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  1. Currently we can only sort market orders.Adding filter feature would make browsing market orders much easier and would save lot of time and brain power.
  2. Yes behind the scene we will be something like a hauling orgnisation.Its more like delivery scheme than trading scheme.
  3. In DU different planets have different ores.If you will sell ore on the planet you have mined it then obviously you will get less money because theres a suplus of it there. But Liquidity is on alioth.Prices are determined on alioth's market.(atleast till now) Now if you mined Ore X on jago.Then you would want it to sell it on alioth.For which you have to haul it physically to alioth. Thats where our bank comes in.
  4. Our organizational structure is also straightforward at the moment. We will operate branches on different planet with branch managers, branch cashiers, security guards and supporting staffs. We will also operate a builders department concerned with the design of the fortifications of our branches. We will operate a central reserve in a safe zone holding atleast "ore = 25% of the total deposited ore" to avoid bankruptcy in case of any unfortunate incident such as raid or employee fraud. Rest 75% of deposit is backed by collateral given to depositors. Since we are currently providin
  5. Right now, we are not planning to give credits to people to earn money through interest, nor we are giving depositors any interest on their deposits. Instead, we are currently aiming to provide minimal banking services like ore transfer for a fee. People wouldn't have an account in our bank, but they will get an order number, a 16 digit passcode, and an option to choose specific payee/payees whenever they deposit money into our bank. It would be a kind of bill of exchange. Slowly we would expand into loans and other complicated and risky services too. Currently, we are planning
  6. We heard feedback of our potential customers and we have decided to provide 75% collateral
  7. CRYSTAL BANK OF HELIOS Greetings! I am Crystal Emperor, CEO of Crystal Corporation. We are looking for active players to help us open first ever bank in dual universe the CRYSTAL BANK OF HELIOS. Our organisation is very young, so you can climb our organisational hierarchy pretty easily atm. OUR BUSINESS MODEL Our business model is very simple.We will have branches on different planet across helios system. Miners and players can deposit ores into any branch and withdraw ores from any branch. Hence they would not need to worry about getting looted by pirates and enemy or
  8. Is this the last post ? i dont think so. prove me wrong if you can.
  9. discordauth:YXHjONhfxu7EWInDop7tn0Ij-Vs-chpzWs699iNbDoU=

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