. So, each blach hole will have a pair. For example, blackhole 1 will warp you to blackhole 2, and blackhole 2 will warp you back to blackhole 1. A black hole will have a 0.2% chance to be a universal blackhole.That means that it will warp you to another universe.An entire universe, exactly like the other. Because if the game is called Dual Universe, and it just has one universe, it doesn't really match its title. Also, add a GPS so we can see coordinates.
  5. can you make a like 1 or 2 hour long video showing every single thing about building starships and thsi kind of stuff?? like everyhting.Exactly what does a core unit do, and what each of its sizes do, every thing that is used on starsips, like flappers, adjusters, fuel tanks, engines, everything and in every of its size( i think there are sizes like s, xs sm, l, xl) .show how to make a starship that goes outside the atmosphere, how to make it go as fast as possible, the best fuel, how to amek a base - starship, you know make a video abotu everything about starships and flying things.Every single thing.
  6. but adding an icon and a custom gui would be better edit: and also,being able make something like a team or clan would be awesome too
  7. it would be cool if players were able to make their own shops,like u open the shop menu, and then u select the player's shop,(it will have an icon that the player will have added)and there,the player who created the shop, iwll be able to make his OWN GUI(ofcourse not with lua programming)and there u will be able to buy and sell products att hte price the player has set.Also, shop owners will be able to start an auction for an item .This is it.DONE
  8. of course i meant to add tutorials on the final game, just some more factory mechanics wouldn't be bad, and last, there is no tutorial on yt on how to make a SPACE ship that goes to OTHER planets.If there is,link it
  9. An other company, called Cofee Stain, is making a game called Satisfactory.That game has INCREDIBLE industry and factory mechanics.So, I would appreciate it if you contacted Cofee Stain and asked them to help you with the factory mechanics of the game.If these 2 games get cobined, a super good game will be created that will make fortnite look like sh*t.Also, don't add in-game purchases for stuff, because then it will be like Clash Of Clans, where you pay a ton of money ($23K)to max level up and get all items free.Add in-game purchases only for buying skins and accessories like Fortnite.That's it.Oh, and add a tutorial that explains everything about the game like how to link objects, how to make a spaceship, etc.
  10. ultrawide support give a ton of FOV and that is game-breaking
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