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  2. Please excuse my bad English. Lua Scripts is really great and full of possibilities but it is also very complex and there I see the biggest problem in the future. For many players, it is too time-consuming or too difficult to deal with the Lua Code. This may cause players to quickly lose interest in Dual Universe, simply realizing that they will never be able to exploit the full potential of Lua. For this reason, here are a few small suggestions. „Lua Scripte Shop“ To get easier at scripts I imagine something like a "Lua Scripts Shop". It is similar to the current market, except that there are offered "Lua Script Module (Item)" (see below). On the left: Categories and a search function. On the right side you will get a short description (text / image) of the script and what you need to know about items (and how to name them). A similar shop could also be used for blueprints. Below you have the possibility to buy this "Lua Script Module" (for free or against Quanta). After the purchase you will have a tradable item the "Lua Script Module". This can be activated in a Control Unit. At the moment it is quite tedious to insert something from others in the Lua Editor. You have to look at what is coming and see that there are no problems with your own changes. That's why I thought of something like a "Lua Script Modul". „Lua Script Moduls“ Are tradeable items that you can activate in a Control Unit / Program Board, they are to be understood as mods in other games. They do not change anything visible (adjustable) on the existing configuration of the unit, but only in the background. So you have the opportunity at any time to change his own Lua Script something, without encountering any extensions / changes in the code. You can enable or disable them in Control Unit / PogrammBoard. The author / creator has the ability to protect and hide the source code. To activate one needs only all items, with the correct name (as in the module description) the "Lua Script module" and then everything should work. You need a "Lua script module" per unit. These ideas may make it easier and more enjoyable for some gamers to engage with Lua, and it reduces the feeling of having been no chance versus other players (who are more familiar with Lua). Sincerely yours HappyDevil
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