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  1. Is there a way that I can start over with full tutorial? Like delete my character and start from the begining? Thank You
  2. Logging into game next thing you know it says I am not authorized to join? WTF I paid the highest to join the betas which states that I can and now it won.t let me in? What kind of jack in the box is this?
  3. Hi all my name is Marc and I live in Ottawa Ont. Canada. Hope to see you all in game. am Kind of old but love games like this.
  4. Can a patron packs be gifted?
  5. I upgraded my pledge so that I can play now but was wondering where and when will I get the other keys that can be sent to friends?
  6. So if I read right first off is that if you pledge in silver u will also get access right away. Now my question is and still I have not seen any response do the question asked before is when and where can we go to download the game now so that when alpha opens on Dec 12 I think I saw we can start playing and testing the game? I am trying to wonder where others got to download game that r playing now and you have no link sent to people who pledge not long ago to play. This game seems to be fun and exciting but still need clarification on some of these questions. Thank You
  7. Ok I am very interested in getting this game throu a pledge but I don't understand that somewhere I read that anyone who buys a pack will automatically get into the game now. Is this true? also are you saying that this game will not be out in full till 2020?
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