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  1. Is it even possible to have all 5 tiers in a production line with 1 of each assembler where you can make anything without having to change recipes: I am running into link problems (not enough links available on a container and hubbed containers denied linking ability)....i can get each tier working but the only solution i have found so far for complete automation where interaction with the assembler is the only requirement besides stocking ore is an insane amount of transfer units
  2. anyone know any specifics about rocket placement and usage....my medium core has a medium rocket that just uses up the fuel in 5-10 secs but does nothing for acceleration...only difference i see when activated is the out of fuel message
  3. Good Day Folks, I am Madhatter. Although I do not get angry, I truly am mad but in gaming, I wear many hats. I like to get into every aspect of my gaming experiences. After playing mmo's for the past quarter of a century, I have fried my brain to the point of no return and I do talk to myself, I do love tea and I really love confusing other people. These skill sets have come in quite handy when it comes to pvp strategies and also in frying other people's brains. As you welcome me to your world, I will sure welcome you to my world of fantasy, sci-fi, off-the-wall tactics and, the insanity that is manipulating 0's, 1's and pixels. Seriously though, I am a 49 year old computer technician with some programming background. I may or may not put this to use via LUA...it depends on my mood, wants and needs. I live to game and I game to live but by far my favorite aspects of gaming lie in economics and pvp but I fear that DU will put design at the forefront initially.
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